‘Bridgerton’ is a series adapted from Julia Quinn’s historical romance novel, showing the love story of ‘Daphne Bridgerton’, the jewel of the season. British Regency Era, or about 200 years ago. Although It started showing on Netflix for just four weeks, it has reached 82 million homes. Ranked as the number one most watched Netflix series Perhaps this is because famed American producer Chris Van Dusen and the ‘Intention’ crew put some of the elements into the story to suit a modern audience. Based on ideas “What if …”

Bridgerton has identified its audience to be, of course, teenagers that are passionate about love stories, beauty, fashion and history. That’s also why they added the pop music into it!. the producer has done research well about the taste, issue and psychographics label of teenagers. So that they could plan a plot to make their target audience satisfied or else we would not see Daphne argue with her brother and Simon for her rights and Elois, Daphne’s sister continue doing what she likes, whuch is not feminine things under the pressure of her family and society.

Moreover, why Brigerton has a lot of audience is that the audience are fulfilling their needs and motivation in the social context. Watching another whole new world or society makes the teenager satisfied. Because it does the thing that they can not see it happen in the society nowaday. Whether it is the wealth of the character, the beautiful fashion and setting or the one that dares to speak up their minds. This theory is called ‘Gratification Theory’.

I found Bridgerton appeared with a lot of postmodernism concepts not only to create a hyperreality but also to enhance the main characters’ conflict and story, Daphne & Simon, while dancing in the ballroom and to attract and suit the audience in this modern society. Let’s break down the postmodernism elements in this series together before we go through the society context in Bridgerton.

Postmodernism in Bridgerton


Although the Bridgerton setting is in the Regency era, it has a Modern vibe in the context with the fashion of the ladies and a song. The clothing did not meet every inch of the Regency era, women were wearing a long, high-waisted dress under the bust. With a bonnet that is indispensable, but Daphne and many female characters do not wear this hat.


The songs played in the dancing ballroom scenes  are also modern music as a classic style melody. BUT as the audience , the scene was so smooth that we thought ‘Wow this ballroom scene is so fantastic. The song in the background really suits the setting — but wait.. Is it ‘ Thankyou,Next ? or i just mishearding it’

  1. Thank you, Next by Ariana Grande.  

Because  Anthony, Dapphne’s Brother won’t let anyone dance with her. So he basically say ‘ THANKYOU, NEXT’ to all the boys.

2. Bad Guy -Billie Eillish 

Showing the dramatic in the scene where Simon are jealousing at Daphne and upset that he can’t barely look at her anymore.

3. In my blood – Shawn Mendes

4. Wildest dream – Taylor Swift 

I couldn’t find the scene video, but here is an audio for you to enjoy the masterpiece.

5. Girl like you -Maroon 5

In the scene where the boys are coming to introduce themselves for the girl that they like.

I must say that all the pop songs that have been rearranged by the orchestra band were truly a masterpiece. This element of pastiche has done their jobs in enhancing the context of the scene and conflict between the protagonists so well, BRAVO!.

Another thing Brigerton have done to confuse us from the realistic narratives of Regency era is aristocracy and queens with African descent and completely no racial discrimination in the story!. I admit for myself that I was like ‘ What?! really??? or this is why blacks are in British society?. Because the King fell in love with Black women?’ Then I looked it up on Google later and it is all completely wrong from the history .

By using the diverse of race in the movies with no racist issue, it also promote the equality and changing the stereotype of blacks community.

Society aspect


All of these postmodernism concepts in Bridgertion reflect a society in modern context where it portrays life under the social framework of ‘patriarchy’. With the rules stipulating that inheritance and possession of property, power and titles belong to men. While women are responsible for self-care themself to have a beautiful appearance and manners to marry only having children.

When women’s values ​​and security are tied to marriage, a young woman who is rebellious against the framework of society must have a life of insecurity along with being deprived of her peers. But even so a perfect woman like Daphne Bridgerton still has the scars and tears from  patriarchal society. 


One interesting scene is Daphne’s mother never prepared her for sex education. With the belief that Women should not talk openly about sex. Her mother avoided speaking about it honestly. And think that it’s time for you to know Therefore, Daphne did not even know that ‘How did you get born?’

Such misunderstanding turned out to be an obstacle to Daphne’s marriage. Until she had to ask the maid to explain every detail And made Daphne find that Simon can have children. But he just won’t have children with her. The fury arising out of ignorance made her feel like she was deceived. Leading to the inconsistencies of marriage Until the scene where there is still a debate that Does Daphne persuade the man to try to have a child with her?

Love feels complicated..

Framing society for men who inherited their clan to be strong men The clever and perfectionist created a knot for Simon. Because his childhood was sidelined and not recognized by his father. He understood that Daphne’s love was only worth the perfect man. Which he saw himself as unworthy and did not want to have children in the family

Bridgerton has also done a good job in reflecting a society dominated by masculine values ​​that ‘Beautiful and orderly outside’, it leaves a lot of complexity and creates deep scars in small societies like family, loved ones, or even within the human mind. Either men, women, or anyone within the same criteria. And make the problem of patriarchy that heard even more for becoming a step for changing and amplify the feminist movement. This is truly the media for good social!.

the silence of women voice

“Do you know how many times I’ve heard this sentence? Let the men handle each other , Don’t get yourself involved in this kind of big thing, even though this is about the future of you. My family life “

Daphne, who dreams to marry a family with his own loved ones, spoke to her brother, who was trying to recruit the perfect young man to marry his sister without even asking Daphne’s willingness and that men is appear to be assaulting her But Daph did not dare to ask his brother for help because  Daphne was taught by her mother that men will only be interested in hearing the voice of men. So Daphne did not think his brother believed his own words until Simon Bassett, or the Duke of Hastings, the hero of the story, made a mention of Lord Burbet, the man that assaulted Daphne,  just one sentence, her brother believed it. 

This is a reflection of the women’s voices being drowned by the power of men in this society. And the hopelessness of not being ‘heard’ and seen as being undervalued and having no power to make decisions.

Writer’s Opinion

I personally think that Bridgerton is very powerful in the dialogue of Daphne that brings out all the problems and questions women keep in their minds. As a woman, I am very much loving the characters Daphne who dare to speak her mind. Even Though I’m not sure that ‘Is it because Daphne is a High-class citizen ?, If it were a middle or lower class woman? would it be different?. 

I am pretty sure that if the media create this kind of entertainment  hidden with the social problem content repeatedly and make it less intense by using rom-com, comedy or romantic genre of movies or tv shows. Aiming the target audience  to the children, teenagers and young adults, in the future, those generations will be a  majority population and when people are cultivated with a new mindset and more awareness as a group which is connected by the media , it would lead to a change in greater good .