Popular culture 

It is the totality of idea, perspectives, attitude, memes, image, and phenomena that are deemed preferred per an informal consensus within the mainstream of given culture. It can refer as culture activities or commercial products reflecting or aimed at the tastes of the general mass of people. Moreover, it can define as the products and forms of expression and identity that are frequently encountered or widely accepted, commonly liked or approved, and characteristic of a particular society at a given time. 

It can connect people with different cultures also it influences the way we see the world. We can say that It is the glue that holds us all together in terms of the common set of objects, characters, people that connect us and express what is within us.

There are many examples of pop culture; for example, popular music, print, cyber culture, sport, entertainment, leisure, fads, advertising and television.

Therefore, popular culture appeals to people because it provides opportunities for both individual happiness and  communal bonding. 

In this article, I want to share some knowledge and express my opinion about pop culture using The crown (Netflix series) as the example.

The background of this series

The crown is a historical drama streaming television series. It is the real history behind the royal drama which goes deep inside the private world of Queen Elizabeth II and Britain’s royal family. The crown has received acclaim from critics with praise towards its acting, directing, writing, cinematography, and production values. 

This series was published on Netflix which is very popular. Netflix is the platform that people around the world can access into it. It is very global around the world and because it comes from real stories there are some stories or documentaries on YouTube.

Therefore, all people can participate like an audience or watcher is not only passive but active. They can express their opinions or suggestions in the comment on YouTube platform. Moreover, both Netflix and YouTube, audiences can share the movie to other people or share the information of the loyal family to each other. Not only inside the country but also across the country. In addition, this series is produced in England and because it is published on Netflix.

Me as I am Thai and staying in Thailand. I can watch the series on my bed in my house. I do not need to fly across the sea to watch this series just because it is produced in England.


Pop culture and the media increasingly dominate our sense of reality. The closer connection between mass media and the society. Therefore, we cannot be sure what is real or fake. It can be said that we are constantly immersed in the media. The distinction between reality and the media representation of it become blurred or even entirely invisible. They are all equally as real and equally as unreal.

Postmodernism in the crown

  • This series uses the real story and makeup story together. So after watchers have seen many episode, they will not distinguish the story. They will believe that the story that is presented is all real. 
  • The characters in this series are very similar to the real person also the clothes. In this point, it makes the story more real and makes the viewer easy to believe in the story.
  • Also the location and the scene in the series. Everything is very similar to the real stroy such as the palace, the living room, the bedroom and others.
  • You can see many intertextualities from this series such as the music in the series and the language.
  • Moreover, in season 3 and 4, the producer change all the characters from middle age to old. So it looks like much realistic and they still can find the all the characters that look similar to the real also the previous season.

Therefore, since the crown is the historical series from 1947 and it is a story about the royal family so it can lead to the fact that producers cannot use the real place or real clothes or real characters to film the series. Therefore, they have to make up and build or use another place that is similar to the real story as much as they can. Making fake scenes can replace the real and make the audience believe that they film in the real place. So due to this topic we can say that the producers try to make this series become hyperreality to the audience and audiences will have or believe in the hyper truth since they rely on the series and cannot distinguish the difference. Because as I am a watcher that saw this series sometime I have a question: are they used or filmed in the real places because everything in the sense is very real including clothes. Same style, same clothes and same color.

Moreover, this series shows the stereotype of England people and the royal family that they are very prudent and neat. Also, it can lead to gender representation in that particular time because as you know the series is about the story of Queen Elizabeth II and her family so women are the head of the country. Women can become the representative of the country. It shows not only kings or men always be the leader but also queens or women. In terms of women, this series also shows the first prime minister who is women. She won the election and can govern 3 times. 

Finally, the crown series is a good example for helping everyone understand the popular culture and the elements in media including postmodernism, hyperreality, hype truth, media audience, stereotype and the representative. All the evidence that I explain above is the answer why the crown is the pop culture in mass media over the years.