What is media? 

The means of mass communication such as television, radio, magazine, internet and others in terms of pictures, texts, audios or videos for communication, information and entertainment.

How does the media change society to bad? 

As we all know everything in the world always has good and bad. Media is the one which we can clearly see the good and bad. In this case, we are talking about how the media change society to bad? 

Nowadays, the media usually influence people’s thinking or we can say that it shapes our thinking. When we spend much time in the media, we will shape our thinking or mindset automatically. Mass media has infiltrated almost every aspect of everyday life from culture to education and has the power to indirectly transform our thinking.

Therefore, the negatives of mass media are 


is the idea that increasing the consumption of goods and services purchased in the market is always a desirable goal and that a person’s wellbeing and happiness depend fundamentally on obtaining consumer goods and material possessions. For the media, nowaday, everything on the media is advertising, it make us desire for a certain thing conciously and unconciously. Then all the benefit from this situation is capitalists. If you still don’t see it clear how would media does that cause just desire is not enough to purchase thing, well, shopping online making it more easier for people to become consumerism.

For short…

Consumption of things The type that is too extravagant or unnecessary, really over-demanded Of life, or is it beyond one’s self to be able to have.


Moral vacuum

People might not notice what is good or bad in the media because some content does bad things but the result is successful such as prank videos which people are liking it and see it as a hilariou relaxing time for watching without realize that it is bad to bully someone. Media constantly devours us. Until we become part of capitalism and see only the interests of each other.

To see EVIL and call it GOOD


The adaptation or influence of western (European) culture among societies across the globe in areas such as life-style priorities, education, values, economics, architecture, clothing, politics, entertainment, etc. Media, almost every media, are control by westen people, we can see from the movies, tv show or cartoon around us are mostly western and it promote certain ways things are. Lead to making people following in somebody’s steps leads to forget ourselves concious and unconcious.

For example, the beauty standard promoted by a model, star or an influencer. Woman have to be white , but in asia countries that have different weather, there is no way our skin will be undamage from sun. Or following ideal lifestyle, then thinking ashame to ourselves ‘ why I can’t be like that?’.

Westernization also portray other culture only through their eyes and present it in the media making it offensive. Lead to the audience to misunderstanding them. Also the commodity we consume which we got influence by the media that we have consume one like in the movies, for example, fast food that is more expensive and less nutrient than our local food.

Missing national image

Some content might create in the opposite style of tradition of the country and publish online. So it has a chance that other people in other countries might misunderstand the national image. Especially the content is not created by local people.

Sensationalizing/ exaggerating

Many media content in the society want to pop up their reputation or get attention from the audience. So some media creator usually make exaggerate video. Or prepare a scene and make it as a real situation to gain audience attention or views. Eventually, the audience misintrepreting the content of certain thing which can be offensive.

Case Study

There is one TV show here in Thailand that has a poor person as a guest and has him talk about his very rough life and how much debt he has. Then judges will analyze his problem and suggest him to do this and that or even condemn him. At the end they will make a decision on should they give the guest money to pay his debt ?. In some cases where the judges can’t make a decision on who should give money, they have the guests play a game based on their ‘luck’ .

This show, they believe, aims to help people to make them happier with no debt burden and live happily in society.

My question is “Is it correct that you all judge other people’s problems?  And suggest them things that look easy for you”

Their poorness

First of all, having people tell their life stories, what they have been through or what did they do to make them alive day by day. To make  others sympathize and said that ‘You’ve flight a lot i really appreciates ’  and romanticize their lifestyle but the truth is they just do everything to SURVIVE in this inequality country with elites people who are not really seem to understand the real problem and pretend to do good for those people who are lower than them with deep contempt.

They have to sell tears in exchange for money. 

But never having any department come in to find a way to help those people at all.

Giving suggestion that won’t solve anything at all

Okay , the suggestion to the problem for the guests seems to be useful and better than giving them money by letting them earn what they need by their own ability so that they will be so proud of themselves, as like the teachings of the  Buddha  ‘He is his refuge.’ Consider the position of the one who give suggestions ,they might seem rational but the fact is they just talk with words and live with luxury comfortable life through their mouth ,it is easy .They don’t have the same experiences as the guests .Some suggestion they suggest the guests to do it is hard to do with their capabilities in money ,for example, travel expenses and internet access.

Just when we can judge people’s problems ?

Of course, every guest can not all get the money.  Because the budget is limited ,besides, easily giving something for free  will make people everywhere flock to come out to the show. So it has to be a judgment on each of the guests’ lives . The truths is everyone’s problems are different.  You see that this is just a little problem, easily resolved.  But for them, it is bigger than anything. The result is when they do not get their money back , it makes them feel inferior .There may be a short courage after receiving advice from the show .But after that, it’s difficult and they can not do what the judges have told ,they will become more discouraged. People do not have any right to judge others .

For the impact on the audience

For the impact on the audience some of them may have this thought ‘Although we are not much better than him , luckily we are not like him’ —this idea aside from romanticizing their life,it also an insult to the lives of others as well .

The cause of all this is the foundation of society  and the administrative management of the government is ineffective so that people do not have universal access to basic welfare that necessary for living in this era such as to give everyone access to the internet and receive an equal education so that they will have enough information to make the right decision for their life . And the one that responds to the struggles  is the government itself. This kind of TV Show does not help to change the society to any better point both for the guests and audiences.

When everything is relevant to financial interests,

fair plays or charity may be too fancy words to describe such acts. TV commercials, programmes and shows mainly aim at profits. The social benefit is secondary. Almost everything is driven by money. How can TV shows escape this cycle? No, it is not. It is hard to maintain a pure intention to benefit society. However, TV shows that sell people’s life, especially their suffering, are hard to justify their actions like a proverb ‘profiting at the expense of others’. Whether the intention is good or bad, these shows have partially driven society to dehumanization. Poor people become a tool to make some audiences feel superior, an indicator to be proud of themselves. Or, worse, animals like what they can watch in the National Geographics. The reason for these TV programmes’ existence is skeptical. But, its existence can exacerbate social values and devalue poor people.

After all, it does not mean that this kind of TV show does not help people in need. When living in capitalism or a world where trade is a medium to have daily life activities, nothing comes for free. We, nevertheless, cannot say that this is all constructive since the media effects could be upside down, particularly for public attitudes and mentality. Some may be satisfied when seeing the winner at the end. Sometimes they may think that they are the one who helps these people get money from the show since they are a fan of such TV shows, assuming themselves as a patron for the show as well.

With sticking this virtual reality to help someone, the audience should be aware that this is only one story of one poor person. There are a lot out there in the real world. Therefore, do not let watching a TV show divert people’s attention from helping people by roots, for example, fixing social structure or providing a long-term solution. If our society shows a way for underprivileged people to seek help officially, we would no longer see these kinds of TV shows.