“What would you like to eat today? Did you eat anything for lunch? Are you hungry yet? Let we deliver your food straight to your door.”

Sound of notifications from food delivery applications ranging all day long. No one now do not know the name of food delivery service like Grab, Lineman,Get, Lalamove or Foodpanda. We all now familiar with the picture of a person wearing green, yellow or orange jacket and holding two bags of food to serve customers at our school or office. Especially in these days that we cannot go out for dinner any where because we have to escape from COVID19.

It is not a surprise fact that ordering food via food delivery becomes very popular right now. Because, in this era that technology is a part of our lives and we all do everything through our smartphones. Moreover, Most customers of those apps usually are “digital natives”. Meaning who are in between generationX to generation Y and grew up with advancement of technology. Therefore,Ordering food through one “click” will fit their lifestyle and can satisfy their needs in terms of convenience very well.

Consumers are not the same anymore…

“Live not to eat, but eat to live.”

This is the idiom that I always heard when I was young but today, the definition of food was changed. Previously, food is just one of the four requisites that human need for surviving.

Food in nowadays are more than that, it portray the culture behind and become a tool of social trend. We can notice that people in nowadays are more care about how cool is their food look. To illustrate, when we look around in a restaurant , we can see people grab their smartphones and try to take the best shot of their dishes to put it on their Facebook account or Instagram stories. This shows that appearance of the food is as important as the taste and quality in this era.

Foodstagraming aka. Food + Instagram refers to when people take a snap of food before they ate like a some kind of praying before eating

People always keep be on trend. They like to explore new food that are trendy and make them feel mouthwatering when they see someone eat it on social media.

Yum is so yummy!

The good example of trendy food would be “Yum” or thai salad. It was recorded in Wongnai, the Thai famous food recommendations website that it is the most menu that people search for it on food delivery online.

Trend of eating yum in Thailand is very popular right now. The trend start from “Chalermsri” ,the famous Thai Youtube channel that was known for eating vlog. The most famous video of her channel is the one that she and her friends went to eat “Afteryum”, the yum restaurants in Pattaya. The video was watched over 6 million views now. After that she still keep launching video about yum. Making “eating yum” as something that must try on social media.  Many yum restaurant are full with crowd of people waiting in line in front of the store. This point make food delivery become an option that many people use to keep on trend because they can save time and effort.

Chalermsri eating yum at Afteryum, Pattaya

Therefore, these various factors of customers challenge restaurants and food delivery companies so much.They will have to find the best way to deal with those issue and try to make best food experience for customer in limited time. Customers are expect more from food delivery, they want to experience the real food as if they were go to the real restaurant. So the fact that food delivery can do so make their service interesting and no doubt why many customers love them.