Media always has a significant role in the society where it helps entertain and provide information to the people. With the development of the media over time, it starts to connect the people and the world together, especially after the internet has been introduced. Before the internet era, audiences were passive. They only consume what the media is providing without having much to no interaction with it. It could be said that during this time period, the media was very powerful and trustable. On the other hand, media with the help from the internet, broaden people’s’ perspectives and enable people to exchange cultures. This also affect the business and economy by changing it to a mass medium and also creating a reverse commodity flow market where different countries started to open up to new trends, platforms and consume products from other countries. However, the good also comes with the bad. Although mass media nowadays is still very powerful and are trusted by many, it still can bring a negative effects to the society.

First, when people become active and has more engagement with the media, information travel faster. Anyone can share an information which sometimes makes it difficult to check whether if it is true and reliable. Even news agencies had fell for this flaw, because they were competing with time which makes them create contents without checking which resulted as a fake news. Second, is the problem of discrimination that was created through media’s portrayal and also comments made by people via social media, while the last problem is the problem of imitation, where people copy and imitate bad or negative actions that have seen on the media.  

“Fake news”

As nowadays living in the age of digitalization, we as human ,consume information from social media like eating a food to reduce hunger. However, what we see or read by both eyes is always the truth? Since right now is the era of postmodernism or the era that the truth does not exist. Do all the information we consume, are the truth, or just a truth that has been created for one aspect?


Fake news can be the example. When using social media for finding the information regardless of application, there will be a news coming up everytime opening a new feeds.

However, sometimes, the news that exist is not true, it has been written for the purpose of something, maybe politics, or to raise the action for someone.

The social network has been working to improve its system in order to keep out fake news and make it harder for foreign actors to influence audiences through its advanced ad targeting. For the obvious example or some case study existed by fake news on social media platform called Facebook, we are going to take you to look back what are the top 10 fake news articles on Facebook in 2018. The infographics below here stat Top 10 Facebook Fake News Reports of 2018 from Buzzfeed and Top 10 domains with the number of URLs in top 50 fake news stories of 2018 which are officially listed.

Actually, the news depends on the credibility of source, if the one who wrote is the anonymous source, it has more chance to be a fake news rather than the mainstream media such as the Guardian or the BBC.

Anyway, before starting to believe in something, checking the fact from several sources will be the most efficient way to reduce a chance of being fooled by fake news in the world of postmodernism

Media influence on human behavior

Nowadays Media has influenced people’s lifestyle,behavior,attitudes and even your psychology as well . media producer try to engage audience through newspapers, magazines, movies, shows, and commercials and etc but Internet and social media is the more interactive medium . In the present most communication use two step flow communication which introduced by Paul Lazarfeld This theory believes that most people are not directly influenced by mass media


but influenced by opinion leader such as website , Social media platform and etc (maybe influencer,Celebrities,elite or credible one)who  pass on their own interpretation of information to audience and They can  shape or change public opinion as well

(Hypodermic needle or magic bullet theory)

Unlike One step flow communication or can also called as Hypodermic needle or magic bullet theory which Is like Media inject information straight to audience’s brain and Those audience take all information that shot to them For instance Nazis use this theory during World war 2 for maintain their power and ask for supporting

(Nazis propaganda “Behind enemy power : The jews)

Nevertheless The media can give you ideas, it can inspire you to do certain things and drive you to initiate what you see. Everyone with access to media is affected by media . So here are some example cases of media that influence human behavior in negative ways


“8 years old kid imitate famous thai tv show and drama by hanging herself on the tree

After watching Thai tv ghost show “Kon auad pee(คนอวดผี)” and popular thai tv drama at that time “Rang ngao(แรงเงา)” both show contain violence content such as hanging scene however she passed out due to hypoxia brain and treated at Rama hospital

she passed out due to hypoxia brain and treated at Rama hospital however Leader of Palitpolkarnpim , A. (2012) States that “Media such as TV , Internet affect violence in child , Parents should consider what media is appropriate for children and limit access time not over 2 hours per day and should encourage more outside activity


To begin with, the media play a critical role of informing, entertaining, and educating. Nowadays, people all over the world are finding it increasingly easy to access different forms of media. Many studies have been undertaken on the level of fairness of the reporting practices of the media and their effect on racial and gender discrimination. The issues of racial discrimination and gender fill all sections of communities, including the media. Sometimes, the media may prefer to make unfair reports that indicate some level of racial and gender discrimination, mainly through stereotyping. In today’s

society, media stereotypes are inevitable, particularly in news, entertainment, and advertising industries, all of which are characterized by a mass media presence. As reported in the Media Awareness Network, a web-based publication, today, reporters are under pressure to provide news to international audiences within a short time. They are required to report events as soon as they happen. The availability of effective technologies simplify the dissemination of news into all parts of the world in real time. This challenge sometimes enforce news reporters to resort to stereotypes in order to help the audience understand the significance of an event from a certain social-cultural perspective. In many cases,the people who are stereotyped are given no opportunity to say something about the way in which they are represented in the mass media at all. This is where the element of unfairness comes into the limelight.

Case study

After the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in January of 2015, The Daily Beast’s, Dana Kennedy, wrote a headline that is a blatantly opinionated statement implying that the Muslim citizens of Paris blamed the Jews for the attacks.

Snowz commercial

Thai Commercial for Snowz, a skin whitening product, that ends with a tagline of that states, “Just being white is enough to make you win”, was pulled down from Youtube after an uproar of comments.


While technology is developing, people are connected to social network. It has its advantages and disadvantages like everything else does. Moreover, social media affects people differently. It depends on how they use and how they adjust to use in their routine but in a long term the effects are mostly negative if people don’t know how to use it appropriately. As we can see like fake news, cyberbullying, discriminating people and imitating acts from what people saw from social media are still happen nowadays. People still keep using social media even though it affects them in a negative way but we can prevent those things. All these problems can be solved by limiting our time to use social media. Furthermore, people should help each other to decrease the negative effects of social media. To create good experiences from social media we need to choose to view things from a positive point of view. Viewing things positively can help people to find joy and inspiration when they go on social media. People deserve to get positive energy, see positive things on social media. If you realize that when you use social media and you get negative energy, you better reduce the time you spent on it. People must cautiously weigh the positives and the negatives before engaging extremely in social media. If they use in a correct way it can be benefits to everyone to use it as a tool to do great things.


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