Roses are red

Violets are blue

it’s quarantine day

I don’t know what to do…

I woke up in the morning with the mood like this meme, it’s been more than a month staying at home. This is my first time having no idea about future plans and what should I do to make myself active like before?. I have to be honest with you guys, This Covid-19 situation got me crazy. 

Hi teenagers!  what are you doing right now? hmm… lemme guess

Spending many hours scrolling on your phone, eat, sleep, and play Tik Tok?

How do you feel?

 bored, lazy, or feel lonely spending time thinking about your ex? 

Nah-Uh…let’s do something more fun and get money too! Yayyy

Even though we are teenagers,  it doesn’t mean that we can’t work to earn money like adults. Especially in this high technology era, we can use social media in promoting and selling what we make.   

I feel you,  quarantine keeps your mind chaotic. The more you get bored, the more you tend to order stuff online or foods to satisfied yourself. Before you realize it, you’ve already lost your savings.

So isn’t it better if we turn hobbies that we love to money making online?. Not only get money easily, but you also get to…

Practice talent and skills 

Use time wisely

  Help parents find money while they got suspended from the job

  Gains self- confidence and be proud of what you’re doing

Quarantine makes me broke and bored? not anymore…

Check out these cool tips, it’s time to change our life to be fun and be rich!

  Online Food Business 

For those who love cooking, Let your inner chef from ‘MasterChef Thailand’ come out. During quarantine, food is an important factor in which people need the most. Luckily, there is food delivery so it helps your business easier to let others taste your delicious food. 

For those who can’t cook, don’t worry. You can find ideas by searching for food recipes on YouTube.

Here are steps how you can run this business

Find food recipes that you like on Youtube

Take pictures and videos of your foods to look as tasty as you can

Post them online such as Facebook or Instagram platforms

Ask for  influencers or your friends to promote your food

PS. Right now, many Thai celebrities are helping online shop due to the Covid-19 situation by reviewing their foods for free. Alright! this is the perfect time to gain popularity of the business, so you better do it now.

Check out these are food online, they are teenagers who started the business during the quarantine time. I ordered and it was delicious!

 Artwork Creator

Do you know that just one pencil and paper could make money for you?

Don’t secretly keep your artwork in a drawing book, because drawing service is one of the jobs that teenagers like to work which pay them from 40-1000 baht.  

Moreover, other ways that you can make artwork are creating a paper sticker or sticker on Line application which is the most famous chatting app in Thailand.

After finished creating a Line sticker, just wait for people to buy your sticker. Chill out at home, and be ready to get money transferred in your bank account! 

Imagine how proud would it be to have people buy your creative artwork to color a lifestyle in their notebook, a book, or a backpack. Cool, isn’t it?


Here are examples of drawing services on Instagram;

Online Tutoring

For people who are knowledgeable in a certain academic or work fields such as  English,  Maths, Science, social studies, etc. 

 The tutoring website always accepts college students who are interested in tutoring online as a part-time job, they pay for a tutor about 250 baht/ hour for teaching kids and 300 baht/hour for teaching adults. If you think you are good at one of those subjects, then go for it. 

Of course, children can’t go to school today because of the COVID-19 situation. So this is perfect for parents to send their kids to study additional online courses with Tutor on  Zoom, MS team, or Skype applications. As long as we still have high technology, we can work in this job effectively and longer.  

 Steps of enrolling online tutor

Seeks for tutoring websites that looking for new tutors, I will leave websites for you

send them a portfolio 

wait for them to consider our qualification and respond back

 Become a YouTuber!

We can’t deny that being YouTuber is highly popular in this digital age, Youtube is one of the most well-known channels in the world which full of various category of contents that people love to watch. 

If you are confident, creative, and love to create amazing content, being YouTuber will suits you. On this day, there are many self-made celebrities on YouTube. They earn money by having a sponsor, getting money from their channel, and reviewing products.

The more your content catches the audience’s fancy, the more views and money you will get.

Beginner steps for becoming Youtuber

Choose the topic you interested in

make an outline to guild your content form

Don’t forget to grab a camera for recording videos

(I recommend the camera Canon G7x mark II, many vloggers love to use them)

Edit your video

Post it on your Youtube channel! 

 Selling Second-Hand Clothes

Having too many unnecessary clothes in your closet? want to remove them but feel too bad? then sell it. 

The online shops can reach customers in a short time, using social media is the easiest way to release and promote your products directly to customers.

Here are the top best sites to sell clothes online; on Facebook Marketplace –A new selling channel from Facebook, you should create a Facebook Fanpage or sell through the Facebook Group. It will sell better and more sustainable in the long term. – one of the most famous of second-hand clothes in Thailand

 Fortune-telleing Online

Wanna try something mysterious?

You might not believe in this stuff because it sounds crazy. But as long as people have beliefs, this is a fun thing to give a try.

There are some people who are passionate about supernatural stuff and seriously learn reading Tarot cards in details,  its make money from people’s word of mouth in accuracy reputation.

Social media brings everything in platforms, even fortune-telling is included on IG or Youtube. Fortune telling has impressed people about predicting a person’s future for years. 


Here is the YouTube channel and accounts on Instagram for who interest to try fortune-telling online;

Thank you for reading my blog guys, any comment or suggestion about what teenagers can do more online? Comment below!