After watching Netflix and read some books, I feel  that I should find something that will be helpful for my life, after I take some time and thinking about what to do, I opened YouTube and I found that a live streaming video games industry is very interesting, there are streamer that playing games and got money at home so I decided to research about game streaming platform and these are 3 main platform for live streaming.


Twitch is one of the more specialized social networks. Twitch is a video live streaming service that owned by Amazon, launched at 6 June 2011.Twitch has users around the world and most of them come from United states. Twitch has streamer around 2.2 and 3.2 million per month. And 2,425,516 is average twitch viewers per week. Twitch is designed to be a platform for content, including personal stream of players, E-sport tournament or even chilling talking with audience because in January 2015, twitch create new category for music streams and just chatting in the application and website so streamer can relax after playing games but still streaming by change category of streaming. In May 2017, twitch added new categories which is for kids.


Twitch also have a convention for the Twitch users called Twitchcon, Twitchcon give streamers opportunity to seek improvement to their streams and it provides fan with unique chance to meet their favorite streamers, play new games and meet their online community in real life.

Professional sport and twitch

In December 2017, NBA, The National Basketball Association, announced that twitch will stream NBA G league games which are surprise users in United States a lot. After that, on September 2019, The National Women’s Hockey League also announced that they have deal a three-year broadcast rights with Twitch.


Mixer is a Seattle-based video game live streaming platform that owned by Microsoft. Mixer has been official launched on 5 January 2016 as Beam before Microsoft announced on 25 May 2017 that Beam had been renamed Mixer. Mixer uses steaming protocol called FTL (Faster than light) that creates delays less than second between steamer and audience. And Mixers have application on mobile phone called ‘Mixer Create’ for streamers who want to stream mobiles game from their phone. Mixer can attract 10 million monthly active users. In August 2019 there are very big news for twitch user that Mixer had paid $20 million to $30 million to sign contact with Ninja who is the most successful streamer from twitch. And now he has 3,061,831 followers in mixer that make him become Rank 1 streamer on mixer.

How do we make money from mixer?

We can earn money from mixer once we become a partner. To become partner, we need at least 750 followers and stream at least 2 months and we need to streaming at resolution of 720P or better and when we become mixer partner, we will earn money from subscription money and money from ads.

Co-Host streams feature

This feature is really interesting because this feature allows streamers to broadcast their screen and up to 3 friends screen to streamers system. It’s really good for streamers because sometimes they play as a tournament so they can share their friend perspective to audience which give audience more fun and enjoy streaming.

Faster than light protocol (FTL)

FTL enables streamers to interact with their audience in real time, it’s specifically tailored towards streams that engage viewers with interactive controls. Since FTL is so new, it’s possible you may run into hiccups from time to time. Below you’ll find some basic troubleshooting and tips to help make your experience better.

3.Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is streaming platform for Facebook users who want to stream video games. In 2018 Facebook official add new features called Facebook gaming on June 1, 2018. Everyone who use Facebook can reach Facebook Gaming, they can share their stream to their home page and their friend or the followers can see the post. Most of Facebook gaming are come from Asia. This feature of Facebook includes a feed where fans can explore gaming content, expanded gaming video inventory in more languages and integration of an Instant Games tab on the mobile version of the gaming hub so people can toggle between watching and playing games.

How do we make money from Facebook gaming?

Same as Mixer, we can earn money from being Facebook gaming partner and audience can donate money for streamer and Facebook gaming have a feature called star that audience can sent stars to Streamer by use their own money  and add money to their Facebook account and turn it to stars and sent to streamer. Facebook gaming will send a quest to streamer. And to finished quest streamer have to collect the stars that Facebook set goal for streamer. Each 100 stars cost $1.00. if you want to be eligible for receiving you need to stream video gaming content for at least four hours in the last 14 days, have at least 100-page followers and last one, stream from the eligible country.

Facebook Gaming on mobile

One of the other updates Facebook has made of late is the addition of the Facebook Gaming app. This app is designed to help gaming enthusiasts to more easily discover content, connect with other gamers and play casual games too.

Facebook Gaming app

In October 2019, Facebook has officially announced the launch of a gaming application called “Facebook Gaming” and is available for download in beta on Google Play to help game creators communicate their experiences on Facebook. Easier to play games for viewers, it is more convenient to find the game content that they want. Also have fun games to play as well.

From my point of view, every platform is very interesting. They changed human thinking about video games and playing video games can find money but it depends on players that they want to use video games for find money or just playing for chilling and relax.