Nowadays there are several applications relay on our smartphone. Those apps are providing a comprehensive platform to users for offering the convenience service.

Some of the applications are getting popular and reaching its peak which are food delivery, and restaurant apps are becoming huge success.

Food Applications are probably one of the most significant for any foodie have on their phones. It is the best option for people who do not want to virtually wait in line at a restaurant for a long time or lazy to make hassle cooking foods.

The 5 Amazing Foods Ordering Apps


Here are all great applications and much easily for every foodies to order the food and do not need to go to the restaurant and waiting for foods.

1. Grab Food

This app is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing food delivery service, serving customers delightful meals from street food to restaurant dining.

They always direct contact with the driver and functionality within the Grab app. It also calculates estimated waiting time, exact food prices and delivery charge before ordering. They providing many promo codes for new users and lots of rewards and next-order discounts.

Sometimes they charge more when you order less or just one item and some restaurants will include extra tax. They also limited venues to delivery foods.

2. Food Panda

Food Panda Thailand provides you with the best restaurants in various cities in Thailand. They ordering food online easy and fast to the customer. They always try the best to be excellent in they service, mainly to deliver happiness to customers.

It is quick, easy and fast, Foodpanda’s reputation precedes it. The good thing is that it will provides free delivery for nearby restaurants and user able to preorder food to be delivered when the restaurant opens through the website that provides in English, Japanese and Thai languages.

The app and the website operates differently: the app tends to narrow down restaurant listings to those near your location, its website functions better. It is limited minimum order is 50 Baht. User can not preorder from every restaurant because It have less than stellar customer service.

3. Line Man

Line Man – An on-demand assistant application to serve all foods your needs at any time. You can choose from over 100,000 restaurants and get your favorite dishes delivered fast 24/7.

A Night owls might fall in love with this because you can order 24/7, no matter how far the distance is between you and the restaurant. Lineman has more venues to choose from than the rest, but the high delivery fees really take the shine off. The notifications throughout the delivery process, letting you know when the driver has arrived at the restaurant, how much it will cost and approximately how long it will take. The app always offers promos for discounts and the delivery driver calls every step of the way.

Some restaurants show only menus without prices and most menus are in Thai and you may have to zoom in on some poorly uploaded ones. The customer can pay by cash only.

4. HappyFresh

Surely all food products that the customer orders are fresh and predictable. People who love to cooks at home can order not only raw food, but also everyday ingredients from grocery stores nearby.

Personal shoppers will be provided for your order, and if what you’ve ordered is out of stock, they’ll suggest suitable substitutes. You can be scheduled delivery time, when you need the food available at home so you do not have to carry heavy items home yourself.

You are unable to choose the quality of groceries by eyesight and the delivery hours depend on the grocery stores open. Scheduled delivery slot can be delayed at times.

5. GET

GET is an app for courier (GET DELIVERY), food delivery (GET FOOD), e-wallet (GET PAY) and other lifestyle services. Managed and run by Thais for Thais. Just One click and your order is reserved. That makes it easy to use, but the speedy order confirmation is a blessing and a curse, often leading to the need to cancel.

It provides free delivery voucher for new users and available for all distrcits in Bangkok. The customer can make more than one order and send them to different addresses.

It is only 25 km delivery radius and It only shows estimated prices. You need to wait for the driver to find out the actual price.

Nevertheless there are not available in some area in Thailand yet. It is quite famous and widely in the big area such as Bangkok, Chiangmai , etc.
I hope that in the future it is might be more available in more area and provide more application for everyone in Thailand

However, all applications that I had mentioned above has always updating and providing new function all the time so you guys might catch up with those applications by click to the link of each that i have provided. It will let you guys to the main website of it.

I wish that this post can help you getting more options in your daily lives and hopefully you find the best food application deliver service that meets you needs and satisfies your cravings.

Thank you!