Skincare and makeup for men and women to make you be more confident of yourself!!!

How media impacts the beauty 

Change thought and behavior of audiences

Social media has increased in popularity ever since the idea of smartphones and tablets started to appear for sale. There are various types of social applications, where millions of people can create their own profile and communicate with each other. While one may think social media only consists of contacting friends and sharing memories, the use of social media has started to become the complete opposite of its purpose. Social media has slowly progressed into presenting boys and girls with their definition of what is perfect or beautiful and it has started to make an impact on self-esteem. 

Nowadays, people are concerned much about their image. Everyone believes that they need to have a good appearance to get in a social group. Especially for young adults, beauty is necessary for them. As you can see from the social media, you will see that people have flawless skin which results from an extra care of their facial skin. When people have good looks in the media, it comes back to their own self-image. So, people start to compare themselves to the people who had their makeup and hair done professionally, who have a clear face and bright eyes because of editing and who are in a good lighting position, etc. And we notice that we are different. Because in everyday life, there is no Photoshop to cover blemishes or things that make us human. That’s why people often start to think that they are not beautiful, because the media gives us a definition of beauty by showing these perfect people. Even if they aren’t perfect at all, because everyone has blemishes sometimes or other flaws.

Furthermore, the media and new technology enhance the ways of spreading beauty tricks through lifestyle of many influencers on media platforms such as beauty bloggers on Youtube channel. Thus, we here to guide you how to use skincare and do makeup effectively for young adults.

Make up 

As people want to enhance their confidence along with improving their self image so that make up has been taken an essential part whether it be in women or men. Normally, many men do not do their make up as women do. But nowadays, men usually do make up for making them become more confident as to cover their flaws and make their faces look fresh and bright. However, men usually do not talk about make up with their friends so they need to look it up in the media.

Easy makeup tutorial for girls

     All girls want to be outstanding on your Instagram story or other platform. Here we have an easy makeup look that will make you always look good on your timeline. 

     Moreover, In the modern era, we all need the quick and easy makeup look to put on because in the modern era, time is so important. IF you are looking for the look that will make you look pretty and also save your time, Here we are!

Step1: The Base

             First of all, DON’T FORGET to put your sunscreen on because it is so important for your face and your skin. 

  To do your makeup, you start with putting the BB cream on your face because it gives you a natural looks and also a dewy skin

     To cover up your under eyes, softly put the concealer on. 

Before we move on,  set everything with powder.

Step2: The Browns

 Your browns are so important and the easiest way to complete your browns is to use the brown gel to complete your brown because the brown gel product will give you perfect browns.

Step3: The Eyes

The easiest way to make your eyes done is to put the mascara on. It won’t take too long and it is so easy to put it on.

Step4: The Cheeks

Start by using bronzer, lightly dusting Bronzer across your cheek bones and edges of forehead. And after that, use blush on the apple of your cheeks. Lastly, put the highlight on your face.

The Lips : Use your favorite lip colour and then you’re done!

     Easy right? You may  get this all done in a few  minutes. This is a basic makeup that everyone can wear in their daily life, so if you want something more to make it more special and unique, Go for it! Everyone is different, so do the best one that suits you to make you feel pretty!

Girl’s skincare

In today’s world, people suffer from bad environments like pollution and weather in different societies. This can create a problem to their skin. Also everyone wants to have good skin, maybe brighter and fresher. Skincare products nowadays are able to be used for both gender and ages. People nowadays expose themselves through social media so they need to have a good skin and appearances to gain attention from the media.

Do you have a skin care routine? Or, do you just prefer to fall asleep each night and not worry too much about what is on your skin? You may not think too much about your skin care routine, but the truth is you should. 

It can be seen that nowadays social media are full filled with exquisite people having flawless facial skins.Obviously, those who have good skin tend to have numerous ก้followers along with provided strong attention.

Having perfect skins will bring you to be a good looking person.This is why skin care is essensial.Here are vital steps for applying your skincare in both day and night time.We ensure that if you follow all of these steps,you skin will look fresh and bright all the time.

 Your Daytime routine

The morning routine is all about protection from the sun and pollution.

So that sunscreen provides the most crucial element for everyone.


In the morning, start by splashing your face with warm water or wash with a gentle face cleanser designed for your skin type.


Most people choose to skip toners, it’s important to apply toner  because it helps to absorb the next products you apply.


serums target specific skin concerns like wrinkles, dark spots, and dehydration.


Yes, everyone needs a moisturizer, even if you have oily skin.Apply it for long lasting all-day hydration.


Applying sunscreen shouldn’t be reserved for the summer holidays. Protecting the skin on a daily basis from UV rays will avoid the development of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

 Your Night time routine

 In the night routine, you need an extra care of your skin as  your skin naturally repairs itself at night, your nighttime routine should be all about treatment after facing strong pollution and dusk in the air. Here are the best order of skin care products to make sure you will get flawless facial skin.


To get rid of the day’s grime, dirt, oil and makeup,you must clean your face by using an extra cleanser until you are sure that the cosmetics are certainly eradicated.


In the same morning manner, next apply a toner to balance the skin’s pH levels.You can use toner specifically containing vitamin c as it is not suitable for use in day time. 


Apply your essence to hydrate the complexion.


Following which the serum should then be worked into the specific areas of concern.


Lastly, select a night time moisturiser to keep those skin loving ingredients locked in, allowing you to wake to a beautifully rejuvenated complexion.


Don’t ignore this step although we are students as it can protect your delicate skin and relieve your dark circle


When you need special care for your face, adding a mask into your skincare routine is a brilliant  idea.

Last but not least, we are sure that if you follow all of these steps mentioned above, your skin will look bright and fresh. It also depends on your patient.Keep going and maintain your beautiful skin!

Men’s Makeup

Nowadays, boys are also worried about their appearance. So, they use more makeup to make them become more confident of their appearance. However, there are lots of makeup products for boys due to the increase of men using makeup. Makeup can make the boy’s face look clear and bright, also covering spots and scars. It also has sunscreen in itself which can protect their face from the sunburn. There are tons of makeup brands you need to choose that fit your skin shade and your skin type that your face is oily or dry. For boys who want to wear a clear make up. 

Step1: Put your sunscreen on and then you need to have a concealer to cover your spots and scar on your face. 

Step2: A face powder which fits your skin color. If that is not enough for you. You can use foundation to make it more clear and blind the pore.  

Step3: Apply the lip balm on your lips. 

     There are tons of makeup products in the market these days, so you guys can look up through media platforms such as Youtube and Twitter. People are using the media to expose themselves and their appearance. As we can see in Youtube, many boys create a vlog or shoot a video. If you look closer, you can see that they all wear makeup before shooting. In a movie also, every character has to wear makeup. Boys tend to do more makeup reviews than girls now. Many blogs on Twitter are about makeup. The advertisements also use more boys. Some brands use boys to become a makeup presenter to attract boys and make them become more comfortable to buy it. So, you do not have to worry that if you wear makeup that means you are not a real man. It is just because you want to look good and have a better appearance. Wearing makeup may change a little bit of your lifestyle. As we can see boys are always facing the sun and working outdoors. So, if you wear makeup you need to protect it and take care of it.

     Thus, if you want to look better and build more confidence in yourself, you can buy makeup equipment anywhere at the shopping mall. As i said you wear makeup does not mean that you are not straight.

     If you guys are looking for makeup, you can look for it on many media platforms. They all have people that review and sell it nowadays. Also there is a lot of advertisement now. You can use skincare in your daily routine when you go out. For teenagers and young adults, you can use it for several purposes such as shooting a video or taking a photo to post it in the media.

Men’s Skincare

Wearing a bunch of makeup is the way to look good in the media? Sometimes true, but it would be better if we invested in our skin more than wearing a thousand layers of makeup. Most men who work in the media industry have to wear makeup for a thin layer so the health of the skin plays a big role to look good in front of the camera. So, I would like to talk about which skincare product is good and suits men the most. 

Step1: Toner from Fresh Rose deep hydration facial toner so this one help cleanse the dirt that left on your skin away 

Step2:  Essence water from Kosé which help illuminate the skin and make the skin is ready for applying the serum

Step3: An acne serum from Rojukiss which help prevent and eliminate acne from men skin because men usually have a big pore and acne easily occur 

Step4: Ultra White Spotless Double Booster Serum from Eucerin that reduce dark spot from acne and brighten our skin 

Step5:Dr jill G5 essence that strengthens the skin and prevent dust or pollution 

Step6:Advanced Night Repair serum from Esteé Lauder that reduce or fine lines on our face because we usually work overtime so it’s easily to get wrinkles so this serum get rid of it effectively 

Last but not least!, Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream Super Lotus Night Recovery, this is the magic cream that will help your skin from dull to dope and I think this is the must have item for everyone. 

     Hopefully, men in the entertainment industry should grab at least one of these items to make their skin better and don’t forget that investment in the skin is the best investment in our world and good for our career. 

To wrap all the things up

      As we can see, we live in a hyperreality era which mostly provides beauty elements especially on Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, the media affects the concept of beauty a lot, because we start to see it as beautiful and we start to have higher expectations of ourselves and others. Of course, the media creates the concept of beauty. If there were no media, we would decide by ourselves, what we define as beautiful and what is not. This increases people’s desire to be stand out in social media since they only saw good looking people in their feed whether it be their friends or superstars consequencing to taking care of themselve to satisfy their needs on social media. Moreover, the media also changes the beauty standard of people from seeing new trends and things on media platforms. This is why beauty is so important for people to be outstanding on social media.