The age of 19s to 26s is the confusing age for youth. Some people have jobs, some people marriage, and some people like me is an adult in college. There were a lot of surprising stories that happened to my college life.

How was my college life go on?

I decided to pursue my bachelor degree in the capital city which is Phnom Penh, Cambodia. First days of my college life, I really concentrated on what teacher told about the rules, especially how is university life going to be like. It was difficult for me. It was totally different from what I used to study in high school. When it came to assignment, quiz and exam, I need to do extra research from other sources such as Google and Youtube. I needed to buy books in order to study. For assignment and quiz, I did those works on A4 papers and submit with the teacher in the class. It was rough for all students sometimes but we did not have many choices of getting the homework done and print it out to submit to professors. It took a lot of time and money too. Sometimes, I was waiting for an hour just to print 5 papers at the print shop and someday I wasted lots of time to find the print shop that opens early in the morning and late at night.

Whenever we needed to do a presentation, we were using Microsolf Power point. Everyone needed to send their scripts and pictures to the group chat and it needed a person need to decorate all of those into the slide presentation.

Did I have any plans during that time?

No matter where I am, I am a person who always have plans. I registered to join any events, applied for volunteer work, scholarship, internship and part time jobs. I want to get life experience beside from study from school. What I really one among of those, I had a dream to live and study abroad because I want to live on my own and learn something new from another country. I want to see the world larger!

Will I get out of my comfort zone?

‘‘You will never fail until you quit trying’’

I failed to apply almost 10 scholarships abroad, until I met Thammasat University.
I did not expect that I would get into this university.

I started my college life again. My life has changed 180 degrees. I need to set up everything ever again in here.

How did study here changed me to the modern student?

I was so excited to be in a class with new classmates. I sat in front of a professor. ‘Moddle’ was the first platform that the Japanese professor was introduced. He told us that he will upload lessons, assignments, quizzes and anything related to the course through there. I was so happy because I did not need to go to the print shop anymore.

Nothing is easy in the first step

I was failed to submit my first assignment. There is no problem without solution to a person like me. I email to submit the assignment to proved that I did it on time.

After that day, I contacted my senior to tutor me to use Moodle and other platforms.

I finally walked with a small squad of 4 ladies. I did not expect to be in a team with them but I always believe that ‘‘Everything happened for a reason’’. I think I am so lucky to know them. In the exam period, we always review lessons together with other different platforms such as Google Classroom, Schoology and Canvas. Those platforms are quite similar to Moodle. Professors used those platforms to upload lessons, assignments and quizzes for students. I also had a few group works in that semester as well as we use google document to do a slide presentation. It was quite easier to use on it. It just needs one person to create the slide and invite everyone to decorate and put their information into the slide presentation by email. Another application form is Google Drive which use to save or upload

After breaking news about COVID19, what happened to students in twenty-twenty?

It was really something that no one can imagine that it would have happened in 2020 but just remembered that ‘everything happened for a reason’.

It was an outbreak about coronavirus. People did not really take it seriously until the virus spread over around the world.

Of course, in order to protect the students, the teachers and the stuffs, Thammasat University is closed after the midterm exam finished. But we are not free from classes and assignments. The school set us up for study online through other new platforms that we have never used before. Five of classes are using MST (Microsoft Team) and one is using another platform called Zoom. I felt like this is definitely a new experience that ever happened in my life. It was not easy to pay attention in class but now we just study at our own places through the internet. We were structured and taught to understand and use those platforms. Thanks to all of the professors and the staffs that made it happen. It was a bit rough for everyone because not only students needed to study at home but all of the staffs have to work from home in order to set everything for professors and students as well.

Even this situation is not good for the world but we got to know more about the love from teachers toward students and how the staffs in our faculty work hard for us.