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During the curfew, people may get bored so easily. Playing video games can help. Here there are some cool video games that should be worth playing.

According to the stats, the average video game player is around 34 years old. Moreover, 72 percent of video game players are 18 years or older. Nowadays, I believe that most people understand and embrace the video game. Especially when people stuck at home and keep a distance from others like this, playing video games also a good idea to do so. Here there are some video games that I recommend for you.

1.No Man Sky

Let’s leave the reality behind and skyrocket jump to the unknown universe where you can travel to tons of unique planets and find lots of exotic creatures on each planet you have been.

The standing point of this game is discovering and farming. The game key is to find resources as much as possible to upgrade your space base, ammo, energy shield, space ship and so on.
The feature of this game will be no loading screen while you are traveling to the other planet and that makes the smooth journey indeed.
    The playstyle is up to you. You can play like a fighter, prayer, explorer or trader is your path. Moreover, share the experience with your friend in multiplayer to make it more fun.
Even this game got negative feedback on early release, the developer response to it quickly and fix this game bit by bit. Finally, the game called “No man sky” can come back from ash to stars. They have been updating the content for a while to guarantee that they still offer the best thing to their player.


“Ninja plays free” is a quote from this game that I like because the fact that this game is free and the graphics looks so good. I’m so excited to suggest this game even we are continuing with the space-related game again.

You are the Tenno who has the power to control the war machine called ”Warframe” that has their unique abilities on each frame. The developer embeds the story in this game so well and not bad for a multiplayer game. 
    This game is an online game that has a huge community which means there are a lot of fan arts, player guides and Warframe markets out there. Moreover, the developer is very active. They have been updating new content since 2013. So please be sure that every time you come back to play warframe again you will always get excited with it.
    There are a bunch of missions and quests that you can choose to play online or just solo if you tough enough. This game is also a time-consuming game to mastery yourself which matches this situation indeed. So lets spent time on leveling up your character and weapons to become a more dangerous warrior during this quarantine time.

3.)Life Is Strange the Series

4.)stardew Valley

So it comes to the 8-bit style farming game that can steal your heart. Stardew Valley makes your imagination flow into the farming world but there is more to explore.
    The highlight of this game is obviously farming but it’s not only that. This game also blends the real industrial world into the story which is the main theme of this game. The conflict between the local department store and grocery store in this game can be seen as well as the drama stories from the NPC.
    The freedom is yours. Not only the character customization but your actions in the game too. For example, make a man wears long hair or make a woman gets married to a woman.
    The developer is active and responds to players feedback. They keep updating the game and finally put the multiplayer mode as the player asked for. Moreover, the price is very fair and reasonable. So, it’s a good time to grab this game and become a happy farmer.

5.)Simulator Games

5.1)The Sims

This might not have much to explain for the Sims. You can dive into the world of Sims universe and live your life as you wish in the Sims. The iconic Moodlet bar indicates what is happening to your character emotion. The heart of this game is flexible and creative gameplay like create your outstanding Sim character and beautiful house, travel to different areas to get new experience and share it with the community.  

5.2)Sims City

Sim city is another simulator game that has similar gameplay to the Sims but this game you are the leader of your city. The people in this city can contact you directly. It’s your choice to respond to their need or just develop your city in the way you want. Multiplayer mode also challenges you to build your superior city than other players or help each other to create an extraordinary city in the regional and global level.

5.3)Planet Coaster

Another construct simulator game I want to introduce must be Planet coaster. You can use over a thousand components in this game to create your own distinct fun land or capture the existed fun land into this game if you have enough passion.
    Moreover, the people in this game have their own thinking that can react to the world differently. So, this can make sure that your fun land will be lively all the time. 
    You could get inspiration from other creators as well as share your wonderful fun land to the community too. You may see your design appear in parks around the planet. Cool template and customized content are available for you in the workshop. 

5.4)Planet Zoo

Lastly, Moving from the making fun land, have you imagine that you are the owner of the zoo? From the same developer, Planet zoo gives you the power to create your extraordinary zoo which has much more to do so.
    Not only the human in the game who thinks and express by themselves but also the animals too. Your job is to take care of them, give them a habitat and manage each species to get the next generation breed.
    Likewise, get inspired and share your cool scenery zoo to the community to inspire others too. A workshop is a place that you could find awesome zoo designs and some customized content from other creators.

Take Care Yourself

Video game is like a double edges sword, it helps people to relax. At the same time, it destroys their health. Their body will break down, if they play it too much. I have a few tips for you to avoid that. First, every 20 minutes, look toward something at least 20 feet away from you. Do this for at least 20 seconds. This will relax your eyes after staring at the screen. Second, prevent sitting in front of a TV or computer for too long. Last one, get enough sleeping time. I hope you get some ideas and enjoy playing video games.