As you read the topic, you might wonder what is this story going to be about, horror?  Sad? Surprising?, yep! All of it in a tasty combination. But don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you a horror story that makes you struggle with insomnia. 

Thai Ghost is said to be one of the most terrifying ghosts people have meet in the world. It might be because Bhuddist have such variety of belief and value for people to hold on. One of them is 

“Abortion = Guilty” 

When Abortion is killing people and karma will follow you. That is a birth of a  ‘Child Ghost’. Now, let’s me introduce you a few experience story that the teller has claimed to experience the “ Haunted by the ghost of abortion”

Experience stories

“ I had an abortion before, at thet time my financial status was not yet ready and i am studying. My life seems good but not good to be honest. There were meditation practitioners and fortune tellers all saying that there was a child spirit following me.”

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“ when i was 20, i made a big mistake in my life, pregnant, I had an abortion by myself and when he came out, it was just a size of my hand so i roll it up with a napkin. A few week passed by,when i was eating out at a restaurant, a blackcat jump in to me and scream. I think i knew what it was. Then I dreamt of a baby crawling out of the debris with a dirty torso. I visited a Taro Fortuner and she said i have a baby spirit following and he is so pure.”

Grey Experience of an Abortion women from

A girl is pregant while studying at university and decided to have a illegal abortion. After the abortion, the girl’s life has not improved at all, unsuccessful at everthing she does and always had an accident because of the abortion karma. One day, the girl had a dream, a small child with a scary face called her Mother. The girl startled. And thought that it was the child she had an abortion. Then she began to dream more often. The ghost of vengeful child said he would kill her.

Those story I mentioned above is a common pattern of the experience of women abortion followed by a kid they believe it is their unborn child. As i go through many story and have been listened to for my entire life from Ghost radio, Twitter or from my friends and along with the Feminists idea on my mind that people are promoting equality in gender, class and race. The question popped on my head, 

BUT , what if all the unprepared pregnant keep raising the child?

Just imaging having a pet without money to take care of them fully, the pet would end up growing up poor so does the baby who was born by those unprepared pregnant women. But if they are lucky that their family are rich or their parent is a life fighter, so there are no ploblem with it. There are a higher percents show us how different between a kid who are growing up poor and a kid who wasn’t growing up poor, a kid who were raised by a prepared parents will have a better life with higher quality such as better education, job, marriage, status of the society, mindset.

But don’t get me wrong I didn’t assume that most of the kids who are raise by unprepared parents will all ending up poor. Some of them might get rich or even become a millionaire if they live in a country where politics is supportive enough for all classes, unlike Thailand (for sure).

Why does the child ghost only followed the mother? 

Let’s be honest. Have you ever heard a ghost story of a haunting child ghost from men? I’m sure you don’t. So why is it always the mother who getting haunt and is scared of it. Although reproduction is the process that occurs from both males and females together?, seem like the unborn child are angry at the ovary more than the sperm. Especially the ovary of the unprepared one which is not about ages as any age any time if the financial isn’t ready, then you are not ready for raising a human. Because the baby lives in and comes out of the female body and she should carry the responsibility and consequences? Perhaps not.

Apparently, Child ghost is Discriminates

The haunting by a abortion child stories is most likely aim to the teenager until it became a control, supervision and punishment for specific groups of identity. People who are often young and in school age or women who have sex outside the institution of marriage.

The ghost of a child does not haunt the abortion because the womb is at risk of health harm, mother’s illness, rubella, miscarriage due to a careless accident, mother who failed GIFT. Or mother who had to have an abortion due to a severely disabled fetus with abnormal chromosomes, crooked bones, renal bursts not working until older pregnant women, pregnant with the same lineage or sterilized and then sterile off.

And of course, all i can say is because ‘Patriachy’

A child ghost is rarely vengeful for its father.

Because patriarchy gives men more sexual freedom

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Under the patriarchal system in Thailand, a woman’s body, her sexuality and lust had to satisfy males.  A child born out of the womb and ovary is a member of the paternal family. In other word, the child have to use the father’s last name even if the mother did not use the father’s last name so the family tree will only grow from male’s family unless the child change it later.  Society expect female to be ‘mother sex’ rather than any other status role, boss? Doctor? Military? Pilot? Politician? No.  The fact that women use their own power to make decisions for themselves to satisfy sexual desires  and having sex for reasons other than fertility, terminating pregnancy or abolishing the role of mother is a serious challenge and liberation against the patriarchy.

 That explain why there have to be a song that deeply promotes motherhood is so touching that we cry. A norm teaching women should not have sex before marriage but not teaching men this. The expression of women’s sexual desires is a shame e.g. watching porn and the idea that women do not have and should not have sex drive.

The patriarchy had to produce stories and penalties that is invisible like jinn, spirit. Conduct, control and organize them on a subconscious level  rather than communicating knowledge about contraception, reproductive health rights and contraception.

Moreover, a child ghost will have to be a picture of the word ‘kid’. The ghost of a cute kindergarten child, being naughty, questionable, interrogating rather than a baby who can’t walk and crawl, the teeth have not yet spoken or the embryo that she had aborted. And must not be a middle school-age child approaching the age of 15 years, according to the meaning of the United Nations. 

Although abortion is conditionally recognized to a certain extent the law  (so ​​there is no such thing as ‘free abortion’ ). The law is the official norm who are responsible for controlling behavior and organizing society. While informal patterns of behavior control, it penetrates more deeply into the subconscious mind is ‘Traditions or morals (mores)’ that judge good and bad. It is a religion and belief that governs members of society whoever violates taboos becomes a sinner.

How does it manipulate our society like that?

learn more about structural funtionalism

With the realization of “ Structural Functionalism”  in Thailand that creates a state of abstinence rather than questioning norms and social structures. Believing that in coexistence in society it is necessary to define a structure with functions. To organize, members of society must act and play roles according to their existing status under common regulations or norms.  Have a place to hold as one, so that society is balanced and not chaotic.  But a society where the population is growing steadily  as it evolves and becomes more complex. It will have different beliefs, thoughts, and ways people interpret.  It is more difficult to use traditional beliefs to control society.  Leading to the establishment of common law to know the role, rights and duties instead.

In a social context where people thinking’s are not complicated, evolved in sparse but in a state of intense distress is still able to control morality and religion such as ghost stories of children having an abortion. Which is no different from the curse of “Bad Mom” “Giant Mom”. Also the devil is a fictional character based on the allegory and tales based on religion  who still operate and organize members of society. Especially with women rejecting “motherhood” .

That is why we keep hearing women that pregnant in unprepared condition struggling with her mind, or some women who think in advance that if they are pregnant. What should they do? Keep the child because they have an innocent soul or abortion cause it will be a burden and neighbors will gossip around.

However, spiritual beliefs are personal beliefs. But the right to abortion is the right to the body of a woman. It is part of human rights and reproductive health rights around the world, women are ought to be respected and accepted to make decisions about an abortion.

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