The past few months our world has changed dramatically due the COVID-19. Peoples interest has also significantly shifted because of self- isolating, fully turning them self into online social platform unlike ever before to keep them self entertain.

Social distancing and Stacking at home during this Coronavirus pandemic , where everywhere is basically close isn’t easy for many of us. As a solution to survive from the boredom of having over free time, people has been spending time on different social media platform to keep them self distracted throw out the day.

The number of citizens afflicted by the disease in nations, regions, and different towns and cities springs to mind. News on social media has made us conscious more than ever of how the country’s sense of normality has slowly eroded. Social media has also been educating us about the symptoms of COVID-19—in turn, perhaps saving lives.

Health reminders are another huge aspect that has been spread across social networking. In particular, the phrase “social distancing.” According to John Hopkins Medical, the act of social distancing means “intentionally enhancing physical distance between individuals to prevent the transmission of illness.” It is often recommended that you remain at least six feet away from other people to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Probably the greatest trend that has occurred through a range of social media channels is the amount of professional players, celebrities, and influences who have come out asking people to take everything they say about COVID-19 seriously and follow suit. For example, Tom Hanks, and other few Thai celebrities that has been suffered from the sickness has quarantined themselves and has spoken about the effect and how to take precautions in different social medial platforms. People tend to listen and be aware more when celebrities or big influence speaks out or shared messages through social median more than any other platforms.

Innovation in content creation in different platforms to entertain themselves is happening literally almost in every application or social place. With more advertising comes more competition to reach out to societies, preferably giving preference to sense and entertainment.

Some behavior improvement on media networks


If you are a frequent Instagram user, you’ve definitely seen an increase in Instagram Live stream updates and their related icons at the top of your page. As people stay indoors, more developers use the live network than ever before to reach out and connect more directly with their fans. With live conversations in comments, opportunities for sharing with other users, and top-of-the-line distribution, this mode of communication is rapidly becoming a channel of preference for people to communicate with their followers. The great thing about live streaming is that there is very few barriers to entry, anybody with an Instagram account can go live, this make our self-isolation not so bad.

Tick Tok

Ticktok has become the biggest favorable platform for cross-generational during this time. TikTok’s is basically is a short video making where you can dance, create content, and edit by yourself, makes it accessible for most people with a smartphone.

Communication Applications

The growth of video networking approaches is highly helpful for both group development and support, but they may also be enjoyable and creative ways to keep of contact with those who are near or far to you. there’s plenty of face time application available for user, for example, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Nextdoor, Houseparty, and many more. There has been a rise in usage since self-isolation started, with individuals seeking to maintain their relations with others as naturally and easily as possible. All those face timing application has risen in usage since self-isolation started, with individuals seeking to maintain their relations with others as naturally and easily as possible.the video hangout app Houseparty, had two milllion downloads in a week, compared with 130,000 month ago before quarantines. In terms of group resilience, Nextdoor has been a strong network to help residents embrace each other and organize themselves in their communities. The app’s presence has grown by close to 80 percent, with people turning to the site to help with activities such as prescription pick-ups and grocery shopping.

Facebook has also seen a 70% increase in video calls on its chat app, showing how a video call has been a favorite choice for others because it can be more intimate, and interactive than just a simply phone call.

Social media changed learning

Convid- 19 had flipped the way students learn around the globe, shutting down schools, workplaces, and cities. But, that doesn’t seem to be a problem at all when you have internet and social media platform around you. Distance learning is not a novel phenomenon, but many students would be unfamiliar with this approach. adaptation may appear complicated at first, but studying virtually has a range of very significant benefits to students. Online teaching, would benefit  thousands of ways in which student  learn . The great thing about this is that they will both compliment each other, meaning that a school will be bale to teach by connecting with YouTube video or to add text documents to support a lecture. Many educational establishments have just a blackboard for instruction, and the possibilities are rising exponentially. There plenty different platform in which online learning are using to teach students. Two of the most popular one is Microsoft Teams and zoom, which are used globally as a platform to serve student their lessons virtually. With this student can listen, interact, ask questions, do presentation, summit assignment, see the instructor and classmate at same time, as if they were in the classroom buy safer.Learning via online can also give chances to students who are afraid to ask question in the middle of the class to leave comment and ask question while the instructor is teaching. One more good thing about online learning is that, the teacher will always record the classes so we can always go through and look at it while we are doing homework or when we don’t understand something. From this experience, in the near future same school might start offering more online classes, because of how convenient and useful it is.

From this pandemic we are more connected than ever before and we don’t have to leave the house do socialize. Even people are in fears of being isolated in this situation, is still a blessing that we have media platform to communicate with people.  Social media platforms are increasingly being used to fuel creativity, build communities and support mental health during this challenging time, and we are seeing affirmation of values like unity and transparency across content. It is expected that online creators will continue to become more inventive and frequent with what is shared, although the competition to be visible is at an all-time high. With each platform so saturated with content, it is crucial that the spread of uplifting and fact-checked material is at the forefront, in order to continue to have a positive impact on communities.