What is meme ? a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users. an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.

MEEM is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture—often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme.

To the Millenium, meme culture may be synonymous with the modern culture in the digital era. A meme is a storytelling format widely adopted in social media platforms. But, the behind-the-scene idea has been sparked by evolutionary biologists back in 1976. 

Richard Dawkin’s 1978 book The Selfish Gene asserts that a meme is “a unit of cultural transmission or imitation.” The meme is abbreviated from a Greek word Mimeme (μίμημα or mīmēma) which means imitation. This 3-syllable Greek work landed on ‘meme’ as he wrote in the book “most of what is unusual about man can be summed up in one word,” and “I want a monosyllable that sounds a bit like ‘gene’.” As simple as that, a meme is alive. 

In 1996, the concept of the meme has spread over the 90’s Internet users with the first viral meme “The Dancing Baby.”

The Dancing baby

In contemporary contexts, memes present user-generated contents. When it comes to the time of widespread social media use and the increasing popularity of many sites such as Reddit and 9GAG, memes are more accessible from millions of people overnight. Some illustrators are also replicated and replaced by the other contexts which users act as a consumer and producer at the same time. 

– The Matter of Meme Is To Boost Emotion Expression That Has Been Lost After the Early Exposure of the Internet- 

Memes in the simple purpose are the picture to give commentary on the online conversation but its implications lie on social expression. Social cue is the way people express their feeling through memes. For example, in those old days, people have been using ‘hahaha’ representing their laugh. The problem of the words is sometimes people do not feel that but there are no other ways to express their emotion by text. Nowadays they can use memes to express more exactly what they feel. Not only in the conversation that memes can express user feeling but also a post or status on Facebook sharing how the user is feeling right now. Maybe using memes is a softer way to communicate or to tell information through this kind of funny picture but still, get the idea that what a creator try to said. 
Another purpose of memes is social connection.

Memes also have the ability to identify a common feeling, experience or opinion. How many times have you seen a funny meme and thought ‘that’s so me’, and then tag your like-minded friend in the comment box?

I think that I share at least 3-4 of these viral pictures a day because they’re just so relatable to people who saw it. It is this common association that makes memes be such a cultural phenomenon. They are both personal and universal all at the same time. And because of this advantage, they’re being shared more than ever. A theoretical model suggests that people are more pleasant when they can notice others’ opinion and behaviour. 

Especially, when the meme goes viral, it is proof that a worldwide social phenomenon like memes is melting people across the world into their particular subcultures. This is a feeling of belonging. After its prevalence, the formats of memes include many forms of new media ranging from pictures to short videos. And, now memes become a mainstream culture originated from the new media. 

Marketing through memes

Memes are developed to have other purposes in modern practices. The mainstream memes are used by marketers as a marketing tool. The company makes meme strategies that can access to more variety consumer easier and consumer also agrees with the funny memes too. This way the company can catch consumer eyes and gain more attention. But to be spotted memes has to follow the trend that people nowadays relate to. For example right now we in quarantine,Because of the covid-19 so people create memes that funny and relate to the situation will most shared and I saw some of the company use this point to create memes while selling their product too.For example the hand- sanitizer made a funny memes and said don’t forget to clean your hands

How memes work as a branding tool?

Here are some guidelines to ensure you create a viral marketing meme:

  1. Be smooth, but not other-dimensional: Don’t try to sound too cool or sarcastic because that can turn out to be a double-edged sword and psychic out your pre-existing customers due to sudden change in your brand appearance.
  2. Sound relatable: People can recognize your joke, it’s assured. Don’t try to build a meme that attraction to everyone. Know the target market .
  3. Timeline is critical: Some memes are still circulating around, but some have gone , and it’s essential to understand the lifetime so that you don’t come out as someone who old-fashioned.
  4. Pay attention to Culture climate: It’s necessary to understand cultural climate and tolerance level is because you don’t want to sound downright rude to your well-earned customers and make them run away.
Gucci used meme to present their goods.

MEMES in my opinion

For me I used social media a lot specially on Facebook looking through my news feed often have seen memes a lot lately, I feel like memes is important in this platform without writing a sentence most people understand memes immediately and moreover it’s make me feel amuse by saw some good memes. What is good memes for me ? Good memes for me is the one that most of people can relate and understand the humour. And here are some of my  most favourite memes.

For the most part, memes are meant to be funny of sarcastic but because they do grab our attention, businesses can use them to their advantage as long as it is done in a smart or clever way. The key to an effective meme for your business is finding the right image to use. It can be a picture you take, an image of a product or service you offer, or a spin on a popular meme. The image you choose and overall meme must tie into your branding or your company in some way. Memes are also supposed to be clever, witty, or funny, so that element should be added in order to help get your meme viral.

” Memes have improved my life by allowing me an easy way to laugh every day.” -king