Vlog or Video Blog or Video Log is like a diary in terms of videos. There are many vlog contents such as daily life, traveling, or health vlog which are interesting on social! In around last two or three years, we will see many vlog on youtube from vlogger or youtuber. To making a vlog, you have to think about the content then arrange in order to make your vlog become more interesting. This is why vlog become popular and many people want to have their own vlog!

Many influencers or youtubers also make a vlog to make their fans can know their lifestyle or personal stories. For examples, Moto Ben Channel, he puts the camera on his helmet and make a vlog or we called ‘MOTOVLOG’. Or Farlin Channel that vlog about her life after left the flight attendance job.


And as we know that vlog is a video, means that you must take a video. You can use the camera from your phone but for who want to take a video by camera, in this blog, I will tell you how to choose a camera for vlogging. But before that, I have a little beginners tips to be a vlogger!


What should I do to be a Vlogger?

1. Vlogging or talking in front of the camera is what you can PRACTICE. Do not think that you cannot do it and be confident in yourself. Practice it again and again, throw away the fear!

2. Mainly focus on communication first. Beside of having a cool and beautiful footage to make a vlog is good. But if we don’t care about the message that we want to communicate. How will audience understand our purpose?

3. Content is KING. What we want to tell the audience? What is the purpose? How do we present it? For who and why? You should think it before making any vlog.

4. What makes your vlog interesting? The important thing are content and how we presenting it. We must think that why should audience watch our vlog or content. Is it funny or can help them?

5. Creating your content then vlog it! Maybe you will vlog it and let your friends or family watch it first. After you be more confident, you can publish it more wider.

6. Practicing continuously. You will not feel awestruck and make a better content!

7. Have a basic tool for vlogging. We should start from what we have. Nowadays, the phone camera is quit good so you can use your phone to vlogging first.


Time to choose your vlogging camera!


As the new camera come out every year, so I cannot exactly tell you that which camera is the best for you. But I will go over the features that will help you to choose the camera that perfect for starting your vlog! These are the features that I think your vlogging camera should have!

Flip-out Screen

Flip-out screen or at least can see what the camera sees. It is quite important because this will help you to know it you are overexposed, underexposed, or getting the video you want or not. So flip-out screen will actually help you to arrange the composition.

Image Quality

Image quality is what you consider at first. In the present, the camera should be able to record at least 1080p (Full HD) or 4K (UHD) to get a high quality of your video. Certainly, now new smartphones and small camera can record 4K video too. In the other hand, you should have an effective computer to edit your vlog.


Vlogging is usually record when you do any activity in that day, which means that you will always moving. So stabilization is important. Optical image stabilization uses moving elements inside the camera lens to remove shaky footage. Alternatively, some cameras also have built-in EIS.

FFmpeg & vid.stab


The camera’s size and weight also should be considered. Because when you vlogging, sometimes you have to go outside or traveling. And now many people turned themselves into vlogger, therefore many company produced a high quality camera in a smaller size. So buying the small camera with a good quality might be a better choice.

Microphone Input

Even though the microphone that come with the camera can record the audio. But if you be able to use the microphone input, it is a good choice. Microphone Input will give you a better audio and lower the noise from outside. This can make you vlog becomes more professional and interesting. And do not forget to check that the microphone input can use with your camera or not.

LCD Screen

LCD Screen can serve a number of functions depending on the design. There are 2 features which are interesting: a flip screen and touchscreen for manual focus. A touchscreen is very useful, allowing the vlogger to change the focus the ease.

Low-Light Performance

This factor is as important as other factors! Sometimes you have to take a video at night or place that is low light. Even if the censor of the smartphone can record a video in low light place, but DSLR or Mirrorless camera will be more effective in this situation.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you have this function in your camera, it will be easier to transfer your video clip. You will be able to suddenly transfer the video to keep in your smartphone by just only connect the Wi-Fi. And you can upload the video on the social media immediately. Wi-Fi Connectivity also beneficial for ‘Live Streaming’ directly to other platforms. Or you can connect it with other camera accessories such as Stabilizer.


You can watch this interesting video for more information and make a decision.

By Justin Poore Channel
From Tech Through The Lens

Before you buy the camera, you must learn how to use it first. Better choose the camera that has an easy function if you are a beginner! And even there are new camera come out each year, but some old cameras still have a good quality for vlogging. I hope this post will help you to buy your first vlogging camera that fit for yourself. Thank you for reading!


Please contact me if you have any question.