During the past decade,We are living in a digital age. Social media has caused profound changes in the way people communicate and interact such as Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. The users on social media has increased to over three billion in 2017.Almost people in the world in every age using social media and it can affect us physically,socially and especially mentally. According to a British Psychological Society,approximately 90 percent of teenagers are on social media.Some studies says using social media can impact your mental health such as depression and low-selfesteem.It is unclear, however,As a user I would say that new media can impact us in positive and negative way. Let me show you some examples.


Firstly,talking about mental illness and new media the first thing that pop in my head is ‘Cyberbullying’. It is a new kind of violence. It refers to using new media,smart phone and other devices that can post or send text and images to bully the victims. Cyberbullying is one of the biggest problem on social media because everyone has free space to express their opinion and it can be anonymous. Using social media occurs many negative ways and cyberbullying become a social problem. Many countries try to deceased the victims but its hard to control the communication around social media. The users have used their freedom on the wrong way of expressing their opinion and also comments anonymously. So cyberbullying on social media occurs easily but can cause hugely effects to the victims.



The death of suicide teens from depression is increasing and one of the reasons is social media. The victims have been threatened, abused, harassed and embarrassed by words, pictures or videos on social media. It is a serious problem that leads to many negative effects for victims, including suicide. According to a study by the American Pew Research Centre, in partnership with the American Life Project, they found nine in 10 teens have witnessed cruel or bullying behavior on social media. Cyberbullying can be very damaging among adolescent and teens.It can lead to anxiety,depression, and even suicide. Many cyber bullies told researcher that they do it for fun but they don’t think about consequences and once something is on the internet it will never dissapear. For an example, in Thailand a fat women has been took a picture and posted on Facebook by calling her fat. The pictures has been shared and people are rudely criticizing her. This totally impacts on her mental health.

Its addictive

Next,Social media addiction also bad for mental health. Imagine you holding your smartphone all day all night using social media such as, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. Yes of course It facilitates our communications with friends and family. But addiction can happen to anyone who using smartphone. Even if they are practical and convenient but it can also lead to various problems. People addicted to social media because of the pleasure center of their brain through likes and comments. This leads to the production of dopamine in their brain so it is easily to addicted.


Using too much social media all the time can cause mental health problems because of social addiction that can be long term and bad personality. When you scrolling Facebook all the time some news can effects and damage your mental health. For example,Facebook is the most widely used social networking site as it has more than one billion users worldwide. Facebook live is also important because so many reported show that people using Facebook live to commit suicide and it can lead to a copy cat. If you have depression episodes this news will hugely effects you in a bad way.On the other hand, some news or post can be good to your mental health. For me it is video or images of puppies they can hake me smile.But your mental health can be unstable and having a problem in emotion control too if you are using social media way too much.


How it impacts your self-esteem?

Social media or new media can also damaging your self esteem. Many researches proves there that there is a strong relationship between social media and self-esteem. Increase in social media usage causes the self-esteem of individuals to decrease. Some research claim that one hour spent on Facebook daily results in a 5.574 decrease in the self-esteem score of an individual.Posting your images on social media can lead to some negative comments from other that can make you insecure. We can say that social media can caused people to have lower self-esteem.As a result, social media have a negative effect on the self-esteems of people. Many researchers have concluded from there researches that high usage of Facebook causes depression and decreased prosperity in individuals. Anxiety, depression, psychotic disorders and low self-esteem are all the likely results of social networking sites, especially Facebook. Everything is on Facebook such as news,human connection and also Cyberbullying. Self-esteem is both stable and unstable, it develops and changes with time and is affected by daily events. The more time you spend on social media, the more likely you are to suffer from mental health issues.


Comparing your life to others

There is certainly a danger of people feeling they have to compare themselves to others and Social media can lead us to comparing our lives to other and its mentally unhealthy.The absolute worst thing that you can do to yourself mentally is to compare your life with others on social media in everyday bias. Facebook and other media can make people feel isolated and its a comparison factor.We fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others as we scroll through our feeds. Scrolling your phone on Facebook can ruin your day with only one post.Some people can feel worse or better than their friends’s post on social media.It can lead to jealousy.Studies have certainly shown that social media use triggers feelings of jealousy.Jealousy can cause an unhealthy mind.It’s not a secret to admit that when we scroll on new feeds on Facebook you can be jealous to your friends’s vacation and buying a new car and many other posts.Including your followers,when you compare the number of follower on any media can kill your joy and it lead to comparison.Then we compare ourselves to them and that’s the trigger to a sadness.We all have certain triggers that can cause our confidence to take a sudden nosedive. Unfortunately,social media provides us with numerous platforms that help to quickly trigger that unpleasant self-disdain.


In conclusion,all of this is not to say that there’s no benefit to social media.It is clear that during the digital age,online social network has caused significant changes in the way people communicate and interact. The purpose of social media is to be social,spread a message and stay connected but some people are not focusing on the communication. After all social media can cause stress, anxiety, depression,loneliness,bad behavior and psychiatric disorders.Social media usage have dangerous effects on anyone. So the users should be aware of using too much or focusing on the wrong way and your mental health will be fine.