New media is known to be any “means of mass communication that involves the use of digital technologies, for example, the Internet. Clearly, the main purpose of new media is for communication. We’re unconsciously connected through these social platforms; we communicate just at the tips of our fingers. We discover more each day just by looking at our phone screen. Believe it so or not, new media, the internet, can do so much more. When hearing a statement “New media solves crime” would most people agree or disagree? Truth is more than 10 crimes are solved annually by new media. This means new media can be used beyond communication

Ne’ Keisha’s Case

Let’s take a look at this first case from a father who lost his daughter weeks before she graduated high school. Ne’ Keisha was murdered on July 24th, 2011 by a gunshot which happened in Kreuger Memorial Park Michigan City. Unfortunately, although there were many witnesses, no one got arrested. Her father never stopped fighting for the death of his beloved daughter. “She never got to see her diploma, at all” claimed the father. He decided to post on social media, live on Facebook explained how the police did not help him, how people on the internet talked about his daughter’s crime and what happened to his daughter. After five years of what he has been doing, his video went viral, he received likes and shares. Not so long after, the police made an arrest to Charles Gerron, age 21 for who was in charge of Ne’ Keisha’s death.  

In the end, nobody really came out to admit that social media was the main tool in solving this crime. However, it clearly is a tool for reaching out to more people and attracting more attention which causes the crime to regain investigations from the police.

Cheyenne Rose Antoine’s Case

Brittney Gargol, at the age of 18 was found dead on the side of the road with a belt left near her body which was suspected as the murderer’s tool. In January 2018, Cheyenne Rose Antoine made a headline for being a convict in the case. The evidence was found in social media, a selfie of the two girls smiling at the camera, but what was pointing out was the belt that Antoine was wearing which was similar to the one in the crime scene. The police suspected that she used the belt to slaughter her friend. The police theory happened to be true and Antoine was convicted and received 7 years in prison.

The photo on social media helps the police solve this crime and was a piece of significant evidence in the case. This is referred to how much a “History” feature on your social media can do especially a case of teenagers whose lives involve new media as their everyday life tool.    

The question is how can new media solve crime? What abilities have new media got that it can interfere with crime and law enforcement? These questions may arise when we consider the statistic of laws being solved from new media.   

The “History” Feature

Internet always left the trait called a “History. ” Social media has been a necessary tool for police because they are able to gain access to information and colleagues and all of these activities are subject to scrutiny. This is easy for those who want to know you more by seeing the suspect’s behavior on social networking sites. Moreover, it is easy to gather all the evidence on these new media even when it was deleted, some smart hacker is able to restore the information that was deleted. The most important thing is these traits are prominence pieces of evidence to gather valuable intelligence on suspected criminals in the exact same way as Cheyenne Rose Antoine’s case stated above.

Another obvious case study such as Searching movie, the father able to find his daughter by starting with her social media account. He went through all contacts of her friend’s by going through Facebook friends as well as asking for further information. He followed her social media trait and finally got his daughter back.

“Reaching Out” With New Media    

A second way to solve the crime is when some member in our family went missing, social media is another platform for reaching out to the community by posting victim’s pictures, details, and the last seen location. Using social media as a broadcaster to reach a wider range of people acknowledging the situation so that the community around that family can help to find the missing person or become a watchdog for the community. According to the law of reporting the missing people, the person needs to be missing more than twenty-four hours before reporting the situation to the police. In some case, those missing people might be in a dangerous situation or in a particular situation. Waiting 24 hours plus hours of investigation, the police might not be able to help them out on time. With the help of social media, the community can help them collect digital evidence and clue to reduce the time of investigation or even help them find that person on time. Some of that evidence can be used for further assessment or in court during a trial.

On social media, netizen is able to report a crime in real time and use their content as a shred of digital evidence. After they post, the police department can acknowledge the situation and reach out to help them as fast as possible with the help of technical advice and tools. Also, they can access the information that was private to gain more information for the investigation.

Larger netizens, Larger Online Investigators

The independence of the internet allows all kinds of people to access. Thus, more skills of people are gathered on these online platforms. The larger netizen the larger online investigators which bring about more tips and insights into the crime. Every crime can be in public interest and this means the more people are paying attention to. In Thailand, it is very common that a particular crime can influence people to invent new hashtags on Twitter or Facebook. As a result, people share their opinions through these online platforms with those hashtags. The more netizen, the more people keep an eye on this particular crime. All new predictions come from here. These media are automatically saved the post and able to spread widely just one click of the figure: share, like.

Thailand Election as of “Larger netizens, Larger Online Investigators

To take a deeper consideration to this topic, using Thai election as an example, there was some point indicate subjective vote numbers for particular parties. The people are all curious about the number is real or has been made up for some specific reason. People started to share their suspicious experiences that relate to this situation through social media. This topic has gone viral on Twitter. Not only adults that pay attention to this election but also adolescent that were using social media daily. The hashtag #Thaielection2019 went viral for a period of time and even became a Top-trend. It became the top rank on Twitter and other countries are able to acknowledge what’s happening in Thailand. Europeans also claimed the Election Commission of Thailand for a transparency election in Thailand. Consequently, all the news companies have to do the Thai election news in order to seek the truth for their citizen and to protect citizens’ right and bring justice to them.

To make this clearer, in many cases of crimes both online and outline, social media mostly took an important part in solving these crimes. New media always support crime cases in providing evidences. Many more lives were saved due to the abilities of these new technologies or the new media. When cases have gone viral, the cases become more powerful and more organizations are lending their hands to help. Thus, people are more aware and active in a particular case and being more careful. Moreover, the police department can acknowledge and take those viral case more seriously and more actively. When more help was responded, more missing people were found, more mysterious crimes were solved.

However, new media can be access by any person in the world. Therefore, specific information must not be allowed to access those data easily. A person must have a certain position of the related duty and with a prove to get into the important information. For instance, police need to know about suspicious online banking, they need to ask for help from a bank company to provide that information. Moreover, smart hackers are able to get any information that they want therefore, law enforcement is necessary in this case. The law must cover and prohibit the action that can lead to any media crime.

All in all, it shows that in this era, technologies and new media have been playing an important role in our everyday life. New media able to solve small cases up to bigger cases that may involve killing. Its ability is definitely beyond its setting rule.