Imagine yourself waking up one morning with an outdated alarm, sipping a coffee while holding daily newspaper in both hands. The only way to receive news was to read from a paper with a cracking sound (which actually sounds good). Things just changed. Who still does that in this era that mass media takes over almost every single role of our lives? Some still do, but mostly, not anymore. It changed us, in numerous ways.Even what was mentioned previously, receiving news, can be done easily by only entering the new sites or news application. There is no need for daily newspaper services anymore. Currently , mass media becomes parts of most people because of it has abilities to comfort them and consume many news or information through mass media.

Obviously, The current education system is different from the past. The important thing that makes it difference is that mass media  makes education easier and more convenient. To be more specific, in the previous time, student in both schools and tutoring schools learn by having teachers teach them at school by writing a board or paper only, but the development of mass media at this moment in time helps increasing study options and serves the need of people more. In the tutorial school, if we are unable to study at the specified time, we can choose the time to study that we convenient in the computer system. Or even when we are at home we can also study through internet system. Meanwhile, mass media changes the way teacher teaches their student. From the original, only the board was the instructional media but now they use mass media such as computer, projector screen and sometimes they use iPad to write instead of using the board. The one reason is to motivate students to become interested and it is one of the techniques that will help reaching learning achievement. Mass media certainly enhances the student’s educational attitudes in a better way for instance students can study on their own via the internet anywhere apart from the school and they can focus on things or topics that they like or are interested in and this increases the happiness of students as well. Moreover, mass media is a tool to adjust the open learning environment, easy for student to connect various knowledge learned and build a relationship between society in the classroom.

    And if you are considering of utilizing more mass media to control your education life, not to be offensive, but here are some disadvantages of using it TOO MUCH. In a view of ability in social life,  people become less interacted with the surroundings as they give too much attention on media advices. Not only that, but also online study may decrease user’s confidence since they spend a lot of time on screen, so being talkative is out of list. Another major point is using mass media too much ruins user’s health. According to National Statistical Office discloses that the tendency of using technology in children and teenage increase every year. And doctor Sirichai Hongsa-nguansri, children and teenage psychiatrist in Ramathibodi hospital told that technology addiction makes the brain less effective and also decreases the linking of nerve cells such as frontal brain decreases 24% and side brain decrease 27%. These things are the cause of attention deflict hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This abnormality happens much in children in primary school children followed by stress and having headache at a very young age.

     As mentioned previously, world changed. Traditional schools are not a considerate choice for everyone. There are cases that some children do not have the opportunity to go to school so the good change happened when technology started to play an important role in education. For example,instead of learning everything from book at school, the students are able to do ‘homeschool’ the online education that they can learn everything exactly what the other students learn from school which is accessible for every single students to get well educated. When talking about children’s opportunity to go to real schools, it is different in each household. It means that children’s opportunity somehow depends on the parent’s choice. Some parents are able to send their kids to school, but they choose doing homeschool instead as they are afraid that their kids will probably receive bad social values or have to face inefficient society. Education does not only mean going to school, learning some lessons, or practicing for examinations, but also means facing new experiences, meeting people, solving problems. In some parent’s preference, homeschooling is their considerate choice if going to real schools brings negative social values to their kids.

   From the research from , Nowadays ,about 3.4% or approximately 2 million students in the United States were homeschooled. The three reasons chosen by parents of more than 66% of students were worried about the school environment, to provide moral instruction, and disappointment with the scholastic guidance accessible at different schools. For others reasons, parents are concern with a greater adaptability in instructive practices and family core stability for children with learning disabilities or prolonged chronic illnesses.Homeschool is also suitable for children of missionaries, military families, or families who move very often. Some parents assess the advantages of homeschooling which is better than send their child to a public or private school system. In a homeschooling system,parents are able to include their child’s interests in lesson planning. They also  able to devote more time to pay attention to their children and can have more family time.They also concern about Real-life education which are opportunities that are not available in public schools. Many parents use homeschooling time to introduce their children to socialize with a wide range of ages, to travel more, to do more field trips, to do outdoor activities and etc.

   Homeschooling in the United States is very accessible.There is a wide variety of homeschool curriculum options and reading materials available from excellent online learning program and courseware to traditional textbooks and correspondence courses. There are also many associations that help finding out appropriate homeschooling system.

 Also people expresses their comment in blogpost that  homeschooling is legal and widespread in Thailand. It has been continuously developing and evolving as a flexible learning style. However, many operational issues have been encountered. For example, Thai people usually lack general experience with homeschooling.The Ministry of Education not fully supported with homeschooling student performance evaluation tools. Homeschool students in Thailand do not have much knowledge options, study resources or online learning program as much as the United States. From the latest convention of the Ministry of Education in July, 2018, they mainly discussed about practical plans, evaluation, management and budget for development of education. Homeschooling system or utilizing mass media was not the main topic even though the concept of Thailand 4.0 has been brought up for years. The Government organization should be more concern about the establishment of this new mode of education where homeschooling should be supported and families should be able to receive recommendations and assistance for curriculum plan, also participation and cooperation so that everyone can access and share continuous collective learning and curriculum style.

In addition, there are lots of tools to improve student’s ability to learn. Educational applications are able to be downloaded on their smartphones and computers.There are many benefits depending on student’s needs. It is worthy for those who want to gain knowledge. Most of education applications are for free. For example, Thai Fast Dictionary, the application as a dictionary which is instead of open the big dictionary books, the student can just type something in English and it will translate in Thai immediately and the result will be exactly the same as using their big dictionary that they have at home.

Education applications are not only created to educate people but it can even be like a planner. With the applications that called ‘My Study Life’ it organizes the schedule and also note important things about study life.For example, it reminds the students about their homework, assignments, and examinations.

A lot of education applications is fun.It makes the student wants to participate because education tools nowadays is not boring anymore.

    Not to take sides, but Thailand, a so called ‘civilized country’, still argues about the online learning or how mass media takes too much space in the role of education. To illustrate, the education of Thailand is controlled and managed by the education ministry including manage suitably in the role of mass media plays significantly in education of Thailand. The website named Ministry Education in Thailand provide the important news and article that is related to education and the role of mass media ,for instance, they give a chance to student who lacks of study material by giving 2D learning material for create the student’s imaginary to develop their ideas ,and the famous website named New DLTV (distance learning television) is the advantage website for student who deficient of teachers in distant areas and rising their quality of school education that the students will study through internet or many people known as e-learning. There are three ways to study including live broadcast ,on demand , application on mobile (available both of android and ios), and also people who is interested can download study document for practice because not only the students able to study but also in people who want to learn about how to be a teacher ,it have channel of english teacher and science training to disseminate knowledge to teachers ,students and also in the general public.

   In Contrary, there are still many factors which led some group of people disagree with applying mass media into real-life education. As many school in Thailand start to utilized the mass media tactics in order to develop and improve knowledge of its students. However, due to few factors that could lead to learning issues, make some people argue and reject this media learning idea. Lacking a of interaction between learners and professors is one of significant elements which people discourage the tactics. As some institutions adapt this method to its teaching and it turn out to be one way communication, which students and professors could not interact directly to each other, students are only allow to sit in front of the screen and study from the screen only. This traditional education play important role directly in term of develop critical thinking and encourage students’ independent thought. The perception development would expand when people have interacted toward to each other. As you can see that the mass media education could not advocate learners to develop the mentality skills, while the traditional education could do so.

The example of the distractions of adverts on Youtube.

Creating noise and distractions would also arise from this method of education, as the number of users on the internet and mass media increase, it can be sure that there will be more and more advertising on the media. We can see from the media that in nowadays are occupied by the advertising. For example in Youtube, the dominant website for tutorial and learning, are now have numerous of adverts on some video clips. Learners who need to watch the clips have to wait at least 5 seconds, in some certain clips require its audiences to watch ads, in order to skip the ads and while learners wait for it some of them may lose attention for learning. This could show us that mass media could also creating noise in which may reduce education ability. Furthermore, the learning progress and productive abilities may become slower due to this distractions. Lacking of technology equipments is also one of factor why mass media education could not become prominent way of learning in Thailand as well. This can see that the technology devices which essential for learning are provide insufficiently for some school and institutions in certain area in Thailand. Besides from that, the internet are still unavailable to access in particular areas, in which led the inconvenience for updating new knowledge and technology for studying. In addition, health problems may occur from this education method. As learners spend prolonged hours in screen watching, this could cause eyesight problem toward to learners. As well as, hearing issue, as students spend excessive period of time on using earphone, in order to reduce noise and concentrate on studying, this may cause hearing defects to learners directly. These elements are counted as the major reasons why the mass media education could not replace the traditional education in this country.

   As we are living in this generation, letting technology and mass media into our lives is inevitable. Mass media has been introduced to education system changing the way we learn currently. Tomorrow’s educational system will probably be different as it keeps improving. Solving its own flaws as discussed previously, the content created may be more interactive to keep users become more connected doing courses online. Requiring more participation from users such as doing more activities with others online or during courses is a considerate choice for this improvement. Also it may produce various types of contents to serve the user’s demand, not only academic contents, but also entertaining ones. It will be more accessible for everyone, especially those in rural areas. This may take advanced development of technologies as they have to create high qualities with affordable prices devices to satisfy overall users.