Do you remember the thing that once makes you happy in your childhood? The thing that simply makes you laugh when you play them. The thing that sticks with them like a buddy in a hard time. So, what is your best buddy back then?  What do you think about toys now? At least let’s get into this article and find the meaning of them here. This article is trying to bring back the good memory of your toys and the true value of toys.

The toy comes a long way back from the past to the present. It is like magic that occurs in front of children, no one can argue that kids have to belong to the toys. In addition, some people look at the toy as a thing for children and try to get rid of it because the view of themselves and moreover is from others around them. 

In reality, there is no line to draw a distinction between child and adult actually. Toys also a hobby when people grow up and some can make a benefit. 

Toys are made for everyone

I have to make a declaration for the toy first, there are two kinds of toys that I see the difference which are toys for kids development (kids toy) and toys to collect and play. (kids to adults toy).

According to the child development institute, Kid toys is the toy that parents give to the children to help their brain development so, they can learn and interact from it. For example, cooking set, drawing book, fossils digging set, slider, etc. 

The collector toy is the toy that mostly comes from the characters or events that occur in media like movies, cartoons, shows, etc as known as a licensed toy. Those toys represent the characters like Superman, Dart Vader, Hello Kitty, and so on for those who want to collect them or play with them. People who already consumed those media could have an impression of the character or event. So, they simply find something that replicates those things and put it in their collection.

From now on, I will make a walkthrough from kids’ toy to collector toy from my experience and some angles from the collectors who have good views on the toys.

Childhood toys

As a parent, one thing that can help their child’s development is a toy. I remember the toy that I played with when I was young. It was a simple thing to make me happy and go beyond my imagination. Toys like  Bob the builder doll, hot wheels, and football spring table are the early toys that make me found a true love that I can’t deny.  

Bootleg toys

The toys when I study in kindergarten, most of the toys I own are bootleg toys. The good reason for playing bootleg toys is childish that just want to play with the toys without thinking they will break apart. As well as the children rarely see the value of the toys. So, the bootleg is a good option for parents to buy for their children. The term “bootleg” defiantly is a fake, pastiche representation of the licensed products. Sometimes it refers to under quality-controlled products that sold at a cutting price in the merchants market. Some people call it “a knock-off” is fine as well.

In my city which is Phitsanulok, Thailand, those bootleg toys can easily found on every corner. I found them at grocery stores, stalls, or even in shopping malls. The toys I own back then were sets of a power ranger, they are colorful and don’t have much articulation. I actually have a masked raider set as well. They are cheap and produced in a small amount as it comes from local company (China as expected). Every time I got a toy, I immediately play with them and bring it with me everywhere like a buddy. Sometimes, I play them too hard as I put them in a battle arena. So most of my childhood toys are lost but some tend to survive with wounds. However, I really enjoy and spent my time with them until they break apart again.

Time for authentic toys

Few years passed, I was in primary school. I start to get licensed toys like Lego and plastic model kit from Bandia(Gunpla). I start to use my creativity to create things. Those toys actually fulfill my imagination because Lego itself doesn’t always build by the manual. You are the one who designs the outcome. Gunpla is a little bit different, it has only one form that must be built by the manual.

The toys that influence me at that time were Eastern toys rather than Western because the impact of TV shows in the local area mostly publish Japanese heroes and cartoons. So, those Japanese character toys are the primary subject in my mind. For example, GundamSeed Destiny (release 2004), Magiranger (released 2005), Masked raider Kabuto (released 2006), Bakugan (released 2007).

 Asia pacific also the biggest licensed toys market and games market internationally. 
Japan is the largest licensed toys market in the region which accounts for 35% of Asia Pacifica’s sales, according to the

When I was sick

During that time, I’m the kid who always gets a cold and needs to stay at home or hospital. My father often surprised me with a toy to hope that I will be fine soon.

One day, I woke up and saw a Gundam figure in my bedroom and I was shocked. That is one of my beautiful memory.

Star Wars

Then, I start to look for Star Wars toys because The animation series called “Star Wars The Clone Wars” aired in 2008.

It sparks a memory of my first movie experience which is Star Wars Episode 3 again. So the story is a connection to that episode. It contains many characters that I can recall like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Dart Sidious. There also create some new characters to fit in the story like Ashoka Tano and Captain Rex. 

Star Wars toys at that time especially the figure was really intense in volume. There are several characters of the product line. The toy line that I collect is on a scale of 3.75 inches. So, it is the size that can fit on the shelf with no problem as you can see in my collection here.

I remember the first one that I get is Captain Rex from my father when he is back from Japan. That is the start of my new journey of collecting toys.

Talking with Captain Rex, he is a very skilled shooter and he has an unorthodox leading style commander that makes Star Wars fans including me love him.

Pre-high school

From my pre-high school life, I stuck with video games and computers. The early and memorable games that I love are Halo 3(release 2007) and Mirror Edge(release 2008). I remember the only chance to play Halo is to visit my uncles’ house. 

So every moment is meaningful to finish the journey of Master Chief in Halo world before I have to leave.

Mirror Edge is the street running game in the first person style that I’ve never seen before.

I remember that I replay that game more than 4 times. The excitement when jumping from the very high tower and doing a wall run was amazing. Many years passed by and I didn’t play those games anymore but the wonderful experience still playing in my head.

So, there is no reason why I didn’t hunting the toys whenever I have a chance. In 2018, I have an opportunity to visit a game shop in Australia. That’s a chance for me because there are plenty of game stores like EB games, JB HIFI, Sanity, etc.

I found a mini collectible toy called “Funko pop”. Those toy lines sit on the shelf and there are plenty of characters from games, movies, Tv shows, and artists, etc. I finally found Master chief and I grab him instantly. 

Later, I visit another game store and I found a Mirror Edge collectible figure, my heart was pumping before I grab it and go to the counter.

Thus, that is a kind of feeling that you have been looking for something fulfilling yourself even the time passed for years. I hope that someone has this feeling too and wish them to complete their dreams.

High school

In my high school life, I approach to YouTube and start following toy channels. 

The channel that inspires me is JAB studio because the channel has many toy tips and toy reviews that fascinate me. One of the members called “Jo” is the person who inspires me to fix the broken toys. He has very skilled at fixing the toys that broken and turn them into a brand new look again. I start follows his techniques and other YouTuber to apply to my toys because in the past my grandfather is the one who uses his fixing skill to fix my toys. Now, I see it’s time for me to do it on my own and don’t bother him anymore. Every time I completed my work, I’m so relieved and feeling like nothing can’t be fixed.

Accept the fact

However, there is one famous Thai singer called “ Ohm” from the band “Cocktail” who is also a toy collector. He tells people the fact that people can’t argue that toys are still a luxury good that is not necessary for living, but it can fulfill when you already responded to the true need. So, you can have it if it doesn’t bother your cost of living. He also does a miniature painting which he claims that toy hobby makes him put down his impatience and temper. There is no counterargument for that because it’s true and everyone who collects things have to accept. I agree with his statement and feeling grateful that toys can make someone become calmer. (

Happy ending

In conclusion, toys from your very first stage of life actually improve your body sense and imagination that might spark your passion for it. Then, when people are growing up, that is the time media comes to our perception, they start to find licensed toys which present the characters they love. I actually think of a movie “Toy Story” because that is a very nice reflection here of how the toys and the owner come along together and then the transition when the owner grows up.

So, let’s  grab your toy and look at it and please tell me your best memory of it. I will wait to see other marvel stories.

I’m sure that everyone who reads this article has their unique story of toys, just use your time and think about it. That’s true happiness because when you can recall some of your buddies is the time that you found their value. The true value of toys is not the value itself but it is the way that you get it as well as who gives you. This model of thought is not only toys but also every physical object that you own.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.