New media is a catch-all term for all forms of electronic communication that have appeared since the original make people receive not only text but also it can send a picture with a text.

This event will look scrutinize the impact of social media on our children what it effects on them because nowadays social media is one object that everyone usually uses it.  It is changing the way people across the world are entertained and consume information.

The following five types of new media illustrate the evolution of new media. Blogs, Virtual Reality, Social media, Online Newspapers, or Digital games. In addition, everyone concern what it effects to the children but they don’t think about how it helps special children. They use social networks to find support, seek information, and channel their health behavior.

Media literacy is the ability to identify different type of media and understand the message they are sending. Including about to understand the new culture in the media as well the importance of media literacy is understand the fake new, advertise that over, or the news that we don’t know this a fact or opinion of the writer.

It not just an older people a baby or your child they don’t know how to analyze the news and media we have to analyze for them and don’t make them feel alone when they are traveling in the social media.

Kids take in a huge amount of information from a wide array of sources, far beyond the traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines) of most parents’ youth. When teaching your kids media literacy, it’s not so important for parents to tell kids whether something is “right.”

In fact, the process is more of an exchange of ideas. You’ll probably end up learning as much from your kids as they learn from you. For example, with your child, you can discuss things they are familiar with may not pay much attention to include cereal commercials, food wrappers, and toy packages.

Children with these special needs can respond to a different type of learning situation. A parent who has children special should find the type of learning that makes a good way for them.

New ways that its easy way if some parent doesn’t know how the medication is a good choice that they can help our children begin learning (special education).

There are many new innovations therapies that can make a big difference in their children’s life. As soon as, it is discovered that children have a problem it is processed to have the accessed and treatment can be implemented.

There are four major types of special needs children:

1. Physical – muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, chronic asthma, epilepsy, etc.

2.Developmental – down syndrome, autism, dyslexia, processing disorders

3.Behavioral/Emotional – ADD, bi-polar, oppositional defiance disorder, etc.

4.Sensory Impaired – Blind, visually impaired, deaf, limited hearing.

What about the children with the physical? Children that have a problem of their body and their health or organ that is not completely like, for instance, Deformities, Chronic, Cerebral Palsy and they are difficult to moving and it hard to study and doing the activity. Moreover, the development in  walking, sitting  and running be slow. Every movement is hard for them.

According to New media will help this problem everything they do it very slow but the new media it closely for them to do anything in the media. For instance, watching the kid cartoon on smartphone or parent can open the music that makes them feel good. It can help the special children but you have to go to see the doctor and get some advice that makes your child will better.

To give an illustration, Researchers recently looked at the characteristics of these social networks for special children and those at risk of developing the disease. In fact, for anyone like physical, social media is a valuable way to stay connected and keep abreast of the latest medical developments.

Social media make them find their community it is a great tool for reaching out to others within the community, allowing you to share your experience, discuss your concerns, and evaluate the latest treatments. Well, it makes them not feel alone many in social media concern about people is special children and you always see that in the social media almost have a campaign or hashtag (#) that make you can talk and feel like you, not one person who alone.

To give an example, search Twitter using the hashtags,  #mymsjourney,  #multiplesclerosis or #msresearch; look for MS Facebook groups (the National Multiple Sclerosis Society posts regular updates, from tips to breakthroughs) and check out – a social network platform exclusively for people with MS with over 31,000 members.

What about children with development? The present of  the  evaluated whether the social maturity scale alone can reflect on the social maturity, intellectual level and consequent adjustment in family and society of children with mental retardation such as Down syndrome or Autism it makes special this type to be happy because they can search that everyone who supports and they have anything that makes them feel good or they can play Facebook ,Twitter that like normal children.

 Many people give the importance of these special children and they have many social media that we can find and make them search and

come in to find and exchange life to each other for example in this below.

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What about the children with a type of Autism? Children with autism have trouble communicating. They have trouble understanding what other people think and feel. This makes it very hard for them to express themselves either with words. As well, give the experience of autistic people who sharing how Social media help them.

The perfect communication tool for autistic people:

“It enables people with a similar experience to me to have a social life without having to leave the house. If I’m struggling and feeling alone then I just have to click through the #actually autistic hashtag on Twitter to find others feeling the same or offering support and advice.”

“With internet friendships, others rarely get offended if you don’t reply to their messages for hours (or even days or weeks, in my case). Social media really is a lifeline in so many ways for me and for many other autistic people.”

This youtube is about autistic people who is the owner of this channel in the Youtube:

“YouTube vlogger HollyVlogs” has built an entire online career around her interest in ‘extreme couponing’ “Social media has given me a career where I don’t have to worry about communicating with people in person.”

“Autistic people are extremely creative and have a lot to offer on social media. I hope more people take the leap and become successful social entrepreneurs, just like I did.”  Many Autistic people always use social media to communicate with other people like this guy.

@autistic on Twitter

“I don’t have a social life. Social media is my only interaction with other human beings outside of official appointments. Without it I would have nothing before it I had nothing – it saves me every day.”

What about the children with bad behavior or emotional student? Well, It seems normal for children to be more fun or naughty but, some children have extremely behavior more than their own age can imagine maybe they do not tend to be like that! It can be a result of              

  ‘Emotional and Behavioral Disorder’

A symptom like an inability to build a relationship with each other kind of intrapersonal because they are lack of confident and worried about their unstable emotion such as easily angered, blame other people rather than themselves and inappropriate behavior like refuse to follow the rules.

 By the way, for many recent years new media take an important benefit role to help this kind of children can have a normal child life, According to the new media produce a role model for the children, behavior needs children can have as well, to help them to know how to act and to cope with different situation.  

To give an illustration, they can see influencer on Youtube together with can easily to connect and keep a touch not only an offline teacher but also online teacher to have a diverse perspective to adapt in their lives.

“Keep trying, the attempt will never betray you.” The sentence that fit for everyone included sensory impaired children. As you can see many sensory impaired children can graduate, getting married and enjoy living life like other people.

Admired to their courage and bravery! And Thanks to new media that can interfere in this success. Sensory impaired children have a different problem about their sensory such as autism, blindness, hearing loss and sensory processing disorder.

Due to the advance of technology media become essential for life, to cure or to develop the assist methods.

For example, autism has a learning disability. Some students may struggle to understand and get meaning from only teaching and book. So, if you create more methods to teach them like use visual clues to support the learning can make it more clearly as well as attract more attention from autism.

Apart from the expanded social network, new media can help special needs children about their interaction with other people and among themselves. Social media support them with socialization skill, interaction, and development.

 Social media also generate the ability to collaborate and help them to gain more confidence by feedback on the idea, their photo or video that uploaded on social media. To give a few more details. How is it help? And how many types of new media that help?

  • Communication: Helping to improve communication skills via various applications because all these applications need interaction such as Facebook and Instagram. They can meet new people and communicate with strong verbal skills.
  • Visual schedules: Visual schedules on tablets can be a great tool to help children to control their behavior to complete tasks, work and have time caring for themselves and other people, For instance, a visual schedule for playing game can help him or her learn to manage time to play, study and time for family not only solve the bad behavior problem but, the unstable emotional as well. These visual schedules can be very helpful in helping your child learn living skills.
  • Decision-making: Individuals with autism who have more difficulty communicating can use technology to make their “voices” heard on decisions, For example, like instead of their parents have to decide everything for them, they can use the smartphone or tablet to show what they are desire.
  • Motivating tool: Technological devices like smartphone and tablets can also serve as motivation for children to give them hope or dream to overcome and overlook the problems.
  • Video modeling: Video modeling is a method that involves teaching skills in a visual way. It more interesting and eye-catching for attention as well as give more information to children. Moreover, the way to consult or encounter with each professional field like doctor, teacher or influencer.
  • Social networking: It can sometimes be easier for an individual with autism to socialize via social networking than through the more traditional methods and that will gain their confidence to socialize in real life.
  • Vocational assistance: Technology can be very helpful to some young adults and adults with autism in the workplace. For instance, setting the note to remind their memories instead of asking other people to create reliance and proud of themselves.

What are special needs children? Are they abnormality? How should we treat them?

Many people in society still guess and do not know about these children, so new media can be a medium that educated them to act naturally and appropriately to the children. Despite the number of children diagnosed to be special needs children each year due to the increased of people have children at a very old age increase the possibility of having special needs children.

 Although many parents already have known information about the special needs of children, a lot of people also know nothing.

 New media not only give advantage in the straight way to those children but also in the indirect way, to give people information and spread it go viral to reach every age generation to be aware and concerned of this issue, to know how to treated to them appropriately and to respect the differences in the society that should be starting from the acceptance in family and school to the last, the world.