In the present days, there are a lot of technological development all over the world. The innovation that we used everywhere and every time such as smartphone, computer, or even vehicles are all the technologies that grow from the old thing in the past in order to serve the user in current and next generation and develop the society. Most brand creating product in a kind of technology that obtain a large amount of market share from product or service competition have been honored in many places and it come along with appreciation to their founder as Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), or Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) whose their action can persuade or notice the followers easily. However, some of those innovators have their own rises and retirement in the recent years, but when we talk about the innovator that still be active and seemingly beyond those innovators to be the most influential person in the world (and might be in the neighbor planet), let me introduce Elon Musk.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is American businessman with a South African father and mother is half Canadian-American. Born in South Africa in 1971, he spent a childhood immersed in computers and learning to program by himself so that it made him be able to code a video game sold at the age of 12, which is the inspiration that made Elon Musk interested in technology. It came from having my father worked as an engineer.

          He is also a bookworm by spending 10 hours a day reading a book, or it can say that he read everything that he found. Reading was an important turning point in Elon Musk’s life after he read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, which tells the story of space travel so that it sparked Elon Musk in determining to live for protecting humanity and desire the knowledge to develop something to meet that point. Therefore, this made him decide to study for a bachelor’s degree in physics and economics at the University of Pennsylvania Before continuing to pursue a PhD in Applied Physics at Stanford University, but he finally decided to drop off school in 2538 to come out to build his own business.

Now Elon Musk is the founder and co-founder of Zip2 (Global link information network in platform of newspaper information explorer), (the earlier online banking service which is now called PayPal), SpaceX (the private rocket manufacturing company), Boring Company (the highest technology transportation company that has a product called Hyperloop), Neuralink (The company that connect human nerve to AI), etc.; additionally, Elon is also CEO of Tesla (the leader of electric car brand to mass market)

Elon musk’s business empire

Why him?

No matter which magazine will rank the most influential people in the world, this person must be on the list at this time. With the tips of his fingers along with a trusty smartphone in a Twitter, he can increase value to the items he is talking about, whether it is the name of the stock that he is addressing to, within minutes, the stock plummeted as he tweeted. Moreover, any social media app that he enters, suddenly there were people coming and playing until the app grew into a unicorn within a few days. A cryptocurrency with a Shiba dog as the presenter became the hottest coin in this period or even taking cash in Tesla Buy bitcoins then, that bitcoins immediately jumped to new heights. No matter what If he touches, the price will immediately hit its historic high.

What made it like this? What is Elon Musk really like to do but others don’t?

 If not considering the matter of having a team of SpaceX engineers sum up the team to create a tiny submarine in just a week to save the 13 Moopar team which stuck in the Nangnon cave in Thailand and then take a private plane to bring it to Chiang Rai, Elon Musk also did a great number of unexpected things. Elon named the last child with a strange word called X Æ A-Xii, smoked marijuana on a podcast show, built a Cybertruck with bulletproof glass and then launched by throwing a pendulum to crack the mirror. Several years ago, he announced on Twitter that he would remove the Tesla company from the stock market without notifying to the Stock Exchange until being investigated by the SEC. Each thing he does showed that he seems to be crazy “but the distortion” and “genius” sometimes it exists in grey area. So what is Elon Musk’s ultimate goal? Actually, Elon Musk’s ultimate goal is maintaining the existence of all mankind. Anyone had no idea that this goal would be crazy or not, but Jack Ma (quietly) once told Elon Musk what he thought was so far away, and he think of anything outside this world; moreover, Elon should better pay attention to what is happening in humanity right now. However, if anyone followed Elon Musk, we would know that this was him because he will always think of anything about humanity in the very big picture, so that become to the factor that would make him to be the most influential person in the world as…

Elon Musk debut his Cybertruck with bulletproof glass test but it gone wrong…
Elon Musk & Jack Ma debated on AI
  • Leader of electric car
Tesla’s charging station

Although he is not the founder of Tesla theorically, it is unable to resist that If Tesla founder (Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning) have no fund from Elon, the invention they create would not be succeed like everyone see. The objectives of Elon in funding the electric car industry is to halt the greenhouse effect and other problem that occurred by the pollution of exhaust pipe attached in oil car; therefore, Elon Musk operates in creating electric cars with affordable price and settling Tesla EV charging stations all over the world, so this operation will make electric car into the mass market and when it achieve to his mission, Tesla would get a lot of market share in the mass market of car, so it means Elon would get a lot of money as well. However, Tesla stock fall down lately at this time due to delay in production, but we (who know Elon) are all know how effective in the way Elon figure the problem out.   

  • The man who made it easy to install solar cells

The goal to reduce the amount of oil used which is a major cause of global warming made Elon to provide the financial capital and co-found Solarcity with Lyndon and Peter Rive, his cousin in 2006. Moreover, another reason is solar electric power being necessary when he wants to colonize Mars because it can replace the lack of oxygen that causes inflammation for energy like on Earth.

  • The guy who just combines the AI to human nerve

Elon said it was on his duty to allow human consciousness to be able to survive in this world forever and besides that, he is afraid of the emergence of AI and is trying to protect the human race by connecting human brains with computers with Neuralink that he set up. “If you can’t fight it We just have to connect it with humans. ” Elon Musk has said.

  • (Might be) The First one who colonize other planet

This is the core of all lifetime of the man named Elon Musk at the beginning when he was a child. In the past, rocket launch is the operation that is very touch to conduct due to its cost and a lot of time to build the rocket ship. Elon considered those condition and thought that if one rocket launch would be that time consuming and too expensive, his goal to spare the second dwelling apart from earth might be impossible to happen during his lifetime. Therefore, Elon Musk founded SpaceX to build his own rocketship and change that tough condition by using the cheap materials but made it to be quality so that almost rocket parts were built by Tesla staff on their own; moreover, the culture in the company force every staff to work very hard from selecting the genius student or employer with deadly dedication to work, so the rocket from SpaceX is quite actively available and low cost and this make more possibility to achieve Elon goal when he is still alive . In conclusion, Elon has determined to go to Mars to make it become a back-up dwelling on the day when our world could not be whether it is because of meteorites hit the earth, toxic air, global warming, global flooding

This man…

Recognized by people around the world that, Elon Musk has the most advanced technology or some say mixed with speculation, so it made the Tesla shares that he held, soaring to the highest point in history and made him the richest person in the world. Following his every move, no matter what he does, what he eats, how he lives, then everyone will all be fixed. No matter in the future, how much will his technology change the way of human life and have no idea what crazy things he will do more

But at this time

The universe that we knew seems to be in the hands of a man of the century named “Elon Musk”.