Have you graduated from casually scrolling the For You page and liking random TikTok , maybe, wanting to create your own TikTok videos to share, privately or publicly?

When the quarantine time of people around the world and work from home make TIK TOK suddenly become ‘Famous ‘ online application as you can see in this period of time there a lots of superstar , celebrities and a lots of people turning into TIK TOK 

Not only people who want to be an influencer or networking idol turning  to it, but also business companies , which want to represent a brand reputation create a sign to make people recognize the brand ,increase selling ,and make people being brand royalty. 


TikTok is an app that shares short video clips through its platform. These clips usually contain background music and short clips that are funny, cute, weird, etc. TikTok is the application that hard to get out of it! Because of the awesome algorithm in here!

TikTok is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance, whose CEO ByteDance is just 35 years old and has a background as a software engineer before.ByteDance’s products include a wide variety of brands, including FlipChat that tries to compete with WeChat.And the company is valued at $ 75 billion and is considered one of the most valuable unregistered companies in the world. 

Note: Most of these tips and tricks were written from the perspective of an iPhone user, but they should be the same on Android.


When you finish Register : let’s understand this addictive app! 

Open TikTok, you’ll see a menu bar on the screen.

It has easy routes to each of the taking after five screens (or pages) within the app:


Home shows you two feeds, Following and For you, which you can flip between.

  1. Following pop ups videos from accounts you’re following
  2. Your page shows you trending videos and videos that TikTok believes you’d like to watch most (apparently based on your utilization data).


Discover for the most part appears in TikTok recordings labeled with a trending hashtag. But, from this page, you’ll be able to enter look terms to discover users, recordings, sounds, and hashtags. And a Check button by the look field opens a viewfinder for you to capture someone’s TikCode. Yours is found here, as well; it’s like a QR code that makes a difference to rapidly discover users.

Create video

Create a video that opens up to the record screen, where you’ll film a video and do things like alter its speed, turn on a beauty effect, include a filter, and hunt for other impacts to undertake. You’ll be able indeed transfer different recordings and photographs to alter and share.


Inbox appears to show you all the movements on your freely shared recordings. You’ll channel these notices by things like comments and notices – fair go to the drop-down at the top. Tap the Envelope symbol within the corner of Inbox to discover all your private messages with friends.


Your open profile merely and other users can see. You’ll make parts of it – recordings you’ve enjoyed – private. Something else, your likes and open recordings are visible here. Me moreover appears who you take after, who takes after you, number of likes on all your recordings, your favorite recordings, and your linked social media like YouTube or Instagram. Me is visible to everybody, so you’ll include a profile photo and a bio, too.

Finally, you’re ready to create a TikTok!

  1. Go to Create video from the menu bar.
  2. Adjust your preferences on the Camera screen, just like the direction of the camera.
  3. You can also enable a beauty mode, add filters or effects, and alter the speed.
  4. Select the length of the clips you would like to record from the underside of the Camera screen: 60 seconds or 15 seconds. you’ll even choose a photograph template to record with — these add a spread of effects and filters to change the design of your TikTok.
  5. When ready, tap and hold the Record button to continuously shoot your video. If you release it, it’ll still film. Quickly tap it again to prevent. you’ll be able to also quickly tap it to start out and stop recording with no continuous shooting. Either way, record a string of clips to edit.
  6. As an alternative to steps 2 through 5, tap Create video on the Camera Screen to upload photos and videos to edit.
  7. Hit the Checkmark button when done. you will be dropped at a preview screen where you’ll be able to add sounds, more effects, text, and stickers.
  8. Tap Next when you’re done editing your TikTok.
  9. From the Post screen, add your description, hashtags, and tag friends. you’ll also choose who can view your post and disable comments.
  10. Other options on the Post screen include the flexibility to disable duet/react and saves.
  11. Hit Drafts to avoid wasting your TikTok to a non-public area on your account for you to return back to, or just hit Post to share it.

Do you ever want to be a tiktokers who creates a hits trend and receives a lot of those compliment comments and likes ?


Before you going to start some content to your fans and viewers the important things thats will make you have more fans and people who likes what kind of clips video and content you deliver is to ‘ fragments audience ‘ is to categorize the audience to specific group to see what they ‘really need’ .Usually, the more fragment target audience the more to create a specific content.The categories of fragment audience can be categorized as  age , disability , gender , socio-economic grouping ,race ,nationality and sexuality. 

 Let’s started to create a trend throught videos , songs , memes and even slang words! So, let’s create an easy to remember and famous or trending gesture to let them sync with the song or sound that recently hits or news . Another way is to create a gesture to promote yours song to make people reconize your songs . Moreover, can cause people earworm to it. For example ,walking cross the street accidentally heard it and sing along with the song even if you do not know the whole song but you might familiar with this if you are tiktokers!

This TikTok is the example of create easily and cute gesture , which every class of people can access not only educated people. The content can be more focusly use of picture or motion to make audience more focus on it. If you want to produce or provide a lot of words information you can use the melody or rhythm to make it catch people attention and got addicted that make it went fastly virals onTiktok!

Let’s watch the poppular cover TikTok that mentioned before ;


Follow the trends and make some cover ! so you can easily be on spotlight by audience are seacrhing for this trend and can see you if your personalities and content are ‘ interested ‘ to the audience if it work they will countinue watch yours other videos and finally subscribe , likes and leave some encourage comment on your acount. Do not forget to Use Hashtag thats fits your video and revelant to the content so the that kind of audience you want to diliver can see your tiktok!

For the online business brand also :

The idea which lets celebrities , influncer and networking Idol construct to target specific audience to the brand (not only local but also hi end brand as well ) by reviewing the product or create the video content to make people reconize and understand How to use it? or what is it? .This lead to making people want the product by making it appear a lot on the internet and people will feel ‘we need to have it too!’ 


อีเจ๊เจ้าของบอกเสื้อไม่รุ่ยไม่ขายค่า รุ่ยสมราคามากแม่ ✨🧸 #sleepymurphy #แต่งตัว #เปลี่ยนชุด #5ลุคเบาๆ #แฟชั่น #ถ่ายรูป #สายคาเฟ่ #สร้างคอนเท้น

♬ REMI WOLF – PHOTO ID (SLOWED) – 🕷Daycore ver.🕷


As you can see, follower is seem to be a new currency today’s society and went you have a high followers numbers and interact in TIKTOK  , as It mention before from the beginning which not only people dancing or singing for their to be famous or craving for a tons of followers but business brand account , online shop online advertise create a # or campaign to make personalized between consumer and business brand.

To illustrate , repost the video of customers that have represent your brand to make people want to be on an official brand ACC that help TikTok users create a variety of content to compete with others , which they want to be also on official ACC as well .


More fragmentation the more personalized so is turn to better outcome. As you can see ,  they repost the girl who shocked by ther hair so you can know it immediately that they going to do the hair removal cousre at Gangnam Clinic.This is to target the female audience to also want to get the course.

How is it different from YouTube ?

However , YouTube and YouTubers are facing challenge competition with tiktok applications which become an application on iphone which the number of downloads is in the first place in the USA .Looking at adolescents in Thailand that have been  familiar with TikTok for a while. In others words , rightnow is become varial in the usa .To the extent that Google, YouTube’s parent company, is considering buying an app called Firework, TikTok’s rival, specifically to fight TikTok.

For the extremely successful TikTok appIt started a new career against YouTubers, TikTokers, who might not be able to generate and generate income like YouTubers, but it has become an alternative and a way for many.TikTokers have to start by getting more people to follow themselves, then be recognized as influencers and start earning.TikTokers’ income is not going to sell ads on its own programs. (Because the clip in TikTok has a short time), but it will be in the form of being invited to an event. Accepting sales or advertising through their own clips .Including promoting in conjunction with other social media channels I have to wait and see if in Thailand TikTokers can become an alternative to influencers like YouTubers or not.