I was born in South-East Asia and of course I and everyone in my generation know about Korean Pop or K-Pop. The First thing that came to my mind is K-pop even if I was not a fan of them. I could not memorize anyone’s face or name because there were too many K-pop groups. I just listen to their songs randomly since the hit songs mostly play everywhere. Until today, my phone was full of Korean songs. I can’t ignore the fact that they are very famous because of their ability and the way they are.

It started when I was watching Korean dramas. I was the kind of person who would like to do a background check when I really love something. Whenever I’m watching a new k-drama, I always go to You-Tube and search for the original soundtrack or OST from that drama. I downloaded and listened to it. I think that was the reason that made me become a K-pop fan because I was familiar with the Korean words and I am used to that language beside English. There was a time when my friend drove me home and he played the music in his car. I remembered it was ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’’ by Blackpink. I asked him about it. And since that day on, I put myself into K-pop and also listen to Blackpink old’s songs and also listen to some of other group’s songs as well.

As a media students and also one of the K-pop knowledge, I got deeper knowledge of how to apply the theory that I learned from my experience through K-Pop world.

Reverse Commodity Flow 

I saw Blackpink and another k-pop group appear on American TV Shows and they have been interviewed on a lot of tv shows not just one. And it made me curious how Korean music is so popular there. If you were born as a Western, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a star in the Asia region. Unless you have a talent, you can shine the way you are. We can see that Blackpink and other k-pop groups could get into the US market. They sing and even be a brand ambassador for some companies in America. 

Male Gaze Theory 

It was not new when we talk about girls wearing sexy or short when they take photos or videos and it was not surprising that Black Pink got to wear something sexy to target a larger audience. People mostly expected the girl to be sexy. If we think about it over, if you are a true fan, would you let your idol wear whatever he or she wants or you want them to wear whatever you want to see. For me, I definitely wanted my idol wearing the way they are so that I could decide if I should support them or not. 

Female Gaze Theory

I was also wondering if all the superstars really do something that they love to do or they just wanted to target more audience. I had a friend who is an influencer, she told me that she always wishes for her fans to understand her better. When she went out without wearing makeup, people looked at her with a shocked face, that’s why she must be wearing it even if she just went out for 15 minutes. She was expected to smile even though she just had a fight with her boyfriend because there was one time she did not smile when her fans saw her and she got around 10 hate comments on her Instagram post. I guessed we all need privacy too no matter what work it is. 


If you have 100 US Dollar, would you spend it on 2 hours of concert or you would keep it to do necessary stuff? I used to complain to my friend about how wasted money on buying concert tickets. I think it was just a waste of money when she could just watch through the livestream. She told me nothing but her expression was really happy when she could go to the concert. Think about it again and again, I shouldn’t judge her because we all had different interests. It must be her priority that she decided to spend on it. I might not spend money on the tickets concert, but I spent money on clothes, food and on something that I’d love to do. 

Political Correctness

After I became one of the K-pop fans, I could see that lots of fans who support the same idols fought with each other. Jennie, is one of the Blackpink members, she got some hate comments from Blackpink fans. I didn’t understand at first why she got those hate comments when she was one of the members too. My friend told me that some fans felt bad for other members that I got less pretty clothes than Jennie and some fans think that Jennie got more lyrics to sing than other members. Actually when we think about it, it could be the clothes suited her well that’s why she looked good on it and we can’t define if that person is beautiful or not. It is the way that people think so we should respect differences. 


When I was reading comment, I saw a boy who was bullied by some girls. They made fun of him for supporting K-Pop instead of watching football. Is it wrong to be who he is? He didn’t like to do something that other did, he just like to do something that he loves to. Why did they need to think about gender when he like to do something.

Fragmentation In Media

I used to listen to any songs on television or radio when I was young. I had no more options than that, but now I can enjoy it on every channel such as you-tube, Spotify, Apple music or even on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Even the technology has developed now, some people still buy DVD songs. It is because they couldn’t get used to those new platforms and it might be their hobby to make an album DVD collection. Now I got lots of Blackpink songs in my phone.

After reading this, please comment on what do you think about it and about how I applied these theories into the way I experienced it.

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