What is Fashion

Fashion is an expression of an individual typically on an outfit, accessories or other material added or associated to your body that one another chooses to represent themselves within their day.  Fashion could be the representation of one’s person as it could simply shape how people perceive others just from their side of vision. There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion. Because it is not just about an outfit but it’s the total outlook that could comprehend that particular individual’s lifestyle.

A significant part of human confidence and a big change it can make for people who have insecurities. Can be attached to people with different national, races or cultural backgrounds. 

Thus has no boundaries, rules or regulation permit to be involved in the industries since it contains a variety of different people with different creativity perspectives in fashion but are not being criticized for their own personal interest, by all means there are freedom of expressions and thoughts in this field. Unfortunately, there may be some sensitivities that may be offensive in some ways. However, with the social media and all sorts of technologies it is more opened in a wide range.


Karl lagerfeld

Types of Fashion

There are several types of fashion invented and styled by different people with different interests, lifestyles and wants. Therefore there are numerous styles that gradually increase in trend from time to time.

5 Must Types of Fashion in 2021

  • SPORTY – This trend became the hottest trend from the beginning of 2021 until now. It is a style in which it is inspired from a sports look but not typically a sports wear. Since it can seem to be comfortable for a new normal era during the pandemic lockdown leaving more people to stay home by that it is more comfortable to stay in a sweats set while staying home during the pandemic includes wearing: Track Suit, Hoodie or a loungewear etc. Therefore after the pandemic has lightened people still choose to wear sweat sets or match a sweat pants with their typical outfit for a  comfy style.


  • FORMAL CASUAL – A formal casual style is simply a formal business wear or a working clothes in which it is appropriate but at the same time casual for multiple occasions on a daily basis or outdoor activities etc. Additionally, there are more pieces added into the outfit to engage with the formal casual look such as a third piece (could be blazer, hairpiece, sneakers or clothes layering). A look in which there are less boundaries to dress up for work. However this depends on the rules of a particular workplace.



  • COLOR POP – This current trend is always the trend viral of summer or most of the previous year trend which is the pop of color in clothing. Whereby it comes and goes between pastel and a brighter color pantone in different years alongside with the summer heat. The usage of color pop tends to be styled in all fashion trends including sporty, formal, casual, vintage or even more. This allows fashion to be more opened in terms of occasion in outfit colors. It is common to wear more than one colour in one outfit including clothing, shoes and accessories to correspond with the summer heat.


  • PRINT/ PATTERN – Prints and patterns have also become very common within this season. It includes all sorts of print such as flowers, squares or even a particular brand design’s print. However, print might not be as much of a new trend. The pop trend of prints and patterns this year is the layer of prints within the whole outfit like a matching blazer and trouser with the same or could be a different print. Most well known fashion brands and designer tends to pick up a print with a shade of pop of color and manage to make it fashion without making it looks too much in one outfit


  • OVERSIZED BLAZER –  Blazer has become one of a must item in an outfit for most of the women across the world. This is because it can make a typical outfit become formal with just wearing it on top or actually wearing it instead of a top (wearing a bra tank inside). Wearing a blazer could make the whole outfit look more chic and stylish since it could elevate the inner clothes. Yet this current trend is to pick up an oversized blazer and cover up the inner clothes and/or matches with it. It can create a different outlook from a fit in a blazer where it is more fashionable and comfy even though a blazer might be a need for them. Or even matches it as a dress making it more catchy but still formal in the same way. And also erase the thought of wearing a blazer must be for a special occasion or a serious form of fashion piece.




How Fashion Influence people to be more confident

Fashion Fashion nowadays has a big influence on a lot of people across the world. It could be in terms of jobs, hobbies or a personal interest. As there is more variation in the fashion industry for all types of people with different styles and wants; people are more open to it since fashion manages to meet their personal needs. AS there are more and more choices for people to pick from and at the same time beauty privileged does not have an impact in the fashion industry but therefore uniqueness is where individuals manage to enhance their individuality charm. influence people to be more confident 

Fashion manages to pick up all the insecurities of each different person and accordingly allow us to embrace that matter. By inventing a fashion piece that supports a person who has several lack of confidence in themselves such as different types of trousers, dress or a pattern of a particular outfit that can appear to build more confidence. In order to acknowledge specific people in their weakness.

How Fashion Industry tends to grow gradually

This is because there is more demand in Fashion. Since there are online shopping and also in store shopping, the convenience could  simply engage more customers and the increase in sales over the passing years. Moreover, the production side of fashion where there are more choices of retailers in which there is more clothing brand in the market that specified different target audiences which means there are specific products for different customers. As well as a very fair segmentation of fashion categories including menswear, children-wear, luxury wear etc. And importantly price range where it is more to choose since different types of material have different kinds of price; it gives buyers more chance to pick and compare the product with their allowance.

Why did more people become interested and more invested in fashion

By 2020 when covid-19 started to hit, leaving most of the people around the world to be in lockdown. There are numerous hobbies associated with social media that have gained half of the world population attention which is TikTok; an entertainment based video maker application that allows users to edit a video in the simplest form. However, music features in this application mostly appear to be viral and catch more and more attention. People from different industries then make use of this platform to manifest each individual interest into a video in TikTok. 

And the Fashion industry has also grown widely through this application. Fashion specialists tend to pick up interesting facts, topics or hacks about fashion and make a short, simple video about it – which additionally engages more people to watch the video since the video is more catchy due to it’s informal, straightforward length. Also it could promote a particular brand that wanted to go marketed their product on Tiktok. Therefore, those videos produced on Tiktok both aiming to engage and for their own interest manage to engage a lot of people which makes people more approachable to fashion, making more people to be confident with their style and more confident to match their outfit within their closet.

Nevertheless, people who personally have an interest in fashion would be more passionate with the video produced in tiktok and recently reel on instagram (a new video maker platform on instagram). Likewise, fashion industry marketing strategy has evolved; by making a more exclusive brand image or storyline of a particular collection release this then increasingly employ a younger audience or fashion associates newbie to be more interested and attentive with each piece produced. Though the strategy appears to be successful just by creating a  story this then able to aim at the right audience which is younger people who might give more value to the story behind the process as well as a person whose aiming to purchase a fashion piece for future investment.

Similarities between TikTok and Instagram Reel

A Video maker function (TikTok and Instagram reel) which becomes very viral in recent days; where it could promote, engage and influence people to create video in a short length could also be educated, for fun and business beneficial terms. Despite fashion industry has took a lot of opportunities in these platform and manage to engage a lot of viewer through all kinds of content created by both professional and individuals.