People usually have the aspect about fashion that, it is only for women which is not true. In fact, fashion has been living with human for centuries. It is a popular aesthetic expression at a particular time and in a specific context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body proportions. For the last 7 years, men’s fashion has been attracted by people which makes most of men turn to take care of their style.

This blog is going to give you suggestion about what items men should start to build their wardrobe. Thus, I picked 5 basic essentials men should own which you could get an inspiration and adapt it to your style. In addition, I would give you the link down below the picture of the items which you could buy them online during this quarantine circumstance.


The first item men should own as the starter is a basic plain t-shirt. 

I do believe t-shirts have their time and place that they are better alternatives for other occasions, but when you pull out that t-shirt you want to make sure that you are like a boss wearing that thing. Meaning that the fit and overall body must be properly, make sure that the neck area is always nice and crisp, the sleeves are always tight. Likewise, you could do single or double cuff to give your biceps a fuller look. In order to make your look more aesthetic and stylish. The colour I would recommend for the t-shirt is the earth-tone like black, white, grey and navy because these colours are easy to match with every pieces of your clothes especially black and white.


There are so many kind of pants which you could match to your style. They could express your attitude and personality in different occasions or situations. Thus, I’d give you 4 types of pants that you should own for your wardrobe.


A pair of jeans is the first type of pants that every guy should own because you could wear jeans for almost every occasions of your life. Not even a casual look, but also a business casual look. You could match it with every piece of clothes. In terms of personality, it could increase your sexual appearance which makes you look more masculine. To put it simply, you’d look like a bad boy. 

The first pair of jeans should be black or dark wash denim because these colours could match with every shirt and jacket with any colours you like. 


When you’re looking for a formal occasion, a pair of trousers would be the best answer for you. You can wear it with shirts, sweaters, polos or t-shirts. It would make you look smart and professional. When you’re wearing it with a t-shirt or polo, it wouldn’t really that formal so you can wear it every occasion you want.

My recommendation is wearing it in black, navy or grey. Those colours are easier to match with any shirts. In addition, it would be the best look if it’s tailored.


When it comes to chinos, it would be the best answer between trousers and jeans. This pants is a little bit more formal than jeans and a little bit more casual than trousers which is also a good choice for almost occasion for your style.

For chinos, you can choose various colours for matching it which I recommend that you should get some brighter colours. Such as, light grey, white, khaki or olive.

4.Joggers & Sweatpants

Joggers is the most comfortable and versatile compared with all of the pants mentioned above, in terms of movement which you can wear it for workout or fashion purpose. 

Joggers should be slim and not too long which hugs your legs properly, especially around your ankle. Also, the fabric shouldn’t be very thick yet, it should be soft and comfy. 


Shoes is also one of the most essential for men in order to combine them in any styles. It could express our personal aspect and lifestyle. According to various types of shoes, we use it in different purpose, thus I’d give you 3 types of shoes that every man should own. 


Sneakers is the best types of shoes which you could match them with almost every single outfit. Even a suit that you could also wear it with sneakers. This look would make you younger and playful. My recommendation is an all white leather sneakers that you could wear it for any occasions you want. There are plenty of designs you could get it in the market from low-end to high-end.

2.Dress Shoes

When it comes to dress shoes, it could express your maturity and being respectful which is appropriate for the formal events such as, working or meeting. Thus, there are many types of dress shoes that could be worn for your special occasions. The cap toe Oxford and double monk strap might be the best choice for classy and elegant look, but if you are looking for dress shoes that could make you look softer but still classy. I would recommend loafers that you could wear it for causal or formal occasion as well.


Personally, this is my favourite type of shoes. I personally wear it almost every day. Boots traditionally made of leather or rubber, modern boots are made from various materials. It could be worn both for its functionality and protecting your foot and legs, also supporting your ankle. It could express your masculinity and make your look more outstanding. The Chelsea boots would be a good choice for men because it could be worn as formal or casual style, you could wear them with suits or jeans.


The layer is the crucial thing that makes your style more interesting, thus the item that could make you outstanding is a tailored and high quality jacket. Accordingly, I’d suggests 4 types of jackets stylish men should own.

1.Leather Jackets

There’s nothing could send a signal of masculinity than a leather jacket. Unfortunately, real leather jackets are expensive because of the natural materials. Therefore, you should have some budgets for it which you won’t be regret for this investment because a leather jacket is going to last for 10 years. In addition, if you take a good care of it, it’s going to last a lifetime. The leather could do a good job of protecting you from the elements whether it’d be wind, snow, rain or sleet. However, if you want to get some of yours, the right fit for your body proportion is the key.

2.Denim Jackets 

According to the weather in Thailand, a leather jacket may not your choice and you might be a vegan who doesn’t support the animal materials, a denim jacket is a good choice for you to make your look more interesting. Moreover, It sends a signal of youth and rebellion which is a good decision for young men.

3.Suit Jackets

For the special events, suits are the best choice for men to show their status and maturity. We could wear it for interviews, weddings or funerals where a suit is required. The tailored suit is the best for any special occasions. It’s classy and timeless. Nevertheless, if you don’t have any budgets for it, you could get blazers or sports jackets instead. Thus, you should be considered about the right fit for your proportion.


According to men’s fahion, it’s not only the clothes but also accessories that could elevate and express our senses of styles. Without accessories, you would notice that something is missing. It could be some fine watches, bracelets, rings, sun glasses, or necklaces. Therefore, if you match it properly, it would make you look 10 times better.