What fortune tellers on social media don’t want you to know! 

Ever felt so graceful that mobile banking exists? Or perhaps that you can find out everything about your crush just through an app? That’s right, the world we live in today is enveloped by technology and the internet. We have our phones on us everywhere we go and have it in our hands 70% minimum through the day. No matter what we’re doing, we have our phones by our sides. Because of that, a lot of businesses are forming around technology as they see the potential of it. From mobile banking to online shopping, another type of internet service that was traditionally done face to face, is developing digitally. That service, amongst many others, is fortune telling. Whether you believe in magic, the sun, the moon or destiny, you have to accept the fact that it is a practice that has always been popular, even amongst the superstitious. Well now, you can find out about your future without having to go see a creepy old woman who will charge you 300 baht (or more…) and instead, check your fortune on the go! Because of social media, fortune telling has become a lot more popular and accessible since everyone can do it anywhere and anytime they want, for the price that sounds the most reasonable to them, since there is so many fortune tellers on the internet, we can choose whether or not to pay or to have our fortune checked for free. There has been a leap of change in the practitioners, from middle aged people looking for hopeful job raises, to now being young romantic adolescents and young adults who are seeking love. And what is the main user base of social media such as youtube, instagram, twitter? That’s right, adolescents, young adults, basically the new generation. That was how it began spreading all over social media, and when something is popular on social media, someone will try to make money off of it. 

Fortune Telling for the New Year | Alachua County Library District

Want to get into it?

If you’ve somehow never heard of online fortune telling, let me give you some options to start with. In Thailand, we all use LINE, a chatting app. In that app, there is a fortune telling service you can have send texts about your fortune everyday for free. Because of its accessibility in both pricing and convenience, it is one of the most popular fortune telling services in Thailand. If you don’t want to trust big conglomerates with predictions of your future, you can have a more homey and emotional approach through some youtube channels that specialize in fortune telling. Of course, it’s not directly your future alone but rather a group of people. I suppose if you wanted a more personal approach, some seers on youtube offer private sessions if you personally desire to have one. Of course, you’re supposed to pay for these, because we should support youtubers, since they are freelancing into the unknown. In this case, you just need your dms ready as well as your paypal account. 

“You can’t know your destiny, only a seer can tell you” – avid fan of fortune telling, 19

How does this even work?!

How does this work, I hear you asking, and for those who have tried it and somehow got very accurate tellings, how did this happen? Well, there are two things to know. Line fortune telling services, for one, is really accurate because they pull out the information they gather from your chats into their database to give you something that is surprisingly close to what you were chatting about with your friends. Line being a huge app with millions of users actually has a huge database with enough information on each user to analyze and give a reading that is perfect timing. If you feel like this is invading your privacy, sorry, but even if you don’t use the fortune telling app, they still keep every information about you in their database. 

Now, you’re probably thinking, what about youtube? The youtubers are people, and not machines, they cannot access my data to make videos. Well, the seers are just being very general, so everyone can relate and link their own life stories to the tellings. What’s more, they post new videos every week which gets people addicted because of how the tellings feel personalized even though they’re not. This service should be more of an entertainment outlet rather than a private reading that will make you make life decisions of. 

If you’re willing to pay the money and you actually believe in fortune telling, you can choose to contact a seer through private messaging in whatever platform you found them. Of course, this is basically digitalizing the normal fortune telling experience that has been a thing for thousands of years. You agree on a time, a price and your video call or chat to get your own private reading. However, you need to find someone who’s actually reliable, just like you wouldn’t ask a random person in the street to read your fortune. You need to do your research but that’s nothing new since you also need to be careful just as much in real life. 

Future is not what it is going to be, it is what you choose to be – avid fan of fortune telling, 19

Sydney Swift