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If you guys are talking about costume, various people will think or expect that there will be a shirt, T-shirt, jacket, and trousers. In my opinion, the fragrance is one of the costume stuff because it is an accessory for people who would like to have a more specific style and show their identity.

After all, nowadays many brands of fragrances produce many scents for customers to use and adapt in each day each situation as appropriate.

Moreover, the fragrance is able to increase interest and charm in people who use fragrance, we can use fragrance to support our styles or outfits in the same way because each fragrance has its characteristics.

On the other hand, fragrance can disturb others, if you use many sprays. So, we can avoid this situation by learning with our fragrance and try to use 1or2 sprays or asking for a counter brand before buying.

Before using fragrance, we should know the types of fragrance first.

In terms of the level of scent or the strengths of scent, there are 5 types which we can classify from the intensity. The first one is the lowest intensity called Eau Fraiche, this intensity consists of the essence 1-3percent, and the other 97percent are alcohol and water. For longevity, Eau Fraiche will long last only about an hour


The second one is Eau de cologne or EDC, which has an essence of 2-4 percent. For longevity, this cologne will long last for 2-3hours that will spread longer than Eau Fraiche.

The third one is Eau de toilette or EDT. This perfume is very famous for the customer, we will find most often at various counter brands. The essence is about 5-15 percent (mostly around 10 percent). It is cheaper than the Eau de Parfum. The scent will long last for 3-5 hours depending on the amount of intensity. For some people who prefer light fragrances with a subtle scent, Eau de toilette is a very effective one. For longevity, EDT will long last for about 3-5hours which is useful for going out within 5hours.

This fragrance is called Eau de parfum or EDP that consists of essence around 10-20percent. Because of the great performance of Eau de parfum, the longevity will long last for 6-8 hours. It is working very well for people who work outside.

The last one is Parfum or Perfume. Many people misunderstand and think that this type of fragrance is the same as Eau de parfum but it is not. This type of perfume has the highest intensity perfume around 15-40percent (mostly20percent) and the longevity will long last more than 10 hours.

At every bottom of the fragrance, there will be varying levels of different scents over time. We are able to call that level of scent the notes of the fragrance, the good performance of fragrances should have 3 levels of change and adjustments softly, not burning to your nose or harmful to our body systems and organs.

Head Notes / Top Notes

It is the scent of the perfume that evaporates, which emits the first scent, it is usually made from volatile small molecules.

It is easy to give a distinctive fresh scent the scent will last for about 10-20 minutes after wearing the perfume.

Heart Notes / Middle Notes

Middle notes are the note that shows the main scent or character in our fragrances. Mostly, the scent in the middle notes is the soft scent. And it will get along with the base notes.

the heart notes scent will last about 3 – 6 hours after we wear the fragrance.

Base Notes / Back Notes

Base notes are the scent of the perfume. When most of the fragrances have dried up, the last part of the perfume will last on our skin. Some types of fragrances can last up to more than 24 hours. The fragrance of the base notes often made from large molecules, it evaporates slowly. It has a characteristic scent that is not strong or distinctive, but it is characterized by a simple fragrance.

It will smell differently depending on the natural body odor of the user activity such as heat or humidity.

Moving to the main topic of this article, I will recommend you guys a fragrance for a student and teenagers. As everyone knows, we can wear fragrances every day such as going to school, playing some exercise, hanging out with friends and, dating with girlfriends. The importance of fragrances that suit students is the scent that will not make you look old der than your ages. If you wear a fragrance that smells is old, it will contrast with your age.

In this topic, I will separate 5 situations and recommend fragrances that suit each situation.

The first situation is for going to school or studying in the classroom. Of cause, the most important thing for the student is studying, being a student every one should go to school.

Firstly, wearing a fragrance in the classroom, the smell of your fragrance should not disturb others.

Secondly, because a student goes to school for 5 days a week, they should use an inexpensive fragrance because they will wear a lot of fragrance in a week. So, I will recommend a Versace Pour Homme Versace for men.

It is a classic fragrance. This fragrance will give you a fresh smell and also invigorate people who use this fragrance. I think that this fragrance very suits student because they need to refresh themselves in order to study all day. It is the type that will wake you to feel ready for the day that is the type of freshness. Moreover, it was created for summertime that is appropriate with Thai weather especially on the super hot day, when you smell this scent, it will bring your energy back you life.

Starting with the scent, the opening of this one can give you a bright and refreshing because it consists of Lemon, Neroli, Bergamot, and Rose de Mai. All of these are extremely masculine and sporty. The middle notes consist of

 Geranium, Hyacinth, Cedar, and Clary sage will give you a floral smell. The base notes consist of Amber, Tonka bean, and Musk.

For the price, on the Sephora website, the 100ml price is 3,550 Baht that is a very reasonable price. For longevity, this one will last for 5-6 hours.

The next situation is doing exercise or playing sport. Most people when doing an exercise will need a fresh smell. So, I select an Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme Chanel because this fragrance is one of the fresh fragrances. Moreover, this fragrance is a famous one, you can receive many compliments from it.

For the price, this one is quite expensive, it costs 5,000Baht for 100ml but the performance in this brand is worth buying, you will not regret if you buy this Allure Homme Sport.

For longevity, it has very good performance, it will long last for7-8 hours. Furthermore, in the last 2-3hours, before the smell dries up, the smell will give you a sexy smell that is fantastic.

The next situation, after studying and exercising, will be a weekend. Normally on the weekend, we will go to the mall or traveling outdoor when the daytime. So, I will recommend you guys an Acqua di Giò Profondo Giorgio Armani for men.

The reason that I choose this fragrance because the smell of this one gives an aquatic smell which is going the same way with the situation. You can wear this one to go everywhere especially if you go to the beach, it will be the perfect combination. Moreover, this fragrance is quite new because Acqua di Giò Profondo was launched in 2020. Therefore, it is not going to be mass, you can wear it uniquely.

For the price, you can own it within 4,050 Baht in Central online shopping. For longevity, this one is quite long last, it lasts for 6-7 on my skin.

Moving to nighttime, it is undeniable that the party is a part of life for most teenagers. When you go to a nightclub or bar, you will face the smell of alcohol, cigarette, and other fragrance. So, you need to wear a strong one, the one that can long last on your skin and attract others. Versace Eros is your answer because this one is good at longevity, modern smell, and well spreading.

For the price, it costs 3xxx Baht and it easy to find because this one is popular. You can buy it in an online store or counter brand.

For longevity, it will long last around9-10 hours which is a powerful performance. When you go to the party, everyone can smell your Versace Eros.

This situation is suited people who are in love with their girlfriends or crush because this fragrance that I will show you guys is working well when you go dating. Most of the women love this smell according to the survey. So, the fragrance that I mentioned before is Y Eau de Parfum Yves Saint Laurent.

. This one is a high compliment fragrance in2020 and the performance in this one is so good, you should wear this one when you go dating, it increases your attractiveness and fascination.

For the price, you can buy it around 4,900 Baht at the counter brand shop.

For longevity, this one is very long-lasting, the performance will spread on your skin for7-8 hours.

All of these came from my opinion, So, I hope that all of my recommendations will help you guys and being an alternative way for teenagers who interested in fragrance.