Internet is a place for exchanging ideas, beliefs, and opinions because more than 510,000 comments, 293,000 statuses, and 136,000 pictures are shared in Social media for every seconds. Even though Social network; be it Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is bombarded with various benefits, especially sharing opinions, it is a basic of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices including sending, posting, or sharing negative harmful, false, or mean content about other people. In the past people tend to bully in physical, face to face, such as got  into a fight, while the the technology has been developing. Cyberbullying seems to be a vivid picture in this modern society and it pose a serious threat to most victims. Since cyberbullying has been the cause of so many lives taken, one should realize the causes, understand the effects, be familiar with the situation, and prevent cyberbullying from continuing.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying has been identified as an important problem amongst youth in the last decade. Bullying is generally seen as intentional behavior to harm another. By extending the definition from traditional bullying, cyberbullying has been defined as an aggressive act or behavior that is carried out using electronic. Cyberbullying is a systematic abuse of power which occurs through the use of information and communication technologies. It involves sending or posting harmful or cruel text or images using the Internet or other digital communication devices leading to victims with mental illness. In general, there are 3 main elements related to cyberbullying are violence, power imbalance, and repetition.

The violence in cyberbullying can include abusive or hurtful texts emails or posts, images or videos. The idea of power imbalance can be referred by describing the victim as weak and repetition is that a single act by one perpetrator may be repeated many times by others, and experienced many times by the victim. According to National Statistical Office in 2011, the data shows Thais started using technology when they are up to 6 years old. The percentage of adolescents ages 15-24 who use technology for the internet are 51 and 42% use for playing games. Interestingly, the data also shows that Thais’ teenagers spend time on the internet at 3.1 hours per day. For this reason, teenagers are most likely to engage in risky cyberbullying. In foreign country, they this issue about cyber bullying seriously due to Cyberbullying Research Center indicated that there are more than 20% of students who were victims. The main issues are percentage of 13 by repeatedly sending cruel, vicious, or threatening messages, and the percentage of 12 by sending or posting gossip or rumors about a person to damage his or her reputation or friendships. Most of the victims seems to have low self – esteem. Moreover, some victims during high school tend to commit suicide. Cyberbullying is the behavior occurring on the internet and technology to hurt others. The forms of bullying among teenagers can happen at school, at home, and everywhere we cannot think of especially in social media. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Line are the main area they use to bully others. The statistic from Thailand Zocial Award found that in 2015, there are 2,600,000,000 messages were posted on social media. In addition, there are 41 millions of Thais Facebook users which is 60% of Thai population, 33 millions of Line users, 7.8 millions of Instagram users, and 5.3 millions of Twitter users. The statistic reflects how social media becomes a part of our daily life. In this time, people turn to express their emotion by posting message through social media regardless of compassion when the message hurt others. For instance, 18 years old student in Japan decided to suicide in school after her classmates shared her nude on the internet and blackmailed her. Another case is 15 years old American student suicided because she was threatened by senior on social media.

Although most users realize that cyberbullying is a cause of trauma in both emotional and physical body, most of them still intentionally use cyberbullying to be a calculated tool for intimidating the victims. All of these actions create the serious effects not only for the sufferers, but also perpetrators and other people such as their families. In many case of cyberbullying, it makes one realizing that such bullying cause dramatic outcomes even a twelve years old girl who need to be assuaged by psychiatrist owing to email containing with threatening messages. Moreover, 17 years old boy, living in Canada, is bullied by classmates who intend to create a website for inviting people to tease him. This makes him dropping out from school. Cyberbullying seems to not only appear in foreign country, but also happen in Thailand. A case study of Piam, one of the member of Bnk48, who got the depression because of cyberbullying, appears to be a good example. Bnk48, Piam’s agency, is now declaring and admitting that Miss Rinrada Inthaisong or Piam Bnk 48 got a depression from using a social media. After becoming one of the members of Bnk 48, Piam Bnk48 is bombarded with abusive texts from people who are using social media. For example, most of them normally comment about her appearance in negative ways. Moreover, most people also said that “Whoever told you to be yourself simply could not have given you worse advice”. As result, she got a depression and intended to post on Instagram that “I had a black dog his name is depression”. Because of all such comment, it makes Piam now not only struggling from depression but also makes her suspended by her agency. Needless to say, even all of the above mentioned cases can get through such dramatic situation, not everyone is brave enough to pass through it. In many case people are killed because of cyberbullying but one of the most famous examples is Amanda Todd, a fifteen years old girls. Since her pornography is viral in the Facebook, it makes no one wanting to talk and be friend with her. Moreover, some people also said that I would rather die if I become her, Amanda Todd. Finally, Amanda Todd decided to end of her life by kicking the bucket. Not do only the victims get the impact from cyberbullying, but the serious effects appear in perpetrators. Like in the case of Amanda Todd, most people who were bullying Amanda admitted that they also got an Anxiety symptoms and black dog. In the long-term effects, they are risky to become anti-social people. In aspect of family, cyberbullying definitely creates a painful thing for a long duration. In worst case, parents might cannot accept the reality that he or she passed away.Needless to say, effects of cyberbullying can create worst impacts to the victims, perpetrators, and families.

Ways To Prevents Cyberbullying    

After you know the meaning of cyberbullying and the effects of this type of bullying, you need to know the ways to prevent it. Sine, people can create cyberbullying, they still have ways to save the victim of the cyberbullying. We also can decrease the number of the bullies by inform the information about cyberbullying to prevent the children to become bullies. The teachers are the main factor that can help to stop cyberbullying. Teachers can teach the students what is cyberbullying, how bad of cyberbullying, work with parents to helps parents understand more about cyberbullying, and teach the students how to respect others people online. Another important factor that helps to prevent cyberbullying is parents. Parents are the one closer to the children more than teachers. Most of children often share the idea or tell the story to their parents more than teachers. For this reason, parent should control children’s online activities, teach their children about cyberbullying, show how to use the technology usefully, and try to stop your children when you see they start bullying someone online. The last factor that really helps to stop cyberbullying is yourself. When the teachers and parents inform you the information about cyberbullying, you are the one who decide to follow the information or not. Before you post something online, you need to think very carefully and how your messages can hurt others. You need to avoid posting the inappropriate or bad pictures online because they can be the fuel that cyberbullies use. You also need to treat everyone online with respect to stop the cyberbullying. However, you still need to know the tips for social media safety. First, do not give your password information to other people. Second do not post or give your personal information online. For example, your location, address, your birthday date, or telephone number. Third, you need to be careful when clicking the link on the website and do not click the link from the unknown people. Forth, do not allow the program to track your location. This trip is very important because there is many news about people getting hurt because of online tracking location. Fifth, do not open the attachment from unknown people because they can easily copy your personal information form the internet. Lastly, to stop other people stole your information, you need use strong password and always keep changing your password information.

In conclusion, cyberbullying is the act of bullying takes place over digital devices. It creates many effects to many people as well. Even though, we cannot measure the number of the victims of cyberbullying, but every 60 seconds some people will getting hurt because pictures or the texts you just click and post online. This action also leads to the serious way by killing other people lives. So, we need to help prevent the cyberbullying.