Let starts with the Twitter first.


Twitter is an American online broadcast medium that allow users to share small elements of content like short sentences, videos and picture. It is a social network service which can also post and interact message that is call tweets by using the hashtag. Twitter was created in 2006, the company headquarters is in San Francisco, California United States. Then the service was going worldwide that in 2012 more than 100 million users posted 340 million tweets a day. and in 2018 Twitter had monthly active users around 321 million users.

As we know hashtag in Twitter is very important if explain it in technically way, it is a number sign or hash symbol “#” it is a metadata tag. Hashtag in Twitter is a hyperlink when someone click on it it is gonna link to the other pages on website that consists of posts that was include the hashtag that clicked. It is easier to to find and search on related topic that you want to find and the hashtag also help the marketers to find out great idea and create wide-ranging conversation throughout Twitter.

Thailand and Twitter

You may wonder what is tweets that Thai people mostly interested in and mostly created a post about. Thailand is the country that has retweeted the hashtag so much and sometimes the hashtag the most retweeted is from Thailand, it is number one on Twitter but it is just for a while. The tweet in Thailand is so popular because many users are using this to see and follow the latest information. But what is the most tweet that Thai people interested in. According to a study conducted by Twitter and Circus Social, Thai Twitter use the hashtag mostly on locally produced TV series. Moreover, the statistics from analysis of 500,000 tweets about entertainment in Thailand show that 77% tweets on Thailand is TV series. But the tweet in the Thailand is not only the tweets that have become the number one in Thailand. So, this article will show you what is Thailand mostly retweeted and what is it about? This article will show 2 examples of it.

The type of tweet that Thai people use about


As in the previous paragraph says the entertainment in Thailand that was mostly retweeted is TV series. For example, there is hashtag from one TV series right now that people doesn’t use it to only find a news but the they also create a hashtag that was a conflict between two countries in Twitter by actor of this series. This a series name 2gether: The series. This TV series was aired on 21 February 2020, it is a romantic drama series about two gays name Tine and Sarawat. The hashtag from this TV series is #คั่นกู. it is a community that people talking about this TV series this hashtag has on top of most tweet frequently in Thailand and global. Moreover, there are other hashtag from this series which is #คั่นกู and the episode follow like #คั่นกูEP1 and #คั่นกูEP8 that people use this hashtag to talking about the feedback on that episodes this is the tweets that mostly on the top too.

2gether : The series

Besides TV series in Entertainment kind, there is a K-pop band hashtag that mostly appear on the top of tweets board. As we know K-pop is a genre of popular music originated in South Korea that mostly sing by South Korean but there are some brand from K-pop that has Thai people include such as Blackpink and GOT7. For example, from Blackpink, she is Thai name Lalisa Manoban. she has got a lot of attention from media, when it comes to Twitter she a lot of hashtag on her and a her hashtag mostly retweets the rank number two on Thailand trending that time #LISA28Mparty and number twenty #ลิซ่า this hashtag came up when Laslisa Instagram follower was up to 28 million followers and all the like of her pictures in Instagram in all 2019 is 1 billion. This is what trending tweet in Thailand is mostly about, it is mostly a Thailand and Korean entertainment.


More than entertainment Twitter in Thailand is also use to retweet the hashtag about politics such as #LousyGovernment, #GetOutPrayuth,and #RIPThailand. These hashtagbecause people need to fire General Prayut Chan-ocha who is dictator because the many news about his corruption and the a mislead way to use the power in Thailand. But there is hashtag that came out with before these. General Prayuth Chan-ocha has used the military power to end the conflict between red and yellow shirt in Thailand, after he coup d’etat he appointed him self as a National Council of Peace and Order and then in 2019, Thailand has an election which General Prayuth are participated in the party name “Palang Pracharath Party” the election is full of corruption and cheating then the twitter has on fire again with hashtag #เลือกตั้ง62. In this hashtag has contains a lot of reveal about his corruption and cheating. Moreover, lately, there a popular hashtag that has been on social media about politic. In February, the most of top universities want to protest Prayuth then they created a hashtag for example, from Chularongkorn University is #เสาหลักจะไม่หักอีกต่อไป, Thammasat University is #ที่ยุบอนาคตใหม่พี่มหาลัยกูทั้งนั้น and Kasetsart University is #KU ไม่ใช่ขนมหวานราดกะทิ.

Universities and Their Hashtags

To conclude, Thailand is one of the countries that frequently use the Twitter in the world because the Twitter can use the hashtag to follow the latest trends, we can see and follow the latest conversations or starting the conversation. Moreover, we creating a communities because Twitter allow us to join the post in conversation in real time. The journalism also use the Twitter to be one of the platform to consume news because the news has revolution by social media, the news topic also use the hashtag to find which one is popularity, it is easier to find a related news too. Finally, Twitter is live platform for us to follow the news and to share or comment. we can follow the story in the real time. it is free available, wherever you go you can follow up the other by “Twitter”