When talking about the gaming industry from the past to the present, there have been a lot of game creations. Each game has different styles. In addition, some games have a variety of genres in their own which each game will clearly have its own genre depending on how the creator wants to present the selling point, so this article will tell you about types of game that exist today.


Action is considered the basis of the game that is easy to understand. Players can control the character or gesture. Moreover, you can  interact withe the scene in each form to get through and it is still considered to be a fundamental system that leads to many styles of play.


Adventure is truly original. The player must assume the role of a character in the game. Most of the time, adventures tend to include action elements such as Action Adventure that has to explore in various stages and solve puzzles as well. Rough game in the adventure genre includes Tomb Raider, Uncharted, etc.


Arcade is a form of play that usually takes a short time to play. Focus on competing to score points and play to break the record as much as possible. In most cases, arcade genre is the majority of cabinet games. Arcade games will have a lot of play in various genres such as Fighting, Shooting, Music or Racing etc.

Board game

Board game is a form of play that uses one type of competition. The word “board game” was originally derived from the way game played on the table. There are playing several equipment such as game board, dice, unit and score paper. Player can be up to 2-4 people. Some games may take longer time to find the winner such as famous games like Warhammers or Warcraft, but in our country, it is definitely “millionaire game”. It is considered helping develop ideas well.


The game usually focuses on the competition between players the same as Arcade. Games played in this style are mostly not very long, such as Racing, Music., Sport, etc.


The fighting game is easy to understand, but on the contrary, it is requires high skill and experience since you have to unknowingly compete with other players that might have techniques to play.

Hack and Slash

Hack and slash is a form of play in the category of Action and Adventure games which players can control the characters to dabble and fight enemies in the scene. It id considered a genre of play that is easy to understand and play. Hack and Slash games with rough previews will include Diablo, God of War, Devil may Cry, Dynasty Warrior.


Horror is a form of play that is characterized by content focusing on horror or thriller. It is considered as the most popular game genre and often associated with adventurous adventures, including Action or puzzles. The earliest 3D survival horror video game is widely known is Alone in the Dark, released in 1992 for the PC.

Open World 

Open world is a form of play that is extended from the Action Adventure genre which players can explore the world in the game to the fullest. The map scales in this type of game are often designed to be large, so it usually takes quite a long time to play because most of the time, the creators tend to put many interesting things to explore.


Sandbox is a style of play that many people tend to be confused with Open World style. It is the same format because of the width of the scene. However, in truth, you can create things within the game. There will be various devices or tools to use, so you can create things freely, because the concept of Sandbox is like a “sandbox” on the playground.


RPG is a form of play that stands for “Role Playing Game”. In the game, there are many conversations in letters for players to become a character in the game and go on the adventure in the fictional world. This type of game will have a character development system (Level) with experience (EXP, Experience Point). Characters will be better at higher levels of LV.


This term stands for “Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”. It is an RPG game that falls into the category of online games. Players can play together on a large network through the internet. In which the player will replace himself as one of the characters that must be adventurous with other players. For the most part, the most growing MMORPG market in South Korea.


This style of play is considered an extension of Strategy which has a distinctive feature that players can control only one unit. MOBA games will determine the player’s playing as two sides and must fight for the area which is called “push fortress. Winning results can fluctuate in many ways, such as breaking into another person’s area or “hero” (in some games are called “champion”) that is not easy to beat.

First Person Shooting (FPS)

First person shooting is a form of shooting . It has been very popular in modern times. The obvious features of the game will use the camera angle instead of the eyes of the players, so they can see themselves only by the hands and weapons that are held only. The pioneer era of this type of game comes from games like Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM on PC, and the most successful FPS game these days are Call of Duty and Battlefield.