In every periods, playing games is the activity that many people choose to do when they want to relax themselves from stressful or do this in their free times. Now there are many different type of games to let us choose as we want. Whether it is action game, simulation game or role-playing game, these are some type of games. Besides, it have a many game players that can portable or immovable such as , computer, Sony play station, Nintendo Switch or, on smartphones. So, this blog will recommend some kind of game which popular in this world in every game players.

Action Game

Action Game is a game that use physically to play , this type of game has the character which is avatar for our representative and we control this character when play the game. We use our own avatar for reach the level, collect points, or battle with the enemies.

This type has a many sub-type, such as platform, fighting, beat-em up, and survival.

  • Platform

This game will use our character to jumping, running or falling with the platforms. And, the players need to avoid the obstacle and battle with the enemies in the same time. Platforms game is over the truth, that the character are jumping across the obstacle which very high. Such as, Super Mario, Subway surf and templerun.

  • Fighting

The characters will use martial art or hand-to-hand to fighting, and it is combat between pairs of fighters. And the matches will end when one fighter low their own life. Each character have the different abilities and skills. For example, punching the opponent by using combo. The most popular game is street fighter.

  • Survival

Survival, is game that the character must to find the solution or the exit to end game or get level up. So, the players should find the tools or the weapons to make them survive with this game. In addition, almost of this game will combine with the horror and shooter. Such as, Battle royale, Identity V or Resident evil.

Role-playing Game

That many people known as “RPG” game, is the game that player perform with the characters that game setting. The original form of this called “Tabletop” is conduct by discussion, whereas in live action role-playing. Both authors and major publishers of tabletop role-playing games consider them to be a form of interactive and collaborative storytelling.


Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, most of this game is based on fantasy. MMORPGs involve hundreds of players actively interacting with each other in the same world which is virtual world, and typically, all players share the same or a similar objective and .

  • Action RPG

It can abbreviate in ARPG, this genre emphasize with real time battle so the player has direct control to fight with the opponent. This include with mission system to get higher level.

Adventure Game

Adventure games are categorized by the style of gameplay, not the story or content. Then, the technology improved this type will add the news option which is storytelling. which make it harder so this game is suit for a single player.

  • Text Adventure

The player need to input the instructions by use their keyboard for play this game. For example, the player put the command to their character to “Take a shower” then the game will response and the character will action by the player’s command.

  • Graphic Adventure

Due to the technology have been improving, the graphic is develop as well. This type has more various to input the command such as, type the command and use point-and-click.

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Strategy Game

Skills of the player are very important for play this type of game, the player’s decision affect the outcome of the game. These games require players to use carefully developed strategy and tactics to overcome challenges.

  • Real Time strategy

This sub require the player to gain and maintain the resources, and players will have to make their decisions and actions within the backdrop of a constantly changing game state.

  • Turn based tactics

Based on and mostly using realistic military tactics, turn-based tactics games pit combat forces against each other in volley-like gameplay.

Sport Game

This is a simulate sports such as, football, golf and basketball. This type, players use a traditional physically to play game. They can also include Olympic sports like skiing, and even pub sports like darts and pool.

Moreover, play game can gain the money more than people think!

Nowadays, people play game much more than the past so playing game can change into the job as well. Many people can get the money from play game, it has a many way to gain money by play game. These can called, those people as “GAMERS”

Create your own Youtube channel

Youtube is the one biggest platform for beginner blogger, it is easy to post the content that people interesting and can gain many people to watch our channel. It has a many methods to create content of games, for example streaming your favorite game by live on Youtube, review a new game, or guide people how to play game. If you have many subscribers, you can get the money from this channel.

The popular cast game channel on Youtube, these are based on Thailand.

  • Z Bing z.

Subscribers : 10.9 million


Subscribers : 5.82 million

  • X crosz

Subscribers : 3.18 million

Compete in tournament

Video games often develop communities, and they can be quite active and competitive. The competitiveness leads to tournaments, and that leads to prizes. It is depend on the player, which game that they be expert in. The example is ” Call of Duty ” , many people play this game so this is cause of the competitive.

Playing game has both of pros and cons, if play in right way it can cause the many benefits. You can play game for relax yourself or earn money by play game. Now, many people has the better skill to play game since the technology is improving. The gadgets of game has a many genre, now it can connect almost device such as television, smartphone, or computer.

However, people should realize and not spend time too much with playing game because it can occur disadvantages as well. For the example, spending time too much it can affect eyesight or sit at same place for a long time it can cause the backache.