Most In our countries, Thailand usually confronts corruption problems that show on the news everyday and it tends to increase more and more. These problems affect Thailand in many aspects such as the economy, justice, quality of life and it also is a starting point of conflict in the country. Corruption is gradually occurring by creating wide connections both domestic and across countries. One recent huge corruption is 1MDB in Malaysia which is scandalous and famous on social media among countries in SouthEast Asia. But “what is 1MDB?” and “why has this problem become a hot issue on social media?” Let’s find out the answer. 

1 Malaysia Development Berhad  also known as 1MDB is a Sovereign Wealth Funds of Malaysia. In 2009, it was set up for financial development in Malaysia by Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak who was the Deputy Premier of Malaysia at that time. These funds tend to be a huge funding to push up Malaysia’s economy in the long term and also Kuala Lumpur to be the financial center of Asia. At first everything seems good in their way, making money into the country, but then it turns upside down; becoming continuously suffered heavy losses. Including Mr. Najib Razak used to have a notorious profile so people started to suspect what was going on with the funds. Until 1MDB lost more than $100 million in 6 years, the special investigating team of the 1MDB corruption raised more suspicions and began to check that…Where are the funds invested?

After the inspection, the team found that some cost is not invested in accordance with the objectives of the fund. The worst is the money amount of over $700 million was transferred to the personal account of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. To paraphrase, 1MDB brought out money to Offshore Company then transferring to another fake company. Finally, transferred back to the personal account of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and close people.

Subsequently, the US Department of Justice revealed that Najib Razak embezzled money from 1MDB by money laundering at foreign banks is more than $3,000 million, being classified as a world class corruption, He spends money for himself and his family. Therefore, a protest in Malaysia forced him to resign.

The connection in 1MDb is enormous, it can be said that the link of this issue is widely across the country. The root of this issue was first developed by the ex prime minister of Malaysia, who was disclosed by Mahathir Mohamud toward the 1MDB corruption which has Najib Razak rule as a prime minister of the government. The wire of this corruption does not merely exist among the political sector but also including the media sector which is Jho Low, the close friend of Najib Rasak’s son. Jho Low is known as a Hiso who has a connection with Hollywood celebrities and the director of the movie called The Wolf of Wall Street. Jho Low is one of the main profitable gainers of this corruption and has done a secret transaction to Najib Rasak’s bank account. Some Thai authorities have been involved in this network as they help Jho Low escape the precept and stay in the Southern part of Thailand : Phuket. The important player in this issue is Xavier Gusto, a Switzerland’s banker who collected confidential information of 1MDB from the Petro Saudi International cooperation and sent it to the journalist for exposing this corruption. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) was rejected to investigate the 1MDB issue.


Effect on society(or individual)

         Since this problem was involved with ‘Red notice’ from INTERPOL (The International Criminal Police Organisation ) for arresting extradition. In this case, Jho Low downplayed his role as the world’s biggest heist. He has good relationships with many influential foreign businessmen and decision makers that control money laundering. Until now, Jho Low is hiding from being arrested and from the declaration of Panika Wanich with the proof that Thailand took part in letting Jho Low go in and out of the  country and he also suborned the officials. This participation leads our country to cooperate with international crime, nobody knows about it until censure debate from Future Forward Party. It can be seen that Thai government might tend to inhibit the international judicial process which affects the credibility of the country and may cause conflict between Thailand and Singapore or other countries that got effects from the 1MDB case.

        Moreover, the 1MDB issue also affects Thai people on the righteousness of the present Thai government that has General Prayuth Chan-O-cha as the Prime Minister. If the allegation is true that means Thai people have been letting a fraudulent government take control of our country for the whole 5 years. The government must be the organization that has the ability to control stability and maintain infrastructure to support citizens, and for Thailand it involves democracy that everyone of us will play a major role to decide, vote, or share opinions as we have freedom of speech (however we have to use it properly).

Therefore, the government should prove that the allegation is wrong to clear the fog and gain more trust from Thai people and other countries so that no one can condemn how they govern the country. However, the story is quite again, so who will take responsibility for this issue?

How is it related to the media?

Specifically, the 1MDB consequence is hardly revealed in the media the most which is not only spotted by the audience but also almost all of the news outlets are talking non-stop all over the story. However, the trail could not have happened without the collaborative work of journalists both inside and outside the various countries. To clarify the issue between the voice of the audience and Prime Minister in Malaysia, Najib Razak, who is trying to silence the citizen’s opinions toward the 1MDB incident in the media. The media in Malaysia were prevented from reporting on it. And laws were in fact used to crack down on the media that reported or wanted to report on 1MDB. Under Najib’s government, there were red lines that reporters and the news outlets they worked for feared to cross. On the other hand, 1MDB is also the talk of the town around the world and it also targeted the Thai people’s attention since this issue Thai governments consist of. Mostly the citizens are all spreading the rumors in the media by creating the hashtag in media platforms which mainly occurred on Twitter. Some of the individuals provided false information which all of the readers can get misled and misunderstand of the real data.  Hence, people will not get the exact pure information via the media. Moreover, they are keeping to indicate “fake news” in order to drag the audience’s attention to read their content. Regardless, this blog is trying to educate the readers to be more careful when consuming the news in the media and in this 1MDB is accommodating with sensitivity thus we have to reach many sources to piece together the facts of this story. “We” as the reporter desires to demonstrate truthful information to all of the blog readers and do not want them to get conveyed from other media industries or even the ones that will create the contents in social

media that will convince  the readers to be straightforwardly biased against 1MDB.

It goes without saying that 1MDB issue will not be widely known without the power of the media as a medium that informs people as this issue is associated with authority who hold a power which can control and hush the news. Accordingly, the media play an important role to inform and uncover the truth that ordinary people should know like the 1MDB case.We can say that the media is a medium to receive, filter, and spread out the truth. Although the media is a significant factor for people to receive information, now everyone can be a journalist on media which sometimes creates misunderstanding of fake news due to the fact that people cannot differentiate between real and fake information . 

In this case, media work as an effective medium as this is a big issue that concerns many people, especially Thai authorities. This issue might be hard for ordinary people to access the situation but the media make it into an easier form to create more understanding among people and be able to stay updated on this issue. Aside from spreading out the information, people can keep an eye on the issue by consuming media to see the changes in this problem since ordinary people cannot access the source as we do not have enough power. People can follow and update about 1MDB via social media such as the hashtag on Twitter which can create a pressure on those authorities to make them realize that we all know the hidden information and the whole story has been revealed through media platforms. Nevertheless, people should consume information carefully with a high consideration and be conscious when receiving the information on media as we know anyone can be a journalist in media. However, 1MDB cases have not had the ending conclusion but since we are living in a democratic society then we have the right to know and try to keep up with the issue in order to take pressure and create a better change in our society with the help of the media as a qualified medium.Presently for Najib’s is currently being prosecuted in the Malaysian Court of First Instance which should be closely followed because when there is a further investigation, it’s even more interesting to know Does anyone else or any character involve with this issue? and What will be the conclusion? All of the information in the earlier is just a part of the whole information. Readers should have discretion in media use. Try to receive diversity and different aspects from many parts in order to get more opportunities to see many sides and find the closest to the truth.