Political activities on the streets, images of opinions coming to join the battle, were bitterly crossed, spreading to the eyes of foreigners in the mid-2020s, the movement by the younger generation was not just about social situations and not received.Popularity  This story transforms the sound of “reflection” and a form of political movement in Thailand that some generations may have never seen before.

One example that should answer the overview of the heroes’ modern movement is “Run Hamtaro”, an invasion with Japanese cartoon characters.  There was a political activity, it was brought into the activities as well.Cartoon characters or shopping songs placed in these music-themed events are well known as “pop culture” in Thai language, with translations of this medium in a variety of populations, popular culture, or contemporary culture.

The movement patterns of strategic activities that the cartoon-character fighting games have, which contain non-political content at all, have returned to the activities of the new generation in Thailand, during this time the events may not yet have reached an impact.  Steps are a bridge to society as a whole.  But at least these forms of contemporary culture have some pretty implausible implications. “D-life-Prachachat Business” invites the exploration and use of pop culture in the literary style in the 2020 climate and looks back at the political uses of these “talk” in that they are few

Pop Culture and Politics

Academically, there has been a long-standing debate as to whether pop culture has enough weight to seriously study the political aspect.  Some scholars think that  This group of culture is  “Domestic politics”, or maybe less “political”, or some people see it as not “political” at all.

 However, when referring to a culture that is popular among the masses that plays a political role.  I must admit that the relationship between the two has been very long.  And before this group of cultures was used in political activism.  Government or administrative departments used to use “pop culture” as an advertising tool.  Or even used in role-oriented  “Propaganda” (propaganda) as well.If looking at the relationship between the two at an elementary level  The use of media that appears in contemporary culture is intense and is evident in times of uncommon political situations.  Official warfare used these media to emphasize.  “Being a nation” and using the definition of identity  “Opponent / Enemy” “Casablanca,” a classic movie from 1942, has received support from the department.  “War Films” (War Films) of the Department of War of the United States.  In addition to the story of “love” and the touching song  Some of the plot lacks the ideology of doing things for the public, etc.Not just a special condition  In a peaceful time of the country  The government uses “pop culture” as a “soft power”. Most powerful governments use fashion, film, music, performance, language as a “tool” to achieve a wide range of goals.  Regardless of the relationship between nations, expanding their own “territory”, but not spatial.  The scope of this area is  “Perception / thought” of people Teri Troy, former US government executive advisor, George W. Bush, 2005-2007, projected the use of “pop culture” in modern politics as “pop culture”.  Politicians or leaders of different countries develop the skills of citing information – fluent in contemporary culture.  Or can bring yourself to exist in an area of ​​contemporary culture  Inevitably tends to expand perception into the public more widely.

Pop Culture in mass movement

By the 2000s, political movements were not only administrative and governance.  Changes in political patterns and environments  Brought to the mobilization from the citizen side as well  People of all status  Different classes of different professions are involved in political dynamics through activities and movements.The most recent form of movement in Thailand emerged in a much talked-about symbolic event, “Run hamtaro”, where most of the participants were young.Movement by this new generation  This makes people interested when they use the Hamtaro character symbol, which originated in Japan in the 1990s. This character started out as a manga.  And later adapted to anime  When they entered Thailand, the name “Ham Taro Gang Jiew Adventures” was broadcast in the early 2000s, with the anime’s theme song being adapted in Thai as well.  Come out, run, run, run, hamtaro, wake up from the nest  Run, Run, Ham Taro  The most delicious thing is  Sunflower seeds … “

 “Hamtaro” is another media from the samurai land that continues in the memories of the new generation.  Even in the digital age, anyone can easily access historical media.  And in a state where the government has a close eye on political movements  While the situation is delicate  Symbolic communication has therefore become a form of movement suited to today’s contexts.

As pop culture is a popular matter of the masses or the masses, It can therefore be used as a tool for political gain.Whether by state power, politicians, political communicators  And the masses who want to communicate with politics  The use of pop culture as a political tool is also something we have seen all along.  Some of the more common examples are filmmaking, dramas, documentaries, and music, which are sometimes successful or sometimes not at all.  Think about things that we should be familiar with, such as ‘Happy Night to Thailand’ and many other songs written by General Prayut Chan-ocha.  Including the list of progressing in Thailand  Documentary Transcending for the Dream  Love mission drama series 4 stories like the Royal Navy.  Pull the heart as much as possible to trigger the gun.  Seize the sky to find the coordinates of love  And the buster of the heart, etc.It shows that states, politicians and political communicators understand that pop culture and the political nature of culture are strong.  And easier to access than filling in a textbook or compelling to memorize the values ​​that the state wants to cultivate.  Therefore, many efforts have been made to insist on the desired political ideology in the form of pop culture that we are familiar with. So pop culture has a presence in both the cultural battlefield with hybrids and other niche cultures.  Aside from being part of the politics of culture, its mass outreach feature also makes it often used as a political tool.

 Social media makes politics pop culture.

 The development of communication technology like smartphones  High speed internet  Along with the development of various social media platforms  It brings to the fore a new phenomenon related to pop culture in addition to the ones mentioned above.  The phenomenon is that politics has become fully pop culture in and of itself.

 Political expression activities; speech; symbolic activities;  Wreath laying, candle lighting, lighting from the phone  It is communicated and widened through social media dissemination.  With a variety of content formats, including still images, animations, memes, cartoons, songs, rap, hashtags and advertisements, encouraging them to do similar activities.  Even high school students who, despite not having the right to vote, have begun to be alert and pay some attention to the political situation.

Classic Pop Culture to “Ham Taro” and more.

 Activities that use the “Ham Taro” symbol are widely recognized.  Expanding the circle outside the country is not limited to their own world only.  This common trend has created another incentive to move under the symbol of contemporary culture.Unbelievable, you have to believe that  “Creativity” will lead to the link between Liverpool’s first Premier League title in 30 years.  Can be tied to political activities in Thailand  But it already happened when the page “Under Bed TU” created a campaign to invite Liverpool followers to come together at the “You’ll Never Walk Alone Liverpool and Democracy” event on Saturday 15th August.  Championship Cup around Ratchadamnoen Klang Road  There are shirts sold to raise funds to operate as well.

 Hamtaro was not the only symbol of the political activism that emerged from the “pop culture” of late July to early August.  Contemporary culture is not politically involved (directly) to be picked in the movement, from “Ninja Naruto,” “Harry Potter” to film Thailand like “Hall bisexual crack” appeared. In the activities of the LGBT community.Many decades ago  Contemporary culture was increasingly evident in social movements, noting that “entertainment media” is one of the most popular things.  It comes from details in the storyline of the “The Hunger Games” series.

 The most common symbol of 21st century political activism in global activity is the Guy Fawkes mask from “V For Vendetta” (2005).  Anarchy  Movement to overthrow an authoritarian government  He wears a white mask that replicates the face of “Guy Fawkes”, recorded in history as a conspiratorial plot to kill the British king.  In the early 1600s, after the movie was released, the “Guy Fawkes” mask was widely used in political rallies.The latest film to be used is “Joker” (2019), a protest in Lebanon.  And many other gatherings  Some community members dress up as “clowns” due to racist content in this movie adaptation of popular American comic characters.

On the broader picture of political activism, pop culture plays a role and permeates many aspects of the macro and micro cycle.  In economic or international relations  In the case of the United States and China, 5 types of products that China imports from the United States the most  Revealed in 2014, furniture, bedding, toys, sportswear and shoes all have elements of contemporary culture.As long as human beings (the new generation) are not lacking “creativity”, they believe in a never-before-seen form of political activism.  There are still many cases likely to appear to the public. The more you have skills, use the “tools” fluently in the medium.  The more you have the opportunity to create awareness.