Nowadays, we usually see many of advertising show in all online platform and we can should to watch or buy them on your phone or your device.  As you can see , Facebook is a one of fantastic platform where you can promote your page ,or your product of your business. Moreover, on Facebook you can gain new buyer ,or follower. Thus, I gain the information that you should to know before you promote and  advertise your page ,or your product and let you know more about online advertising and how to promote them on Facebook.

What does Online Advertising mean ??

Online advertising is a marketing strategy that involves the use of the Internet as a medium to obtain website to deliver marketing messages to the right customers. Online advertising is geared toward defining markets through unique and useful applications. Moreover , people use a online platform increasingly everyday and this is a one of all reason why we should have a advertising on online platform. Everyone can access to the product or advertising easily and quickly on the online platform. In addition, in the online advertising , it have a many types of them so I choose the some of them that I think it most important types of online advertising for you to consider:

1. Content Marketing

It is another great way to get a brand and message in front of the right people. And when you have the strategy and content in place, you can increase its reach and engagement by paying for the content to feature on relevant websites. Moreover, paid advertising can help you to increase the viewer of content marketing in your brand or product.

when you need to reach a people , you need to create a content for your page that it can engagement many people to interest and wan to know more detail from your page.

2.Social Media Advertising

You can start to consider advertising on social media platforms. Most social media sites now easily allow advertisers to utilise their reach and promote their products from within the platform. In the social media , it’s a one of the best way to reach people and post advertising to promote.

3.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is designed to increase the visibility of your website on the search engine results pages by paying to appear on search engines, such as Google. SEM is a way to get your page appear on search engines in the first one when people use the keyword to search that the keyword we can set it.

So, search Engine Marketing has the best efficiency of online marketing and the result can be measured according to the goal of marker and it can analyze the future marketing.

All of above is a 3 of all types of online advertising that I think it is the most important that you should to consider them.

Why Facebook is a Big Platform for online advertising ?

Because Facebook has a huge of number of people who access to Facebook per day and has a content that happen on facebook. Moreover, In 2020 , has 2.6 billion people who use and log in to Facebook per month and Facebook continues to be the number one of social platform with the highest number of active users. In addition, Facebook is becoming to social commerce with a huge marketing value and Facebook is a platform that can making a lot of money for many brand and businesses.

Facebook is a platform with users of all ages, both young and old. And Facebook has algorithms are known to feed a story or information that people be interested. In addition, Facebook has a recommendation group for users that users can access to the group that they interesting and Facebook has a features that can help users to find or buy the product on Facebook easily. Thus, on Facebook have a platform for seller or businesses to promote their product and create advertising to their customer on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook it has many types of advertising that you can create and promote and I gain the information below about types of advertising on Facebook to all of you.

Types of Facebook advertising

As we can see on Facebook it has many advertising that happen in your main page and it has many type of advertising that it can make us interesting with. All of types ads that happening in Facebook very important and it has a role to promote many page and businesses on facebook.

1. Page Post Engagement

Advertising promote and posts on your page, this type of advertisement will appear on timeline of other users and you can choose whether advertising will go up to the side bar ,or news feed and can be set to appear both at the same time.

This type is great for direct posting to user. It can add more content whether text on images or text describing various details of the product. For advertising techniques, it should be content with images and should be an clear, beautiful, eye-catching because of putting text on the picture will make the reader understand immediately in the first glance.

2. Page Like

It is a types of advertising that it seem like recommendation to the user or buyer to see and like you page. If your page has increasing number of user who come to see your page, it will make your page has more reliability. Page Like is a good type for new businesses and for page that want to increase the credibility.

3. Video View

This type of advertising is suitable for businesses that have their own video clips and they want to increase the credibility of their business. Moreover, this type it can make your page has more viewer who interested in your product but it depend on your content on your video.

4. Event Responses

This type of advertising that invites customers to participate in the activities ,or campaigns in your page or business and this type suitable for people who want to encourage consumers to participate or build a brand awareness of the product to be more memorable.

5. Website Conversions

This type suitable for businesses that have their own website and they want to advertise with the website by adding functions such as Learn more button, Shop Now button to your ads. It will help stimulate more sales, or helps to increase traffic to your website. Technically, select the call to action button and set the advertising settings best suited to what you want your customers to interact with.

How to Promote Ads on Facebook

Today, I am going to get some easily step about how to promote ads on facebook that it is a how to of beginner who want to promote and run their page to other users on Facebook. First thing that you have to know before you promote your page or your ads is you should have time to follow the number of user who interact with you and how much of money that you lose per ads , it is two of important points for you to consider.

1. Start with create your facebook account

This is the important step, you have to have a your own facebook account before you do anything in facebook. If you don not have account on facebook, you will can not do anything or create a page on facebook.

2. Create your facebook page

This is the important step, you have to have a facebook page for your product or your business. You can create your facebook page by yourself and I get video of how to create your facebook page to you below.

3. Create your content, text , or video of your business

In this step, you need to create your content and post it to your page before you run out your ads on facebook. For your content, I recommended you to create a video of your product and have a photo in one post that can get more attention from other user ,or viewer on facebook.

4. Go to Ads Manager on your facebook

After you click the Ads manager button, you will see the campaigns page that you can promote your ads from use this function of facebook and you can create a run out of ads by click a create button in this page.

5. Payment Calling

On facebook , if you want to promote your ads, you have to pay to facebook around 77 bath and more to run you ads to other user.

6. Make your product’s keyword

It is a important step, you have to create your keyword because it will make you to get in right target audience. when you have a keyword for your product, you will fine your target ground and where your target group are.

7. Get your Ads run out

After you have keyword , you go to campaign page on facebook and get the keyword and other information that you need in to this page after that you choose one of your post that you want to promote and get it run out to other user that you need them to see it.

Thus, this is all of a some easily step how to promote your Advertising on Facebook and this is not a step of professional do because it has many tips and how to to gain a huge of viewer come to your page. In addition, I have a video about ” How to Create Facebook Ads For Beginners ” for you. I hope it can help you to understand and consider it correctly.

Therefore, all of above that I gain all information and a little bit how to about Online Advertising o Facebook that I think it is important to you for start your business. Facebook is a one platform where you can get your business grow and have a foundation of buyer. Hopefully, my information above can help you to understand and consider about Ads promoting on facebook and it can help you to do it by yourself to develop your business.