Nowadays, the film industry has produced many glittering movies along with the field of movie production that is growing every day. Some movies are produced so realistically that audiences like us can hardly see any techniques the producers have been using or even what happened behind the scene. 

So today, I will pick some Hollywood films to reveal to you guys that I think you might haven’t known yet!

The Wizard Of Oz

The first one I am going to talk about is ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ It is a 1939 American musical fantasy film produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer under MGM studio (Wikipedia). The story is about Dorothy Gale who was blown her house away by Tornado to the land of oz. She can go home by finding Wizard of oz, who lives in the Emerald City with her company Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion. It was considered one of the best films in the history of the movie industry. They used many shooting techniques such as technicolor and the memorable character that made the film was nominated for six Oscars.

On the other hand, behind that success, there was a lot of pain, whether it was the actors or the staff who work behind that have to work very hard. Someone called this movie a cursed movie.

The picture that has been so much talked about on social media is one of the film’s scenes where the four main characters were playfully dancing and singing around together. The background trees were noticed a strange shadow hanging on. And it is controversial that the shadow was a technical mistake while shooting and It causes the rope to strangle one of the workforces then die. In other words, The shadow in the scene was a staff hanging by a rope.

And later they cut that shadow out into a pelican instead

But some people say that shadow did not exist at first. But it is done by a person who has malicious intention edited it. Until now, there was no evidence to conclude what exactly the mysterious shadow was. However, The shadow was just little if compared to what the actors received during the filming of the film. Because they were being so persecuted.

The Sore during shooting Will be scar for the rest of life

The Wicked Witch of the West

The actress who played the role is Margaret Hamilton. You can see that the skin color of the witch is green. The colors used by the staff to paint the actor’s skin with copper-based ingredients which is done directly on the human body in this way, not only to being harmful to the body but need to use alcohol to clean up every time. Nevertheless, after shooting of the wizard of oz was completed, Margaret’s skin stayed green for weeks.

Moreover, there is a scene where red smoke rose from the ground and the wicked witch had to walk into that smoke before the fire breaks out and then disappears. While shooting this scene, besides red smoke being real, the fire as well. Therefore, she had to hide before the fire was started. Nonetheless, there was one mistake that the production team lit the fire too early and she did not have enough time to leave before the fire spread and so her broom and her hat caught on fire. This incident affects Magaret suffering from burns in various spots on her face such as her chin, upper lip, nose, including her hands. which is burn to second to third level. After that, she had to recuperate for 6 weeks.

Although she can return to work, her hand cannot be used as normal because when she got burned, it destroyed some part of her skin. Consequently, she had to wear gloves all the time during filming to conceal her wound. 


At first, the person who came to take this part is Buddy Ebsen before being Jack Haley as you see in the last version.

To make him look similar to Tinman as much as possible, the MGM crew used a silver powder to apply on his skin. Miserably, that power contained real aluminum which made him work as a Tinman for only 9 days. He was sent to the hospital due to the aluminum power that breathed. The side effect of taken it too much make his skin turned blue. He had to hospitalized for 6 weeks. MGM can’t wait for that long, Finally, they decided to change the actor.


Ray Bloger is the person who take this role. From the movie, you can see that Ray’s face was covered with some kind of sack to look like a Scarecrow. Unfortunately, that thing makes a deep scar on his face even though the shooting is already done. And he took over one year that scar would disappeared.

Cowardly Lion

During filming Bert Lahr had to wear real lion fur and he must wear this clothing which is thick and unbreathable also weigh around 40 kilograms over and over again for entire of the film.

Dorothy Gale

Even though Judy played a lead role (Dorothy Gale), the salary that she received was considerably low. Whereas the actor who plays Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion received salary more than her 5-6 time. Besides, She was pressed to lose weight by wearing a corset throughout filming to make her look small like a 12-years-old girl. Previous time, She was also forced to take Benzedrine which was essentially amphetamine. And this is the reason why she died at a young age due to drug overdose. 

Who knows, in front of the camera, while the performers bring happiness and laugh to the audience. Behind the scenes, what they have to suffer and face.

The Lion King

The second movie that I’m going to show to everyone is the animation movie ‘The Lion King 2019’ from Disney

This action-adventure movie is entirely made of computers. But the picture that came out Incredibly realistic.

The film crew studied the information for the film by using teams from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida. They go to learn the real-life action of the main character animals from the film such as lions, hyenas, wild boars, in real environments. The recording team also traveled to the Magdeburg zoo in Germany to record the lion cubs to be used in a movie

The staff traveled to Africa to study the environment and landscape. The team looked at several locations in Kenya. Finally, it ended up in Chyulu Hills, a mountain range in southeastern Kenya. The team recorded up to 240,000 images in just 2 weeks during their trip to this beautiful continent.

Instead of having the actors stand behind the microphone and recording the sound. They used a black box theater specifically for recording. This means that the actors can have the freedom to move and express their feelings with their characters which leads to real human emotional communication.

More than 130 animators were used for the film. The animation team spent more than 9 months elaborating on each character. They meticulously in every detail of each hair and the movement of the abdominal and neck muscles of each animal.

In today’s film industry, They all want fascinating in order to desire the audience so they had to add Effect or we called as a CGI into the movie in order to make spectacular scenes and beyond imagination.

But you might not know yet the behind of the filming before putting the effect. I would bring some of the scenes from popular movies to show you some. Let’s go see it!

You can see that the background while shooting is green. And why have to be green? The reason they use light green color because It is the lightest of the 3 primary colors RGB (red, green, blue). Green is reflected less on the surface of the scene and actors’ clothes. The color is not very distorted.

But if they need to have some green color in the set, they will alternatively use Blue Screen.

For editing part, they will edit the green and blue out and put the effect instead.

This all is just some part of behind the scene of the film industry. You can see that they have both good and bad sides. In the past, the movie industry not beautiful as we think, before the actors get famous in front of the camera, they have to go through many things. Including undeveloped technologies makes shooting each movie quite difficult and uses lots of time. But in the present, The stars are treated a lot better and thanks to the technologies that are more advanced, everything gets progressed, Hence, we can see many attractive and impressive movie like today.

There are a lot of things about the film that I’ve never know yet too. I wish in the future I will get an opportunity to work in this field because I’m really into it and I would bring some knowledge to share with you all. Hope my blog benefits more or less to you!❤️