Body shaming is not a new phenomenon for women. The problem of bullying is a universal problem seen all over the world especially among children and teenagers. Most women should know this well. In the digital era which everything can flow throughout the world so cyberbullying can easily occur through social media and online platforms more than before. By most bullying, it was found that body shaming was the number one type of bully on social media. These numbers are shocking, and they confirm how quickly contact has shifted. Face-to-face encounters have now become relatively specialized in favor of visual communications, while more people were becoming addicted to revealing snippets of their worlds through beautifully curated and manipulated photographs.

What is body shaming ?

Body shaming is criticizing or commenting on the shape and appearance of other people by comparing, judging and making fun or abuse until affecting the minds of the listeners or the offended. It makes people who are bullied lose confidence and reduce self-esteem. Body shaming is different from bullying. Bullies are bullying and offensive behavior towards weaker people. It may be forcibly harming and hurting the body of someone else. But body shaming is one type of bullying towards shape and physical appearance. For example, white people with beautiful or bright skin without acne look good. 

Body shaming is embarrassing, and the long-term repercussions are always painful,” he added. “It mocks and stigmatizes the victims, destroying self-esteem and perpetuating the dangerous suggestion that our individual physical features should be equivalent to retouched notions of ‘perfect.’ What really matters is our morality and behavior. Although body shame is not a violation in and of itself, violating someone’s anonymity to achieve this might be. Therefore, this should not be accepted.”

Why it occur ?

Body shaming occurs with wrong values. As we can see on social media,advertising or posters in most companies must use the model with white skin and slim figure to present the product and if people use their product it will be like their model which white skin or muscular. Social media shapes the stereotype of people whether women or men resulting in beauty standards in the society. The media has always forged people to believe that this kind of person is the definition of beautiful. Thus, people will automatically trust that it is the true kind of beauty standards. 

On the other hand, people who see advertisements or pictures of models are not satisfied with their appearance because their shape is not similar to that of a model and sometimes bullied by other people especially on social media. 

At this point, social media shapes the stereotype of beauty standards without consciousness through advertisement and image of beauty while we scroll down and swipe their tablets and mobile phones in everyday life. Therefore, it creates body shaming which people do not look similar to the same stereotype that has always been. 

Body shaming in an age of social media

According to this era, social media is a cornerstone of the digital world. Every information and message can easily flow throughout the world through online platforms such as facebook, twitter, and instagram. People can like, comment, and share everythings on social media. The rise of using the internet enables people to criticize and discuss without consideration and the consequence of body shaming. People who type or comment on words that affect other people may not have thought, but those who get hit with body shaming will damage their mental health.

Fortunately, some clothing brands on instagram saw the importance of body shaming and the values of every woman whether black or white skin and slim or obese shapes. They are changing the stereotype of the model that has always been over and over again. They turn to use the model in various shapes and looks

For instance, merge.official_ brands. They are the clothing brands on instagram which have 101K followers. This brand sells various types of clothes such as tops, skirts, and jeans. They use the model in various sizes from people size Xs to 6Xl. Furthermore, they use the model in white, honey and black skins. In addition, they use a tattooed model wearing their products.

Another example is bttmln.official and hofstore brands. Both of these brands also use the model in various sizes, height, and skin like merge.official_. At this point, we can see that some clothing brands stores saw the importance of body shaming and changing the stereotype of models in the past. Not everyone will shape slim or white skin like the advertisements or body image in the past which cultivate people all along.

It is hard to say what the beauty standard is. Sometimes people may be satisfied with his or her body but they were hit by body shaming for not having a shape like the stereotype of women or men.

Social networking is an incredible forum for communicating with people all over the world. We will freely share our thoughts, views, and ideas. However! It does have a negative impact on “body picture,” which necessitates a careful approach to overcome. Almost everyone is vulnerable to “body shaming” on social media sites, which would be a common practice of getting negative criticism because our shapes do not reach society’s stereotypical appearance expectations in today’s period. Social media outlets continue to play a critical part in influencing the lives of teens, youth, and young people. It does have a harmful effect on body perception and confirms the false assumptions of “how much we need to be like to called perfect in the society,” which we as individuals must mostly validate and perpetuate.

Social network sites not only subject young girls to such body stereotypes, they also inspire them to adhere to cultural expectations of womanhood or flawless womanism. However, new literature indicates that such online social media activity is leading to the increase of “body dysmorphic disorders” and “eating disorders” in both men and women.

How to overcome

In today’s world, it’s impossible to love your body without making an effort, and getting there can take years. Many barriers must be resolved before one can experience kindness, approval, and eventually respect for one’s body. We are endlessly bombarded with images, posts, videos, journals, and vlogs that tell us how we should look. Perhaps they’re just bolstered by the anonymity of the Internet; most body-shamers wouldn’t say the same hurtful comments if they met the individual face to face. We could start to stop body shaming by Begin to promote acknowledgement of shape diversity. For an example of body-shaming situation. What if the society shaped the kids to be shamers? Like one day they walking on the street talking with mom about strangers “Mum, look at that how fat that she/he is!” and then points to the people who are walking on the street.  Since it is so rooted in each of us being “fat” is something that should to be ashamed of, most of us will warn our children not to say it. 

However, this only helps to educate and perpetuate the misleading idea that being obese is a symbol of failure. What if we promoted inclusion and diversity instead? We frequently agree that body shaming is appropriate and we believe it can inspire people to lose weight and improve their fitness and quality of life. These assumptions, nevertheless, have a variety of flaws. To begin with, there is no correlation between weight and health. We spend a lot of time analyzing and evaluating appearances, but a lot less time appreciating skills. I can’t possibly imagine which kind of culture we’d have when all the appearance-based vocabulary like overweight, skinny, filthy, gross, and nice were replaced with ability-based words like strong, quick, big, nice, and precise. It takes a lot of courage to pledge to avoid engaging in a part of body shaming and in doing just that, to establish a better future for all of us. Moreover, If the body shaming that you normally saw on social media platform, If this is the case which there are important feelings to discuss more. Consider taking a break from social media or becoming more vigilant in following inspirational and inspiring people. Building a healthy body image can be accomplished one problem at a time by preventive measures, beginning with an analysis of the social media use.

Body shaming is the action or process of blaming or insulting others for perceived physical defects or flaws. As well as being singular events, these jokes… just serve to strengthen the fact that body-shaming affects both men and women, with public figures considered “fair game” when it happens to critiques of any looks. Body shaming needs to stop right now. 

Even though, others body make you feel uncomfortable, first thing that you should do is starting with your mindset first, not to blame or shame everyone to make their loss confident. “Everyone’s different” and have their own beauty, everyone has different size and body. No one should be judged by other opinions to make they feel bad about their own body. Some said it just a word, they just want to kidding and it’s just a joke. Why have to be serious with these words? Yes, it’s just a word but not realize that only word can kill people. Speakers will never remember their own words and listeners never forget too. It’s 2021, everyone should stop body shaming and give more respect to others.