“GG, noob jungle”

Have you ever received this after playing as jungler? If you have obtained this kind of feedback, let’s learn from this guideline!!!

What is Jungle?

Briefly, jungle position is the role to secure map objectives which are significant to result the game. Moreover, the point causing jungler different from other positions is their habitat. Jungle position is not mainly play on lane but on the jungle instead. So, this allows jungle player to roam around in order to help other teammates and collect map objectives such as Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.

jungle map

There are 4 main parts you need to know for being a JUNGLE MASTER!!!

1.) Champions Picks

2.) Jungle Path

3.) Ganking Techniques

4.) Map Objectives

Champions Picks

Some newbies said that “Playing skill counters everything no matter what champion you select”. Actually, in high- ranking match up , it does not work that way. The team consisted of better champions and synergies tends to get more advantages. Therefore, I suggest you to pick an appropriate champion depending on the different matchups. In order to have an advantage pick, there are 3 main steps to know.

Know each jungle champion classes

Every champion in Wild Rift has an assigned class. This class represents the role that each different champions are good at. There are 3 main classes that are appropriate for playing jungle position.

1.) Tank

A role with the large amount of health have orders to receive damage and be a frontline for teammates. (Example of tank for jungle: Amumu, and Dr.Mundo)

jungle champion, Amumu
Jungle champion, VI

2.) Fighter

A melee champions with high damage and health. this role will be on a frontline and deal damage to opponent. (Example of fighter for jungle: VI, Wukong, and Xin Zhao.)

3.) Slayer

A champions with low health but possess high damage output in a short period. Also, they have high mobility in order to asssainate a targeted enemy.(Example of slayer for jungle: Evelynn, and Master YI)

Jungle champion, Master Yi

Fulfil what team needs

Before picking a champion, we must know what classes that your team is lacked of. It is very hard to play, when your team select champions which have imbalanced synergy. For instance, if your team has no tank champion, team will not have a frontline to block damage for our backline champions. Therefore, a balanced team should consist of at least 1 tank/fighter, 1 marksman, and 1 mage.

Moreover, not only considering about a balanced champion classes , but also seeking for different team damage output. Basically, There are 2 main damage output we must acknowledge which are ability power(AP) and attack damage(AD). If we have a mono damage output team, it will be simple for opponents to counter by purchasing an defensive item that defend a specific type of damage. To conclude, we have to consider about the balancing of champion class and team damage output to construct a perfect team synergy.

Jungle pick

Counter picks

In the scenario that we already have balanced team. We will have more choice to pick a specific champion that counter the opponent’s champions. This give us a tremendous advantage since the game does not start yet.

For beginner, we can know which champions goes well against a specific champion by searching for statistics at this link: https://rankedboost.com/league-of-legends-wild-rift/counter/

Counter picks

Jungle Paths

Many players do not know which path they should go to have a safe and worth jungle trip. There is no fixed jungle path in Wild Rift because it depends on jungler’s playing style and types of champion. Nevertheless, I will suggest. some examples of jungle path.

Jungle path

Path for early game junglers

A champion that is strong in early game should play agressively to get most advantage during their power spike timing. Thus, these path will plan to have a fight before champions getting ultimate skill (Level 5).

Path for mid-late game junglers

Some champions have to wait for their ultimate skill to be strong. Therefore, this jungle path aim to safely farm camps until you get into level 5 which already have an ultimate skill.

Jungle path

Ganking Techniques

Ganking is an essential duty for jungler in order to help other teammates to get an advantage during laning phrase. Jungler has to find an opportunity to take down an enemy in lane. If we are able to kill or assist an enemy, our team will have more gold and experience than opponent. From a gap of gold and experience, it causes us to control a vision of map and objectives. There are 3 ways to gank depending on the situation and enemy positioning.

Ganking for jungle

Basic ganking

It is the most simple way to gank. We will do it when noticing that enemy pushing pass the middle of their lane. Jungler should come from behind of an enemy because it will block an escape path of an opponent.

Bush ganking

In some scenario, our teammate might push minion wave and their position are passing the middle of their lane. Obviously, we cannot gank them by a basic technique because an enemy can easily flee to their outer turret. Therefore, jungler need to hide on the bush and wait for an enemy to overextend their position.

Bush ganking for jungle
Diving for jungle


Lastly, diving is the most risky way to gank amongst all the type of ganking since jungler and teammate have to slain an enemy inside an opponent’s turret. With a huge damage bursting by turret, it probably cause our team get taken down instead. Significantly, we will dive only in case that we are outnumbered an enemy or an opponent champion has very low health.

Map Objectives

Last but not least, controlling map objectives is the most significant duty that every jungler has to do well. Collecting or stealing map objectives can change a momentum of the game due to the fact that they provide us a tremendous reward such as map vision, and beneficial buff. Furthermore, map objectives securing skill can divide the one who know how to play jungle out of the one who cannot. If you already know the importance of map objectives, I will advise you tricks to outclass your opponents.

Memorize objectives timing

Blue and Red buffsRift ScuttlerRift HeraldElemental DragonBaron Nashor
First Spawning20 seconds1.25 minute6 minutes4 minutes10 minutes
Respawning interval1.30 minutes2.30 minutes4 minutes3.30 minutes

Here is an significant objectives timing table. Technically, It helps jungle players to precisely calculate the time that monster spawn. Normally, junglers apply this table for preparing themselves and be in a correct spot before the objectives spawning. In this game, just one second is important since jungle player have to be in a right time and place. Undoubtedly, there are only few people who play jungle position well.

One minute before dragon spawning

After 3 minutes since the game started, every pro jungle players will start preparing to hunt a dragon. There are many things to do in this 1 minute.

First and foremost, we have to send a signal to all the team members to prepare for slaying dragon.

Secondly, as a jungler, we will go collecting a blue or red monster to get a beneficial buff.

Thirdly, in the last 30 seconds, I recommend everyone to recall back to our base to recover health and buy items in order to prepare for a teamfight.

Lastly, zoning an objectives by use a ward to gain more vision and scan opponent’s ward to cut their vision.


Baron Nashor

When to slain Baron Nashor

Baron Nashor cannot be hunted immediately since it is spawned unlike elemental dragons because of its insane amount of damage and health. If we directly fight with a Baron Nashor, we will lose a lot of health and skills. As a result, an opponent team could use this opportunity to beat all of us. In short, a wise jungle players will only battle a Baron Nashor when the circumstance that your team holds more advantages.

After decisive team-fight victory

This case is a perfect chance to kill a Baron Nashor because there is no enemy coming to interfere us. However, only if we have an opportunity to destroy opponent’s Nexus after team-fight won, we must go end this game instead. We can observe from the minion wave. Supposing that minion wave pushes pass the middle of the map, it is a signal that we can win this game.

Slain enemy

After taking down a key enemy

This plan is to force an opponent team for 5vs4 situation. If they do not come to challenge at Baron Nashor spot, They will let us get a Baron Buff and definitely lose the control on the further objectives.

When an opponent split push

It is quite risky to do this plan in solo queue because we do not have that much teamwork. We have to slain a Baron Nashor rapidly after seeing an opponent do split push. On the other hand, if enemy team notices that we are fighting with Baron Nashor, They will rush to come challenging us.

Split push

TIPs for jungle position

From my experience, jungle position is the role that get blamed from the teammates more than other position. Due to the fact that jungle position control the significant part of the game, Undoubtedly, jungle players normally carry a huge amount of hope from teammate. For the good start for practicing, I suggest you to mute an in-game chat since it has no benefit to see trolling comments from your teammates. In addition, this might let you do not want to play this position again. However, if you practice with an enough time, you will definitely good at this position.