Despite calling for a stop on sexism, women are still experiencing sexual harassment and being judged by her gender. Even with campaigns to encourage people to respect one another, the campaigns still failed to change the perspective of some people. Sexual harassment is abundant on the Internet and occurs on all genders. Many people, seen as sexual objects, suffered from harassment, whether it be in real life on the Internet. Some might purposefully make themselves sexual objects to get compensated, most of which can be seen in live streaming apps.

What is sexual objectification means?

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Objectification is when you look at one person as an object and value them from their external appearance. Women are seen as tools to achieve purposes such as marketing(advertise) and orgasm tools. Sexual objectification is seeing someone as a sex object, possibly leads to sexual harassment, either on the internet or in real life.

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What is live Streaming apps?

In Bigo live

Live Streaming apps are media that allow you to record and broadcast videos in real-time. You also can interact with audiences through comments during the live video. At present, there are many live streaming apps that can make money on the internet e.g. forecast, Bigo live and Live me.

And how do these apps work?

This video could be a example of how live-streaming apps work.

In these apps, if you are an audience, you can choose who or what you want to watch. You can communicate with the streamer of the content through the comment section. Furthermore, you can donate them money by transferring your money into the app and sending it as a gift while they are living.

If you want to be a streamer, all you have to do is to choose what content you want to present. It could be singing, casting games, or talking about something. To earn money you have to make viewers like you or make a condition that you will do something if he/she sends you a gift, so you can transfer that gift as money later.

Why sexual objectification is related to live streaming apps?

Many streaming apps such as Bigo live have the most earning content from the sexual related content. Having tried this app, I found that most of the viewers were men, and most streamers, interestingly, were women. What astounds me the most is that some women were willing to present themselves in an inappropriate and obscene way to get paid. What worsening this condition is the home page of this app which sometimes displays nude images.

In the apps, a woman who is prettier has larger breasts, wears a sexy dress, has a sexier body, or does sexy things, is more likely to attract more men and get paid more. As the viewers can send gifts to gain the streamer’s attention, the streamers use cute sound to make the men lustful to beg for a gift

This girl writing name on her body in Bigo Live

There is even worse when these girls resort to ’Do whatever the viewers want’ approach e.g. ”if you send me a gift I will take this shirt off”. Another trick, which is very weird, is to write the name of donators or anything the donators demand on the streamer body. Most of the audience choose writing his/her name on, unsurprisingly, women’s chest or forehead.

                These apps make viewers feel like they have the power to control women which can’t be done in real life. In these apps, most of the women are seen as a joke and object that use for orgasm.

Isn’t this normal?

It’s true that using appearance to make money is a very common matter that some women are willing to do. What most people, especially parents, are worried about is that the children are able to access these inappropriate content very easily. We can’t compare these apps to prostitution, as it is almost impossible for children to have access to prostitution. Yet in these apps, age limitations are ineffective in preventing young children from accessing the app because they can lie about their age. As a matter of fact, these apps do not seem to care about this grave issue.

: When you see something that you never thought it exsited

In my opinion, the kids are not ready to see these kinds of videos without parents, who are going to educate their kids how dangerous these contents are. This is the point that the apps have to be fixed, to prevent the children from prematurely access the content unready for them.

The dangerous of live-streaming apps for streamers

1.) Personal information 

Even you don’t give out your real name or personal information, some viewers can find it from the other ways. Maybe during your live streaming session, strangers might observe your room, looking out your window to find where is your house.

2.) Bullying comments

Because of limited privacy control, you don’t have the information of ones who are watching you. You could get some damaging comments that you might not ready to read. This happens a lot in social media, especially in the place where ones who comment are hidden.

Be asked for self-respect

Although many people love to watch these kinds of live streaming, there are others who find these platforms inappropriate. If we start to ignore the honor of the other people and focus on the right of humans, I believe it is the streamers’ choice to do what they what with their bodies. Moreover, in my perspective, we all have different understandings about the meaning of self-respect. So, if we ask someone to respect us, we have to learn to respect others’ choices.

To be more clear, sexual objectification is a sensitive subject which can’t be changed in one day or month. Do sexy live-streaming apps increase the way people see one another as sex objects? I believe this is one of the factors responsible.

Beauty Redefined by Michelle Christensen Illustration.

But do we need to fix it? For me, no, what we really need to fix is the opinion of people, both men, and women. The streamers might be willing to show their body and allowing you to talk dirty in his or her video live but doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to do the same in real life. So, be lustful at the place that people allow you to be. In the end, all we ever ask for is to be respectful.

“treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned not given

– Hussein Nishah