How influencers use social media to promote Electric Vlehicles industries.

What is an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles are the vehicles that electric is the main power to running a car and storage in the battery which is under a car. Also, electric cars have low running costs as they have fewer moving parts for maintenance and are also very environmentally friendly because they use a little fossil fuel (petrol or diesel) or some of them are 100 percent electric which does have to use any fossil fuels. Basically, the standard for modern battery electric vehicles is now considered to be lithium-ion batteries as they have greater longevity which means the driver does have to maintain them as gasoline cars. Moreover, electric vehicles cost approximately 7.80 dollars per change and can even be free in public car parks.

There are three tpyes of
electric vehicle.

1. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

2. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

3. Conventional Hybrids

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) – the quiet ride

An EV that’s fully electric runs on a rechargeable battery powering an electric motor. It’s defined by what it doesn’t have – and doesn’t need:

  • No petrol, diesel or oil
  • No exhaust
  • No clutch or gears
  • No spark plugs
  • No roaring noise or vibrations

As a fully electric engine, which no need to maintain any internal combustion engine. You won’t need a tune-up or oil change and as you know electric cars are so quiet you won’t disturb the neighbors. Furthermore, they are convenient, you only plug your EV into your home power supply and it fully recharges overnight – enough for an average day’s driving in most models. Also, your car is just like a fuel gauge, your dashboard tells how much battery life there is, and even better, you’ll see how many kilometers you can travel. When you drive a fully electric car, you’ll have smooth acceleration, quiet traveling, low running costs – and zero emissions. 

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) – the best of both worlds

This type of electric vehicle is decided for those who often travel long distances but want to use clean energy and electricity. So, a fully electric car may not be quite right for you. The PHEV comes with petrol and electricity lets you do your ordinary town driving using your electric motor, then when you’re on a long trip you have the extra range of a petrol car. Most of these are to do with running the petrol engines. Because they have a smaller battery than a fully electric car, you’ll generally have less battery range in a PHEV so you’ll rely more on fossil fuels for longer journeys. This means you only reduce your CO2 emissions by 80% for the time the car is running on an electric battery. However, you can recharge your battery at any time at the power outlet. 

Conventional hybrids – older technology

Many people still drive hybrids but they are quite different from electric vehicles. You cannot charge the electricity into your cars, only fill up with petrol or you can recharge by braking. Therefore, the battery allows for only up to 2 km in driving, so full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are far more efficient and produce far fewer emissions.

How important an Electric Vehicles are?

Better Energy Efficiency

         Electric vehicles (EV) are 75 percent capable of turning input energy into moving energy (kinetic energy). On the other hand, gas-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) are just 25 percent capable. Moreover, electric cars compose fewer engines than gas-powered cars thus, the energy usage is less. The first component of global warming is gas emissions. This is the reason for the introduction of electric cars.

Better for the Environment

        The considerable risk of the environment from gas emission is decreasing of the ozone layer. Moreover, electric cars don’t need to use oil because sometimes oil and chemicals seep into the soil and water supply that is harmful to humans, wildlife, and plants.

Can Potentially Improve Public Health

         EV cars do not harm the environment because they lack Carbon dioxide, Carbonmonoxy and benzene emission which are the health complications like asthma and bronchitis and linked to some cancers. Thus, less air emission can improve air quality which leads to an improved overall health average of the population. 

EV Maintain Cost

         Since electric cars run simply on a battery and electric motors, there are very few mechanical parts that have the chance of breaking. This means fewer replacement costs in the future. Also, because EVs have no engine, there is no need for regular filters and oil changes. 

Electricity and Fuel Costs

         Using electricity costs $0.11 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), and gas costs $3 a gallon. For example, Tesla Model 3 (costing US$35,000 before incentives) has an EPA-rated range of 220 miles with a 50-kWh battery which EV costs only about $5.50 to fully charge. Therefore, drivers can save an estimated $860 a year on gas costs if they change to use electric cars.

Technological Growth

         The affordable costs of EV cars are another important factor for middle to low position but still need to maintain the exceptional function. All of the above can be accomplished by improving technology, the machine, and the material used for inventing EV cars.  Having more advanced technology can create more possible outcomes for other vehicles, for example, ships, and jets. In the same way, car engineers will have an impulse to equally invent with technology.  

How do influencers promote it?

There are many vehicle brands in the industry and started to produce electric cars in the last 10 years. Some of them can sell their product but some are not.   As a newborn electric vehicle like Tesla that has high circulation as other brands that have been in this industry. They have some strategy behind that…so that is social media, Tesla uses social media as a tool to produce consumer’s reliability, trustworthiness and keep in touch with consumers. Also, the CEO’s power in social media platforms, Elon Musk one of the most important in the technology industry. He has 23.4 million followers on Twitter and Tesla has 3.1 followers. He is focusing on building a personal brand, not only cost but also promoting his companies. He posts on Instagram about the picture of cars or a short video of their vehicle’s action. It makes the audience or consumer get in touch with products. 

A person’s brand gives more opportunity for the consumer to connect with the brand’s vision. As a company, Tesla fights and relies on momentum to be successful with a big company. For instance, on Twitter, Tesla uses multiple tweets to get attention from followers about new announcements. The first tweet generates buzz while the second shears news or some part of a news product. This graph is followers in their social media strategy as well. 

This graph is followers in their social media strategy as well. Moreover, according to Mediakix, showing about net income and market cap between two brands.  

Therefore, We can’t deny that social media has an impact on our society and life. If we know how to use social media to promote the product or marketing, it would benefit us. As Tesla’s social media strategy since they use a broad variety of tactics consistently, they try to keep in touch with the consumers because they will have comfort and trust with a brand. Also, Musk’s reputation involves building his brands and directly impacting the success of Tesla. However, Tesla needs to maintain frequent content uploaded to engage their spectators. So, if Tesla continues to grow their brand, it might be the biggest electric brand in the world. 

Top 8 Electric Vehicles influencers must follow!

As there are so many influencers on the rise, it’s important to find the best ones. We’ve been looking at electric vehicle influencers for a while, so we’re pretty sure we know which ones are the best. So, get to know our top 8 favorite influencers in the industry today by reading the rest of this blog.

The Sierra Club is ahead of non-profit, therefore, all-electric vehicles produced to play the important role to reduce the emission and relieving climate change. Most of the 3,000,000 followers both on the website and community are looking forward to expanding the EV community because they have some touching influence.     

The other favorite Youtube influencer is  “E” Is For Electric, they not only post high-quality car reviews and EV news but also focus attention on interviews of the business leaders in the electric vehicle industry. Recently, the YouTube channel’s host, Alex Guberman, sat down for an interview with EVmatch’s CEO, Heather Hochrein.

Green Car Report media companies have improved the process of promoting the car by reviewing the video, blog websites, and photos. If you don’t know how to start to buy the EV car, this is impressive to look for.     

Kim, the owner of Like Tesla, is presenting Tesla throughout on her Youtube Vlog and Instagram. She gives her 100,000 followers on Youtube seeing the goals of why we need to use EV cars, Tesla factories, and family road trips. This is exciting to look forward to the renewable energy revolution like Tesla and SpaceX.     

The Green Living Guy -Seth Leitman- is another person who is coming to focus on the world of electric vehicles. He has imagined his name for himself in society as a PR Consultant for corporations concentrated on eco-friendly innovation. Seth is an expert in all EVs and also works effectively raising his 8.7 million community of followers.   

With approximately 120,000 online followers and raising, Electrek stays steadily on the cutting edge of EV news and updates. Their articles follow the transition from fossil fuel to electric and clean transportation, all while entire automakers, autonomous driving, alternative carriage, and stream. A rapid “EV news” Google search will show you just how abundant quality they are. 

Lastly, the other top Electric Vehicle Influences are rapidly rising on the social media project, Tesla Adventure. The basic idea of a user-driven community of Tesla drivers and enthusiasts is connective because Tesla not only cooperates with the activity, events, meetups, and plans community trips but also stores all moments with high-quality shooting gadgets. Hence, all people should tease the Tesla Adventure.     

Robert Llewellyn is the important person who produces and belongs to the Fully Charged not only about electric cars, bikes, boats, and jets but also how to generate the power to run these engines. Around 500,000 subscribers on Youtube engage, Fully Charge has made our list of top influencers of Ev cars easier.    

Top 6 influencers in Electric Vehicles industries

The six EV-industry influencers are very different, but all have either philosophies or missions that align closely with ours. They are driving conversations about EVs, renewable energy, and sustainable energy.

Roger Atkins of Electric Vehicles Outlook, Ltd.

He is one of the powers to push electric vehicle acceptance for 15 years. Also, he has over 300,000 followers on LinkedIn to promote electric cars. He is an advisor for EV-related companies and conferences, which are Momentum Dynamics and the Geneva Motor Show, including narrator speaker; his communications reach more than one million people every quarter. Moreover, he is a brand ambassador for Rimac Automobili.

He is a board advisor and speaker at various Greentech conferences. Also, he is one of the 25 LinkedIn Top Voices 2018 and has more than 150,000 followers on LinkedIn. David hosts the “This Week in Cleantech” podcast speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about challenges. Also, David is the founder and CEO of Hyperion, an executive search firm specializing in the energy storage, solar, eMobility, and cleantech fields.

He works as a BBC presenter to host the hugely popular YouTube channel, Fully Charged, with 664K subscribers and more than 29K Twitter followers. The main content is focusing on clean energy and EVs, which explore electric cars, bikes, boats, and planes. He also focuses on how we can generate and own electricity and contribute to the grid, becoming part of the solution.

He is the chief sustainability officer of Green.TV, which produces about the ElectricDrives, EV Summit, a significant, CEO-led, eMobility business forum. Furthermore, Ade has a Facebook channel which is the largest mobility channel including a multichannel outlet that creates sustainable video content and more. Ade has more than 26,000 followers on LinkedIn

She is one of the co-founders of energy, a company that designs and markets smart devices that give customers control of their generated energy for both home and business, with micro-generation systems that self-consume as much energy as possible. She contributes to Greentech publications and has almost 22,000 followers on LinkedIn. She surrounded herself with inventors, experts, and activists to ensure her products have cutting-edge tech while maintaining her social values.

He is the Smart Systems Innovation sector director for Smart Systems Enterprises and heads their Bus2Grid project. Niall also serves as a board advisor to the EV subscription start-up Elmo. He is focusing on the development of customer solutions based on distributed energy assets and smart cities and promotes green energy. Niall, co-cooperation with develops EV hub solutions and integrates 5G and wireless communications solutions. He also educates everyone about the importance of electric vehicles and green energy. He has more than 6,500 followers on LinkedIn as well.