Today headline to our topic is how Politic have influence over the Media. And yes, we have already including the issues that happening here in Thailand. First, we going to take you to know about the media role in democracy politics that will clarify the media role to you more understanding to this blog. 

According to, Diana Owen said, “New political media are forms of communication that facilitate the production, dissemination, and exchange of political content on platforms and within networks that accommodate interaction and collaboration. They have evolved rapidly over the past three decades, and continue to develop in novel, sometimes unanticipated ways. New media have wide-ranging implications for democratic governance and political practices. They have radically altered the ways in which government institutions operate and political leaders communicate. They have transformed the political media system and redefined the role of journalists. They have redefined the way elections are contested, and how citizens engage in politics.

Ideally, the media serve several essential roles in a democratic society. Their primary purpose is to inform the public, providing citizens with the information needed to make thoughtful decisions about leadership and policy. The media act as watchdogs checking government actions. They set the agenda for public discussion of issues and provide a forum for political expression. They also facilitate community building by helping people to find common causes, identify civic groups, and work toward solutions to societal problems.” But now there is no such as things that prevent citizen and be the solution of the political problem. Let me tell you why.

Thai media are turning downside, according to Bangkok Post said that, “The relationship between the military and most media outlets is not bad, even though it is not completely friendly either. So why is the regime’s reform body proposing a bill to control the media?

Hated by both journalists and consumers, this senseless bill will let government officials and outsiders regulate the Thai press. It will not benefit anyone but governments and their bureaucratic arms who can easily escape scrutiny. And the only incentive for this regime to not kill the bill is its aspiration to prolong its executive power or rise to the top, again.” This paragraph shows how craving of government want to control the media and make the balance disable. Because if no one can post or do news about the fact and talk about the un-peace in city’s control. This town, Bangkok, will be takeover by military government and the other country cannot know or interact in any of situations that happen in Thailand. For example, the corruption, the unlawful judgment, the drugs, and the shot’s gun.

These all takeover has come along with the things we call censorship. That will prohibit the news of the bad things in government system (including the royalty system) that will make the government infamous or evil. After they takeover the media they can also make the Propaganda about the royalty or military and make innocent people become a citizen of the tyrant unconsciousness. And destroy this town continuously with righteousness. Since now we genuinely know that the proposed law will merely take us back to the time when we had a media censorship board before it was scrapped following the birth of the now-resolved 1997 People’s Constitution. If that kind of censorship is brought back, governments and public offices will not be effectively watched by the media. We can only hope that this useless bill will be killed by the cabinet and the National Legislative Assembly if this regime is sincere in keeping its word to not further pursue power or prolong it. I do hope.

And, the International Press Institute said, “The Thai military government’s continued enforcement of strict media laws and restrictions to target critics and independent reporting, and legislative efforts to take greater control over media, are leaving journalists in Thailand with an increasingly narrow space for free expression.” We obviously see that the media outlets under military government are restricted their freedom or expression of the truth.

Continue to propaganda issue, Thai schools have always been institutions where real learning has played second fiddle to indoctrination. Free thinking has long been discouraged in favor of uncritical obeisance to authority figures, including teachers whose every word is deemed to be sacrosanct.

Even asking questions in class is routinely frowned upon. Learners are expected to sit still silently as they listen to the pabulum that often passes for educational fare. Not surprisingly, despite living in one of the region’s wealthiest nations, Thai students invariably perform among the worst on tests in Southeast Asia when it comes to such essential skills as reading comprehension and English. At last, they are also and the unnecessary and propaganda subject like “Follow the king” or “How to be a good citizen” that include the soft power that forcing every child to love ‘The king’.

The propaganda appears not only in the book but also widespread in network to get any of people who try to reveal the government get a misinformation. According to the Rand Corp., a California-based think-tank, “information operations” or “IO” are also known as influence operations. They include the spread of propaganda to gain advantage over opponents. 

“The network was used primarily to promote pro-government and pro-military positions and accounts on Twitter and to attack political opposition, particularly the Future Forward Party and Move Forward Party (FFP and MFP, respectively),” said a report published Thursday by the Stanford Internet Observatory, a group Twitter shared its data with. 

Also, Twitter’s blockage of the 926 accounts came two weeks after Thailand brought police complaints against Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for not fully complying with court orders to take down content on their platforms deemed defamatory to Thailand’s royalty. That too fragile to be reasonable. But if we move next to the real-world of if one people get any sign of resist act, they will get arrest or controlled. For example, according to Bangkok Post News, Famous former television news anchorman, Sorayuth Suthassanachinda, paroled after serving jail time for embezzlement, is permitted to host television news programs but cannot take part in political activities.

In a middle of the downside of Thai media, we seem to have a little hope in direction of media in the future as after the famous newsman, Sorayuth Suthassanachinda paroled. Even under the condition of not taking part of political activities, he continues hosting news program and report news of the protests. This would be a good sign for the change in other main media channels because of Channel 3 news reporting after the lead of Sorayuth. Also, the propaganda, spreading fake news or restrictions of government cannot be as easy as it was happened in the past due to the citizen journalists on social media are taking role of watchdog in the society, so every step of government is being watched. Anyway, we hope that unless the media continue to keep their role to provide citizens the truth, the media would be more reliable.