Though several time different times in history, music has influenced people. Different decades lead to different styles of popular music, but effects are still same like every decade. Music has powerful impact to people and music can be place or be a friend when people sad or happy. Moreover, music is happening in every era, and it also can change with each era depend on vogue ,or fashion in each era.

Music is a one thing that happen in every era , every culture and sometime music can be a medium between culture for communicate or educate each other. As we can see, the pop culture in our society that has the popularity that people constantly watch and follow it. Hence, music is a one of pop culture that happen in every society and people still pay close attention to it.

Pop Culture is cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people. So today I am going to show you about the one of all thing that is pop culture , it is music. As we can see, in our world has many type of music but why music still is pop culture in every era? so today I will answer your question.

Nowadays, in our society has many thing changed and something still developing that the one thing that it is important role which it is a cause of development in our society that it is media. Media still developing itself and it is a important thing that can change our world and society. People can communicate each other not only in nearly place but also the other side of the world and we can check or update news on the media that very comfortable for people. Moreover, media has influence people and it can drive the society for the better way. Sometime media can make people confuse about the content that they create and show on the media. We can know it real or not but even the show are fake ,it do not matter because people having fun with it.

For Music, producer create music for the audiences to enjoy with it that each type of music will have different listeners according to their preferences. So, the audiences play in vital role in the music that they keep it evolving if we has music without the listeners, the music makers won’t make the music. Moreover, different audiences respond in different ways that is why the songs are made out of many type. For the producers who create the music have to set their target audiences. The audience can divide in two groups, first one is Fragmented audience and another one is Niche audience if you set and create in the right group , your music can become top of music and can be pop culture.

Platform of media or platform that we publish the music in social media has a lot of platform. Music have to has media to help for publish and promote each music. If you has music with out media , music can not publish to your target audience correctly. Each of media platform has different type of audience and if you changing media , you changing stereotype too.

Music can growing in the society quickly because audience and media. Audience can help your music to be a popular in each year and media can gain the music into the audience directly it like a hypodermic model that like a syringe that injected into your blood in the same topic and meaning.

In 2021, this song is top 5 of music that has around 200,300,000 viewers on youtube that can show hoe important of audience. Audience or viewers can help the music to be a the best of hit song in each year. The reason why this song become popular because the platform of media that promote to audience. For instant, YouTube is the one of best platform that have the most of viewed.

Thus, all of above is a information and a little bit example of music and pop culture that happen in current society and it still happening and developing for the future. In addition, I hope my blog can help you to understand about pop culture and the music that become pop culture more and more and I hope your guys enjoy with my blog.