It goes without saying that today’s internet and new media involve in our daily life even being human needs of the new generation. It plays the key role and becomes a big necessary part of human’s life. To illustrate, the movie called “Searching” represents the technology in human life that people usually hear but they often ignore and think that it not involve in their lives. It is cyber thriller which is the new kind of thriller movie. Searching represents the uniqueness. There are none of supernatural things but they represent in the way of investigation. It is dubbed as a good investigation movie of 2018.

Searching reflects a story of people who grew up with technologies and used it as a medium to keep their memories. The most significant plot has been twisted when the mother of the main character passed away. It is the beginning of an important scene. The main character disappeared mysteriously, so the investigation begins. The movie uses media platform to run the story and also tell a story from many angles of each character in order to see many sides of the story. Including an angle that people do not like or expect to hear but it really happen in the real world of social network.Nevertheless, Searching is one of thriller movie that is very interesting and connect with the real world especially in this new era.

What is this movie trying to convey?

Internet and new media hold a lot of power and impact for people nowadays. Similarly, to this movie, the story reflects and triggers people to realize that friends in the real world can also be the stranger in the cyber world. Apart from this, it also reflects family issue that can be found very normally from many families in the society. Playing with this sensitive issue can really attract people’s attention. Leading to the concern that family issue is really a big issue in the society while family should be the safest zone for all family members. It also pulls people attention since it is the emotional story which is sensitive for most people.

Moving on to the story, it began with a small happy family name “Kim”. Unfortunately, bad new occurred to them since Pamela Kim who is the mother have to face with cancer and died. There is only a father and his only daughter left in this family. Two of them pretend to live like a normal family and everything looks good in their lives even though their lost is killing them. No one ever talked about Pamela. They only keep the feeling deep down in their heart. David, the father, still takes care his daughter whereas in light of Marcot, the daughter, always hide and hold her feeling and some secrets.

Until one day, she disappeared with no clue and no one can contact her. After that David found out that he never knows his daughter or even does not know what Marcot is facing. For this reason, given the rise to the main story. David has to find every way to find Marcot by means of using online platform and new media to play a significant factor to help him.

He connected with every social media that Marcot used. Finally, he connected and knew more the real thing of her daughter so he knew that he actually did not know anything about Marcot. Marcot does not have friended in school. She always expresses her feeling through social media like posting the picture or making a live video online.

Finally, the movie was disclosed the cue at the end. Then, we knew that decent investigate police who runs the case is the beginning reason and try to conceal the truth so as to help her son by using fake identity online. She also distorts the case by convincing David to understand the wrong information that can make David less suspicious about other people but feeling more guilty about his treat to his daughter. She did all of these to protect her son who is involved with Marcot disappearance.

Why does media have a huge impact in people’s life?

The main point of the story that obviously shown is about today’s Online space. People are more familiar which can cause a huge effect on users before they know the truth of it. Sometimes, it is dangerous. Cyber space can hide the real people’s identity especially when they have a malicious intention. People can used other identity and pretend that it is their identity. You will never really know a person you are talking to through cyberspace especially a person that you knew from social network. People in the real world may be dangerous but cyberspace is much more.

The director and co-writer, Aneesh Chaganty claimed that the entire film took place on tech device that people use to communicate everyday such as smart phone and laptop. To do this kind of movie, they have to attract the audience’s attention and create the trick to tackling this movie to be exciting and not boring.

Film technique

They use every single cinematic trick that they feel like they have learnt and, that has been developed over the last 100 years, weather it is camera push in, a dolly, a lens flare, or just a narrative trick. They tried to combine these cinematic trick to device on the screen that people use everyday and they hope that this trick will be something that people will have never seen before.

Social network tricks

Aside from using social media of her daughter, the new media function online that he used to help them and find in the movie are also interesting and important.

-They show the official web regarding helping people to find missing people in the US. People can do it easier by means of online platform.

Using google map in order to find the location, It is quit easy and accurate. It not just find the location but it also can direct you to the location you want to go. Besides, it is really comprehensive around the global.

We can search for phone number via the internet like in the picture above but have to pay some money.

In google we can drag the image to the search box to find an information about the person you are looking for.

We can search the case so as to see more information and also help the investigation by considering and searching for the opinion from online people.

Impact of social media

In the movie also show the impact of social media such as how fast it goes in social network. For an example, people can create an hashtag and the information that has been tagged. Which hashtag is popular, it will pop up automatically in the searching page.

However everything has two sides. It shown that social media which is free space. Some group of people give their opinion without knowing the true story.

Moreover, people can fake their identity like profile picture by using the others picture. You will never know who you are talking to in social network and their real identity.

Useful information from the movie

We use google every day but there are some functions that most people do not know that it exists via google. For an example, finding one’s identity by using photo. It is useful in real life and it is good to know that there is much more useful function in google. On the other hand, as everything in social network are all connected. People are able to find you easily. In some cases that you do not protect your account, other people can easily get into your account. Even worse they can know where you go or where you live. Besides, some people who have a malicious intention and really good at computer, they can hack into your account and get all of your information which it can end up terribly. When use social network you should concern about these problems and do not post everything on social network.

Something that you already shared in social network, it cannot delete. It might be delete from social network but it will not get out from people’s mind.

To sum up, the uniqueness of the movie is rhythm of editing in the movie. which is composed of thriller. Which always surprised the audience so as to invite the audience to follow until the end of story. Even though this kind of plot that appears in the movie is not totally strange to the others. As the strong technique by using monitor of smartphone or computer to run and tell the story. Given rise to the audience be able to see many differences of angle.

Moreover, they also add more taste of the story in order to hold the audience attention to concentrate and follow the movie. In the movie, they keep all of the details even in a small point. Another interesting thing in the movie is the plot that connect to the relationship between family , losing people case and teenager life. The most important thing is the using on Internet or new media nowadays. This movie can represent almost every angle in both pros and cons. We can call that they hold all of effectiveness or the function of the internet to adapt with the movie.

There is nothing in order to make the audience feel bored or lacking of intention. Whereas, most of the previous movie that use the similar material always make audience get bored. Aside from that, there are many scenes which can trigger curiosity. They add more beats and music which are the decent factors, just to make the movie more interesting.


For this reason, Searching can hit the target and hold a lot of intention from the audience. Because of the uniqueness of the movie, they always persuade the audience to find the answer or the result of the story together with the character. I guess it also triggers you guys to find the truth. No matter how familiar you are with this kind of thriller movie, it quite asserts that the audience will still enjoy and impress with the movie undeniably.

However, this movie gives a positive idea of living with technologies. Most of the audiences who are the online content creator saying that they really enjoy this movie. And rate the movie around 8-10 meaning that it is very good. It is worth to watch if you have free time. It is now available in some online websites and it is free of charge.

For those who already watched, how much do you think this movie related to you. Then, I would like to ask how much do cyber harm you, think about it. Last but not least, do not forget to care about people around you. If you look carefully, there are so many people who need you and will always be there for you.

As the case from the movie, the father and daughter are really care each other but they do not talk. They keep the pain inside and it caused a huge gap between them. It has ended up sadly, the father cared but do not know anything about his daughter and he regretted it. Cared about people around you, you will never regret.