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Tourists around the world know that Bangkok is one of the most well-known tourist destination in the world ,but in actually not only Bangkok is well-known from foreigner but also in northern province is the popular place tourists must know! Nowadays people looking for tourist attraction about nature for relaxing so in northern is a place that satisfied your choice.Northern in Thailand has more province tourists should know such as Chiang mai , Mae hong sorn ,etc.If you want to travel somewhere in Thailand, Northern in Thailand is the best choice you should to go! No matter how many months have passed or how many years,Thai people and foreigner  like to find a place to travel of nature , cool weather and more.

Chiang Mai Province

Chiang Mai 

: Chiang Mai province is a province in Thailand that is located in the North of the country. The total area of it is about 20,107 Square Kilometers and it is the second biggest province in Thailand.It is one of the most popular province for tourists and the reason people should go to Chiang mai because travel in Chiang mai you must get an experience the culture , local food and attraction in Chiang mai.Nowadays tourism regarded as another activity that all Thai people like and do it regularly, Chiang mai is interesting to believe that Thai people and many young people want to travel.I will give you more information about Chiang mai for you to decision in this province.For example,

Chiang Mai weather is good

If going to explore the city with cool weather Especially in winter I guarantee that the city of Chiang Mai is One of them, because of the large number of tourists coming Especially when coming to experience the cold on Doi Inthanon Which is considered the highest point in Thailand If you haven’t experienced the cold here Must come.

Travel to Chiang Mai There are many natural spots for traveling

There are many tourist attractions in Chiang Mai. Both in terms of natural attractions Cultural tourist attraction in Chiang Mai city Or even the Chiang Mai Walking Street Which is considered to have a unique feature that in many areas of Thailand are brought as a model for organizing the Walking Street event.

Mae Hong Sorn Province

Mae Hong sorn

:Mae hong sorun,the city is reputed to be the city of Sam Mok because it is surrounded by mountains of Thongchai and Laos.Causing the city to be covered with fog all year round cool pure ozone from trees and grass that can attract tourists with bright yellow rice terraced ,depending on the season with a misty spot including agricultural trip.People get experience from the local way of life that ha not been swallowed by the outsides world including temples and water caves like unseen in Thailand.    

It is the place that I recommend from the northern in Thailand.Let’s join us!

Last year,I has trip to go to with my friends to Chiang Mai and this place below.You can see our gallery below the information about that places!

When the time is coming we planing a schedule for 6 days 5 nights and we study about the place from youtube channel to prepare my bags.we are watching to channel below for find the place that recommend by them and I follow them to go to unexpected place! and for but our emotions before go to travel.The important reasons Iuse Youtube for consider for traveling because influences have power to attract audience when we watching their channel that make emotion and want to go like them

All of channel I choose because they popular and have variety content, I follow them and watching all of videos some video they recommend a restaurant I go like them including this trip:)

From channel : Alrisaa

From channel: Zuvapitsnap

From channel : brinkkty

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park

Opening-Closing Hours  : Daily 06.00 am- 06.00 pm Admission Fee : is 50 baht / adult, 20 baht.

: Beginning with the highest mountain in Thailand, ” Doi Inthanon ” One if the most tourist attractions in Chiang Mai. There are also perennial plants, flowers, rivers and waterfalls for tourists to glimpse the beauty of nature.there is the activity you do not miss!If you wake up before the sunrise you should to go to view point and waiting for the sunrise ,it is so beautiful and do not waste your time that you get up early.

From channel : TheGaijinTrips แบกเป้เที่ยวคน เดียว

Mon Jam

Mon Jam

Opening-Closing Hours : Daily 24 hours

Admission Fee : Free ( Flower zone 10 baht )

: Mon Jam is one of the most popular place people want to visit ,it almost top of mountain.Around this area is cover in tress and has flowers zone for tourist and it the point tourists like to snap and upload in the social for invite people who want to visit.The peak of Mon Jam is in the Nong Hot Royal project development center.There are two main viewpoint of Mon Jam ,one side is the mountain alternately as far as the eye can see .On the other side, it will be a farm to grow various plants of the royal project which will change vegetation according to the season.

From channel : Mayy R

From channel : YINGPCP

Bo Kaeo Pine Tree Garden

Bo Kaeo Pine Tree Garden

Opening-Closing Hours : 08:00 Am – 05:00 Pm

Admission Fee : Free entrance

: The most pleasant time to visit is winter because in the morning, we will see a curtain of mist covering the upper haft of the pine courtyard coinciding with the light of the sun shining down.You will have to press the shutter to stop the camera.Tourist are think it is a familiar image like Name Island in can go and enjoy in natural around you when you going,I feel chill with the trees around me!

From channel :Enjoy Go

Pang Ung Agortourism

Pang Ung Agortourism

Opening-Closing Hours : 04:00 Am – 06:00 Pm

Admission Fee : Free ( Rafting 150 Baht per person )

: Pang Ung or officially know as Pang Tong Reservoir is a large reservoir with the huge place. pang Ugh is surrounded by pine trees.In the morning there will be faint fog, above the water surface and there are many swans swimming with a beautiful atmosphere and many people like this romantic name Pang Ugh like a ” Switzerland Thailand “. Moreover, people like to rafting around the reservoir it is recommend and should do, if you want to savor this moment.

From channel : LBZERO

From channel :Chillpainai

Ban Cha BO

Ban Cha Bo

Opening-Closing Hours : Daily 24 hours

Admission Fee : Free or depending on each homestay

: Ban cha Bo is only place that stay in Mae hong corn province, the name of a small community in Pang Mapha district,Mae hong sorn province.Most of the villagers are Lahu people who have relocated from Huai Yao, led by Mr. Cha Bo Phranetitham, Hence the name of the community.If you go to Ban cha bo do not mean you sleep in real Cha bo house, all of villager is a homestay and the price is different from size of their home.The intention of coming here is to get to sleep in a homestay which is a true homestay for villagers,no matter how they sleeps , what they eats.In the morning,I wake up and see the sea of mists from home or who wants to get a different view from others you should to walking up to see the view at ” Phu Pha Mok ” with a guide ( The guide is a villager in the community )fee of 100 baht per person it is the recommend place and in the night we can see all of star in the dark sky! Who wants to feel the cold weather you can try to travel here you will do not be disappointed!

From channel : เทปทดลอง

I’m guarantee this place I choose is a recommended places , I believe that you must love truth! 👍🏻🧐




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