Disclaimer : this blog is not intend to offend any youtubers , just an other side of writer’s thought

youtubers have become a popular hobby/career today, like you would go anywhere in town and see people holding there camera toward their face and talking to their camera.

Ryan Kaji 8 year old youtuber who made the most money in the world 2018-2019

The statistic shows that  75% of children dream of becoming YouTubers.

from mediakix

What makes it so popular ?

many people would say ‘oh it’s easy, just phone camera and talking and you will gain people attention’ …really?!

First, let have a look at

what they will got for being a youtuber?

1. The power to control content

As in the phrase “Content is king” . people are creaving for power .they are able to control people’s mind or even put some  weird thought & belief 

2. More standing in society

People want to get recognized. In other word . you can become celebrity! With Self-Made! .

3. Got privileges

This is quite a main reason for people to move in to youtuber industry, you might see so many youtuber  said ‘ …(name of a brand)… you can sponsore me’ or you’ll see youtubers talking about particular products with full detail and its valueable. Like they said ‘human love free stuff’ or anything that earn by ease.

So, with this growth of youtuber It has had an influence on the society of viewers. Upper classes and elites are mostly on youtube to record and show  their amazing life-style : going to trip aboard , eat luxury things and do makeup&dressup with a hi-end brand,which The most inequality in the world ,aka Thailand, have more number of middle class and lower class people with little leisure time becuase they have to work for there daily or monthly income.These people don’t just have not enough time but also not enough income to fulfill their dreams and somehow it make them 

deeply shame of their life .

Thinking why their life are not like them (youtubers) and lead to depression.

Underestimate their capabilities

Think that they are lower than those people and can not be like them so, just watching them thought screen is enough but the truth is they have their right to be like those amazing lifestyles 


wanted to be like them  But what he wants is in opposite directions with his ability

Identity distortion

Act in the way that it is not suitable for their real personality just because the influencer does it and it turn out pretty so people imitated

People being convinced easily

From their busy and stress life ,sometime audiences don’t like to think much on the content they’re being inform when they are watching youtube on their free time , which some of the contents on youtube are not true or fake.

Or , youtube is just a platform where elite people show their luxury-dreamy lifestyle nowadays?

Another thought is that there are also various youtuber , which intends to publish something that really benefits the audience such as life-hacking , dance tutorials , tourists guidelines or make up tutorials. Hence, the audience have to had their own critics in watching videos on youtube.