Nowadays, ‘film cameras’ are popular items that teens like to use to save memories since it has its own unique charm that digital cameras and phones camera cannot do. Causing many people to want to experience the charm of the film camera and became more interested in playing film cameras, but I believe that some people are still not sure which camera to start and I believe that many people have the question of “How to start?” Or “Which camera to buy?” because film cameras are divided into many categories both SLR, Rangefinder and Compact camera. If I suggest what camera to start with I’d recommend a compact camera or a point & shoot camera which is easy to use, including a flash that will help you to not miss the opportunity to record important moments.

Today we would like to introduce you to the compact film camera. Which has been carefully selected for you and it worth to pay.

1. Contax T2

If talking about the most successful compact camera, the ultimate 90s point & shoot camera which is accepted among professional and amateur photographers with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar 38mm f / 2.8 quality lens which can capture details and give color tones typical of Carl Ziess And in addition, it is a camera designed perfectly Although not fully equipped with advanced technology but all parts are designed for true usability. Begin by adjusting the aperture by rotating the lens ring. The exposure compensation button that has been separated is in a convenient position. Including the ability to specify the focus distance manually. With the success of the Contax T2, this camera is like the symbol of the Contax brand. There are also many colors to choose from, including Titanium black, Jet black, Titanium Gold, each color will have different prices according to the rarity.

Current price on the Ebay website 13,000 – 26,000 baht

2. Leica Minilux

Premium compact camera from famous German German brand “Leica” comes with the elegant design of Leica brand, paired with Summarit 40mm f / 2.4 lens that provides contrast and color tone  according to the character of Leica. As well as full functionality for both aperture adjustment and manual range finding. But I have found that this camera is a bit slow when compared to the rival Contax T2. But if you don’t love speed and have plenty of time to take pictures including looking for a camera with beautiful design. Leica Minilux will be the camera that meets your needs for sure.

Current price on the Ebay website 16,000 – 25,000 baht

3. Nikon 35Ti

Let’s continue with the camera from a giant brand from Japan. Nikon 35Ti was first released in 1993.  Which the strength of this camera is about the retro design by using the dashboard on the top of the camera, which acts as a display screen and various settings. The watch dashboard above the camera is produced and designed by Seiko, the famous watch brand of the same nationality. This camera come with a Nikkor 35 f / 2.8 lens, providing the image of a standard Nikon, as well as a large SLR camera.

Current price on the Ebay website 19,000 – 36,000 baht

4. Olympus mju II

Another interesting option for those who are interested to start playing film cameras with the top compact camera from Olympus with a 35mm f / 2.8 lens. While also adjusting the focus to be more accurate than before and add a light metering system (spot metering). The body is made of good quality plastic, which is claimed to be able to work in all weather conditions. The most important thing is the best price among all the cameras that we have chosen today.

Current price on the Ebay website 7,000 – 10,000 baht

5. Yashica T4

Popular compact camera among portrait photographers with the Carl Zeiss Tessar T * 35mm f / 3.5 lens with precise focus system and intelligent flash system. All of this is put in a small plastic camera that weighs just 170 grams complete with functions that are extremely simple. And with the cleverness of the camera, you almost don’t have to think a lot about different settings. This is a top compact camera. That people who play film cameras need the most.

Current price on the Ebay website 9,000 – 21,000 baht

6. Fuji Klasse S/W

Fuji Klasse S / W was produced in 2007, with the S model being a 38mm f / 2.8 normal range lens, while the W model is a 28mm f / 2.8 wide lens. Both are point and shoot cameras that were developed with the most advanced technology of that time, almost digital cameras that can be said to be the smartest operation.

Current price on the Ebay website 18,000 – 30,000 baht

7. Minolta TC-1

A premium camera from Minolta that comes with a small size. A lot with full functions, such as manual focus, attractive aperture ring, and a beautifully designed lens. The body is made of strong titanium. The camera comes with a Rockkor 28mm / f3.5 wide lens that provides sharp images and the character colors that are clear, according to Minolta’s style, which can be made impressive, whether in color or black and white. Moreover, it is a camera that is rarely used and the price in the market is quite high. Suitable for high-budget camera enthusiasts who like the difference.

Current price on the Ebay website 24,000 – 40,000 baht.

8. Ricoh GR1

The ultimate compact camera created for true street photographers. With a compact design, can easily be put in a pocket or pants pocket Fast operation system, quite reliable focus, control buttons is placed in the right position for use. There is also a snap mode that lets you set the focus distance in advance. And can shoot immediately when within the selected distance. Comes with a 28mm f / 2.8 lens that provides unique images and colors with clear characters, especially black and white images.

Current price on the Ebay website 13,000 – 26,000 baht

9. Pentax espio 120sw ii

My personal favorite compact film camera to day not just because the price is cheap but built and image quality in too good for this price, the body made from aluminium while being a small camera, it still has the power to zoom to 120 mm tele-angle. It is one of the more advanced models from the large Pentax Espio line.

Current price on Ebay website 2,400 – 5,800 baht

10. Contax T3

The ultimate compact camera, which was developed from the Contax T2 with the lens from 38mm to 35mm Sonnar f / 2.8. As well as providing the most modern function that pre-modern technology will provide. Distinctive with a beautiful appearance and the slim design makes it possible to carry a pocket or pants pocket anywhere accurate metering, fast focus, and a smart flash which is unbelievable that it can be placed in a camera smaller than the palm.

Current price on the Ebay website 39,000 – 60,000 baht

And all of these are compact cameras that have been selected as the best. Everyone has their favorite cameras that are different. I only present what is appropriate for you since no camera in the world is the most perfect one and you have to decide for yourself what is right for you.





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