Since the arrival of new media, the world has witnessed various dramatic changes and has several impact from various factors including the new platform of public sphere allowed us to share and express an opinion more conveniently via the developed online opportunity such as Facebook and Twitter. Despite a number of advantage this provides, from our perspective, the disadvantage can not be taken for granted.

Nowadays, the Internet is playing a more important role in the audience’s daily routine. People use the Internet for different purposes. They search for information, buy goods and services, speak in chat rooms, etc. The question therefore becomes, whether or not the Internet has already become a “public sphere” where people can share their opinions about different issues. It is obviously seen that public sphere in the age that internet has introduced offers several benefit compared with the public sphere in former times such as a coffeehouse discussion or specific discussion meeting, this innovative means potential for point-to-point communication, worldwide access, immediacy, and cost-effective. Moreover, public sphere via internet still provide diversity of idea from all accessible place and there is a freedom of expression an opinion supporting human right that everyone can play a role and be valuable.The most outstanding prominent of public sphere via internet is the Interaction, when people get their news from online sources, they often can also ask questions, offer comments, state their opinions, engage in political debates, or communicate with other readers, which are all features that make online media appealing to readers.To go further, with the popularity of the Internet and the Web growing daily, more and more people are turning to online media for news, information, and entertainment. Unlike traditional media, most online media sources offer their content via the Internet free of charge, which makes obtaining news online less costly than obtaining it from offline sources.

In addition, Public Sphere has significantly effect to our societies that especially on people who use or access digital media in their daily lives. This could be several advantages like an opportunity to users because it is an area in social space where individual users or audiences can come to together to freely explain or discuss and identify their opinions about societal problems, and though discussion about influence political action to convenience other users or acknowledge them about what they have in their mindset. This could lead to create The formation of public opinion that everyone who have digital media can access to search or find anything that they want to find. For example, public health, public education, private opinion ,and private ownership are the topic that some citizen digital users want to know what happened on that situation that other found and share on social media like blog or Youtube video, and get learn how to solve or cure its. Moreover, Public Sphere also make relationship between users become improve and create person like Net idol to get more famous. This is because users will find some person who interest in same general matter and communicate with their same ideas without unrestricted fashion that they do not have to wear cloth with good quality to face out with others. Therefore, all citizens not have to be same nations or regions, they only have to use device and type to share their ideas and opinion to make other users notice and understand what they want to tell and what other feel is match on tellers purpose or not.

 Like a rose that has some thorns, Public Sphere via internet also effects in disadvantage effects as well. This is because Public sphere is also kind of freedom of speech that audiences or any people can type texts or talk anythings that they want without proper legal to force them to speak, it just only manners of them to be rules for themselves to text on blog or something that broadcast to other citizen watch or hear it. These kind of comments or topic in blog ,other channels that people watch will lead it to Cyber Bully that can blame some people that may be innocent become criminal or something that worse than than without any evidences to prove that writer or speaker are right. Moreover, most of traits in audiences are interest about negative thing that from other people that they know like celebrities or other influencers ,and they will easy to believe some rumours without critical thinking that is it true or not ,and they will remember it every time and become their mindset ,if it not true and have evidence to prove that not right, they will still remember disadvantage rumours about that person and become bully that person all the time. Furthermore, if these messages that spread in internet around the world become an impact, if some influencers have broadcast about something that group a lot of people with to do some purpose. It will become a threat ,if they cannot finish they goal ,but it can also become a revolution ,if they succeed it as well. These refer to happen in around the world that people disagree with something and group up with others that have influencers like popular politicians that broadcast speech that persuade people to protect something ,such as their own roles as a determinism of themselves to create a Mob ,and challenge the government by using Public Sphere in anyway especially on internet that global around the world to persuade and make conflict between inside or outside the countries. Thus, as you can see that Public Sphere in via internet should be limited on something that will force or lead some people step up to do big mistake things that can become conflict outside than internet. All countries should have rules that more impact and person who work as a Watchdog inside the internet ,and acknowledge population about manner when they use internet and how far as they can type as public.

 On the other side of the coin, it is undeniable that it also has the negative side of the public sphere. The public sphere is particularly vital for communication in current civilization. Since a dramatically increasing number of people using social media, it can also lead to conflict and argument. An obvious example of the negative side of public sphere can be mostly seen in social media like Facebook, Twitter, or the online page or public space that allow people to access for sharing their opinions and leaving some comment. Therefore, there are various issues which can bring about the problems and arguments on social media. For instance, firstly, the conflict can happen from the religion and cultural issues occurred by misunderstanding, stereotypes, bias, or prejudice. Secondly, an individual preference which is another point of issues that can cause the fight on social media. For example, there is a post of a celebrity who has a large group of fans then, an anonymous person posted some bad opinion or comment from his thought. When some of the fans come across to see this post, they might be pungent and argue back to that person thus, the argument will certainly happen. Finally, misunderstanding the message. As we know that social media in this modern era is very fast and mass for many people in the world. Especially in Thailand, people have to be aware of posting something on social media since several words in Thai have many implications so, it easily leads to misinterpreting. However, if people on social media know how to utilize public sphere wisely and effectively the conflict will rarely happen.

As was previously mentioned, the public sphere acts as a medium channel in which people can debate or communicate with each other effectively. The most vital part of the public sphere is being an online public space mostly on social media for people to access or join for giving a comment or express their opinions publicly. Every coin has two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages of the public sphere. Focusing on the positive side, it is very useful for the online people in many ways whether it be providing the opportunity for people to share their opinion, exchanging the ideas and discussing the issue. Next to the negative side of the public sphere, several conflicts, and arguments which happen from the public sphere. The most obvious factor can be seen is misunderstanding, misinterpreting, bias, prejudice, preference, and stereotype. Due to the mass of media, it leads to both effects which are positive and negative. However, everybody who becomes a participant of social media should be more aware of using it in every way. The idea of the public sphere is letting the online people to access to public debate freely and open to everyone, therefore, it means that everybody has to respect each other even on the social media then the conflicts or argument will hardly happen. The existence of public sphere is of course for the freedom to opine and discuss unrestrictedly. Apart from that, the users need to speak out their thoughts with logic for an effective result in discussion. Plus, being impartial to everyone’s voice is important for new ideas, and everyone must not neglect their right to participate this interchange so as to get the most out of this platform.