200 years back, if you were a foot soldier, you couldn’t afford boots. You could barely afford shoes. Boots were always reserved for officers which refers to status and power. Even now, if you think of a man who’s going to be an explorer or joining the military, what’s he wearing? Boots. Imagine a rockstar up on stage who is talented and influential, what’s he wearing? Boots.

It is all about setting yourself apart. It’s all about status. Thus, this blog is going to give you 5 types of boots every man should own. Likewise, I would again drop the link where you could buy those online down below.

Chelsea Boots

THE CHELSEA BOOT COMPANY dates back to the Victorian era and was first established in the year of 1851. 

The first boots were made by J.Sparkes-Hall for the House of Queen Victoria after the creation of vulcanised rubber, refers to the elastic on the sides, which allowed the wearer to slip the boots on and off easily. Queen Victoria had requested a pair of boots to be made without laces, thus it would not get stuck in her stirrups while riding. The boots were initially called “Paddock boots” as they were mainly used while riding. They picked up their name when London’s Chelsea cool kids started sporting them. The Beatles were soon wearing them, and then The Rolling Stones. And about a minute after that, everyone else. It has gained status and remained firmly in agricultural fashion ever since. 

The Chelsea boot is one of my favourite boots of all time, according to its classy and elegant look. They could be worn with many outfits like, jeans, trousers or chinos. However, it’s all about your fit, you have to make sure that your pants have the slim fit for trousers or skinny fit when it comes to jeans. Be careful with too long and baggy pants which couldn’t get along with Chelsea boots. You could make your look more uniquely casual by wearing suede one.

Chukka Boots

Even though the distinctly named Chukka boot has curious origins, it is still a staple that belongs in any dapper man’s wardrobe, due to its unique blend of elegantly casual style.

Among all the footwear choices afforded to men, Chukka boots certainly take the cake for its unusual name. The name “Chukka” is said to be derived from the seven and a half minute, Polo playing period called a Chukker or Chukka which derived from the Hindi word “chukkar” meaning “circle” or “turn”. Because there are different variations of uppers, it is unclear what exactly the original version looked like and how it got its name. One school of thought argues that Chukka boots got their name due to the resemblance to boots worn by polo players, i.e. Jodhpur boots.

The Chukka boot is a good choice for guys looking for casual style. You could match it with your favourite jeans or chinos. A brown pair goes well with autumnal trouser colours such as green, red and duskier yellows. Importantly, experiment at your heart’s content. For an even more casual weekend look, go for Chukka boots in other materials like canvas. One can combine them with a favourite pair of jeans and t- shirt or khakis and a sweater. Stick to slim jeans to create a refined silhouette. 

Work Boots

The history of the safety boots can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century at a time when people started addressing industrial safety issues. During this time the laws on compensation were enacted. Before this period, replacing an injured worker was cheaper and faster than introducing safety measures. Liability costs, however, made many large companies start focusing on having equipment that was safer to use. 

The most iconic work boots like, the Timberland Yellow Boot, Red Wing’s classic moc toe which have remained almost unchanged for decades, which makes it surprising that they’ve been adopted by such diverse style tribes. Hip-hop artists and workwear enthusiasts all love a work boot.

Work boots have continued to develop to reflect the current fashions, they are look better and now come in various styles and colours. They may not sit well with suiting, but they are the perfect foundation to a jeans and t-shirt combo which I recommended.

Brogue Boots

The name originates from the Gallic word, “brog” as the style was originally popular with 19th century farmers in Scotland and Ireland. They were designed for utility, with the perforated holes at the front to perform the task of draining bog water away from farmers’ feet as they worked the land and walked over boggy, wet terrain. Brogues are not only for boots, they also include shoes and loafers.

Brogues were still considered to be a practical, country shoe and nothing more, until as recently as the 1920s. It was the arrival of the jazz age, which was first felt in the United States following its birth in New Orleans and was then followed by a European movement that helped to transform the perception of brogues from the purely practical to the fashionable.

You could wear your brogue boots with any outfits you might normally wear with traditional brogues. Thus, lace up a dark brown or black leather pair with heavier wool suiting, or smart trouser and shirt/cardigan combinations.

Trench Boots

In January of 1918, nearly a year after the U.S. had officially declared war on Germany and entered into the war, General John Pershing approved a series of changes to the current shoe. It was called a Russet Marching Shoe, not a boot and it looks like something women still wear. The new boot was outfitted with thicker leather, waterproofing, and a thicker sole among other changes. The Trench Boot was born and was often referred to as the Pershing boot.

The trench boot is also my favourite type of boots, you could wear them with your skinny jeans which make your look more outstanding. Black and dark brown would be great choices for men to match it with their favourite pair of jeans. My recommendation is doing cuff once or twice in order to show off the boots. For the best look, you have to make sure that your jeans are fit properly not too long or short. Personally, the trench boot is the most masculine look for men I’ve ever seen.