What is K-pop culture :

Korean pop is a part of Korean Wave which marks a global phenomenon originating in South Korea at the beginning of 21st century that had a strong impact throughout the world and influenced contemporary culture, music, film and television industry

The popularity of Korea and Korean culture has been growing steadily and relentlessly since the turn of the millennium, with numerous soap operas and pop groups taking a firm hold in mainstream pop culture. Sociologists explain the Korean Wave as “a popularity of Korean culture abroad; a Korean life style, filled with genuine Korean culture.”

How K-pop Culture Influence in Thailand

Thailand today gets a lot of Korean wave influence from food, fashion, lifestyle and especially entertainment. This wave of Korean pop culture has fully engulfed Thai youth society are obtaining of popular music, drama, language,and cuisine. The saccharine perfection of Korean pop drew people in fast, mostly young females. The more recent boom supposedly started in 2006 with TVXQ, a Korean boy band, who created a sensation among Thai teens, with their songs topping the charts for over four weeks and setting new records

However, the biggest contributor to K-pop’s recent popularity is the world’s increasing interconnectivity within the digital world. Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter have all significantly contributed to K-pop’s international popularity, as these platforms instantly share K-pop to millions of people across the globe. So that why the wave of K-pop has seeped into the lives of people throughout Asia and the world. Now South Korean pop culture has grown in prominence to become a major driver of global culture. Therefore, the korean wave have an effect on trade between thailand and south korean as well.

K-pop idol

K-pop artists or “idols” are some of many reasons that K-pop is beloved by people around the world. At first glance, a K-pop idol may not seem different from Western pop stars. Like Western artists, K-pop idols are musical artists with dedicated fan bases.

: How K-pop idols different from the others

The difference lies with the fact that an idol is ultimately a product of a K-pop entertainment agency. These agencies make their idols undergo a variety of processes to maximize their appeal to the public, constantly attempting to ensure perfection from these performers by pushing them to master complicated choreographies, embody appealing personalities, and cultivate impressive vocals. Though this dedication to perfection may sound like overkill, it has undoubtedly successful results; the apparent flawlessness of K-pop idols, thanks to K-pop agencies, makes many people around the world love and “idolize” them, contributing to their commercial success.

South Korean producer Choi Jong-hwan, president of 0316 Entertainment

“Choi also called Thailand a hub of possibilities with a lot of potential when it comes to entertainment. Thailand is quite sensitive to the world’s markets and trends. It’s a tourist country. It has a strong sense in picking up and realising what the world market needs. People are also more open to new trends.”

From : Bangkok Post


: Influence of Korean wave on Thai entertainment

  • Movie

Not only that many Thai people love to watch Korean dramas, movies and variety shows but also love to watch said entertainments in Thai editions. It seems like a new trend these days for Thai entertainment companies buying copyrights for producing Korean programs in Thai version or even using Korean celebrates as main characters in Thai dramas and variety shows to target more audiences.



  • Music

As we have seen K-pop music like the viral Gangnam Style take over the world and artists like BTS storm the US Billboard charts with their music. Recently, a K-pop gathering in Oakland, California, drew thousands of fans. In terms of music, the cross-cultural business model also operates in different dimensions. We see some Thai-born artists such as Nichkhun of boy band 2PM, Bam Bam of GOT7 and Lisa of girl group Blackpink becoming part of the K-pop scene.

Life Style

: how idols influence our life style

The life of a k-pop fan can be generally resumed with keeping up with your idol/group throughout the day and seeing what they does via fan-sites, updates, and many more. when a person spends a lot of time with another individual, in our case keeping up with them, the person tends to adapt some things the other individual does. this happens in every day life, you can’t tell me you haven’t started using a certain word or doing a certain action because your friend does it all the time. it’s basic human interaction. so, seeing as we spend a lot of time watching idols we will start to adapt their ways of being.

At this point, as a fan you look up to your idol, you respect them so when they will reccomend anything really you will check it out. either because you are whipped or just generally interested.This is just how little things can really affect you and change your life style For example, Fashion and food.


I always came up with a question that why most of Thais teenagers are dress up like a Korea Style (waring a hoodie or cold fashion styles), even if Thailand weather is extremely hot. however this influence is good as well, it can motivate fans to try out different clothes and styles, open them up to fashion.

One of the things that stood out to me the most almost instantly was the way idols dressed, whether that was on stage, airport fashion or in random vlog style videos. I never really had much of a fashion style at all. I always look out for those “idols closets” pages and look for pieces of clothing i like the most and try to find similar things within my price range. it’s boosted my confidence and made me care more about how i dress and influenced my clothing style

Korea Idols

Thais Idols


Korean Food – Weather also played a key role for the people. Their harsh winters made Koreans resourceful in making body-warming delicacies, such as fermented foods – kimchi and deonjang (soybean pastes). They have hot stews, spicy noodles, and steaming broths.

But, those Korea cuisine are playing in Thai food marketing a lot because we see an idol eating a certain food and suddenly we want to try it as well.




By All mean, the amount of people who say that a certain idol saved them, pulled them out of difficult times is huge. and as sad as i am seeing people struggle it brings me so much joy seeing how idols by being themselves and being there for their fans has influenced them to be happier and live a better life. Finally, I hope you enjoys with all these informations and gain more knowledges about k-pop. To whom really fall in love with Korea entertainment will be get to know deep side about this. Thank you for all you support.

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