In this modern world, you will turn your car around even if you are halfway to the destination just to go back home and get your cell phone. Oftentimes, you go out having dinners with friends and then spending time texting rather than talking with a person in front of you. See how technological inventions and social media have changed the way we live to the way we interact with others and loved ones. Social media is everywhere. It is powerful and it is growing.

“ Social media is killing relationships.”

many relationships have been ruined by micro-cheating. We put the boundaries of fidelity through social media. To illustrate this, some couples might go nuts if one of them likes a picture of somebody else but does not like their couple picture. A girlfriend might easily get upset if her boyfriend starts to follow some random girls she does not know. This counts as micro-cheating. Social media has changed our perspective on relationships. We get paranoid easier than we used to be.

How many times have you seen this? People go out on a date but using their cell phones rather than talking with another. What it means to me is that the person at the end of the screen is way more important than a person who is sitting in front of you. Which somehow also shows a disrespect. Not only happens for a couple but also for a family nowadays. Parents are always on their phones. Then, where are the kids? Also on their devices. Social media somehow creates and widens a gap between relationships. Technological devices make people want to connect online more and ignore the potential of connection between human beings.

“ What do you mean you don’t know, I posted it on Facebook! ”

Sound familiar? Nowadays for some reasons we all supposed to know everything about each other that has been posted on Facebook or Instagram. But what we present on Facebook? An idyllic life, great relationships, or perfect parenting. We barely show the reflection of our real lives on Facebook. Why? Because it does not get many likes and why do people care so much about likes. Because right now like is equaling self-esteem especially for teenagers.

I want to share something from my own experience. Last year I went to the concert of my favorite band. Since the band started playing, the crowd was putting their cell phones up and taking videos. In the middle of the concert, the leading singer told us to just put our cell phones away for 5 minutes and listened to this song. He believed that the next five minutes will have lasted longer than a video on our cell phones and it is. This situation makes me think about how many experiences I have lost taking pictures and posted them on social media. Social media is replacing experiences. It makes me realize that people nowadays care so much about how others perceive our adventures than actually having them.

“ I’d rather text than talk… ”

My friend used to tell me this. She prefers texting rather than talking face-to-face. Because texting and posting let us present ourselves as we want to be. We can edit, delete, or retouch before we sent or posted. Recently Line application and Instagram created a new feature “unsend”. We can unsend our words just in one click. We can not do that in a real conversation. Due to that people think less when they sent things to others. People say cruel things to each other online because they can unsend it later. This technological development changes us in a way of how we communicate. Online texting enables us to delete whatever we have said but if we just think critically. Is it any different from talking face-to-face?. People already read your texts, there is no way to delete from their memories, isn’t it? Besides, texting online alone can not build a real relationship because we can not hear the tone of voice nor see the facial expression. Relationships we built online are not authentic.

Use social media as a support to build real relationships,not a catalyst for losing them.

Kristin gallucci

Social media has changed the way we live our lives.

Recently, I have learned a new word  slacktivism and just for the record slacktivism is the practice of supporting a political or social cause by means such as social media or online petitions, characterized as involving very little effort or commitment. Slacktivism is rising rapidly in society. It means that more people like and share random campaigns and content on the internet but barely get involved with it. Social media again disconnects people from getting involved with activities. However, some might argue that slacktivism does not have a bad impact, does it? Unfortunately, it did. Slacktivism replaces actual support because they tend to believe that they have done their jobs by only clicking like buttons. Social media brings awareness to society but that awareness is not translating into actual changes.

As I have been ramble on for a while on how social media disconnects us and many bad effects. Not that I hate technology and social media. Social media has many good impacts too. It enables us to study online, to work from home, to keep in touch with friends and many more. We are more connected than ever. But all I want to say is that technology itself is not the problem, we are. The rapid adoption of technology can whether be harmful or beneficial to us. It all depends on how we use it. However, most people are slowly becoming addicted or constantly distracted and as I said above that it is growing so people are going to be more addicted and distracted in the future. Then, how can we use social media in the right way to maximize benefits and avoid losing authentic relationships and experiences?

These are what you can do : have to take that pause in your life, appreciate little things around you.

2. Do a social media detox

3.identify which app you are using most and reduce screen time

4. Practice some meditation, yoga , and do some exercise. These activities will keep you away from social media.

5. Set a limitation of screen time is a key.

6. Balance your times spending on social media and social activities.