We believe that in the past few years during the Oscars award you must have heard of a movie about journalism called Spotlight which is about bringing the sexual harassment scandal a Catholic Church in United Stated and it achieved a ton of awards. As a matter of fact, there are hidden gems waiting to discover which are journalism movies that those who might interest in this career or even people in this field themselves must watch. So, today we have a list of movies about a journalist to recommend. 

The Post (2017)

“The only way to assert the right to publish is to publish.” (Ben Bradlee)

Are they ethical? : YES, INDEED. You can see from this quote from the movie. This is the journalist’s job to be an ethical whistleblower to alarm citizens about the Government lie and spend their taxes to the war that they will never win and Washington post did their job to inform people and they protected their right or the first amendment ( The freedom of speech and press). Truth and accuracy, of course, had to study 4,400 pages of a document before they published it to the public. Their independence was brave and neutral because they were not biased to the government even this story is BIG and for sure, a problem and conflict followed behind their backs. Accountability for their reputation of the Washington Post and editor team. Fairness is quite controversial because the Government started to defend and clarify after the publication. 

Our opinions: This is a great movie to watch and it also reflects our society in the aspect of the heavy circumstance between the freedom of speech and the government which is an existing problem in our society and in every country. This is a powerful journalism movie and thankful for their bravery to publish to bring the truth to the light and to make the expose of the government’s lies. The story is simple and easy to follow the situation and the decision that they made. For the cinematography, Perfect and we like their mood and tone to show the intensity. Lastly, The Post is one of the must-watch journalism movies on our list guaranteed from film critics😉.

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 Citizenfour (2014)

 A documentary film is based on the true story of a remarkable man who is Edward Snowden, the former intelligence analyst of NSA, he is stealing important news information from the top-secret US which is derived from secretly spying and eavesdropping US citizens. While he has already got this information then he flew or escaped to Hong Kong Island in order to shelter. Then send the email using the pseudonym “ CitizenFour” to contact Glenn Greenwald, British journalists of The Guardian, and Laura Pointtras who directed this film. A film showed that the fundamental privacy of the population is being abolished by politicians using electronic devices and internet snooping on the people to know who, what, where, and how in order to access the information that the government needs by citing security issues. 

Are they ethical? : the media needs to be responsible for presenting facts that are not only information provided but it has to verify and watch out the danger in our societies. As we can see Edward Snowden is a good reporter and has the ethic of a journalist that he tries to attack the dark sides of the US government for receiving the secret information  because he knows any citizens do not have privacy. He needs to be a spokesperson to inform the people who are invaded while using electronic devices. 

Our opinion: We love the role of Edward Snowden. He is a very intelligent person and brave. From what he did many people may say he is a traitor but he thinks to the national and global that our rights and freedoms are interrupted. He exposes himself to media broadcasting for being as a social movement in order to make the world and communities know that” I am not afraid of anything and I didn’t do it for myself. But do it for everyone. He wants this thing to stimulate others for rising up to fight with this issue”. So, we really like this code as he wants to disclose the nightmare of citizens which is encroached by politicians. The most useful thing from watching the movie is to make us aware of various devices around us such as credit cards, mobile phones, and email. All can be spied on and easily access our privacy information. We believe that even though the social world actually makes our lives better but it also makes us easily violate privacy.

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The Shattered Glass (2003)

 It is a story about Stephen Glass, the youngest journalist in the New Republic magazine. And an article that turns him into one of the most sought-after young journalists in Washington. However, his published stories were either partially or completely made up. Looking for a short cut to fame, Glass concocted sources, quotes and even entire stories, Leading to his downfall in his career due to his fabricated stories.

   Are they ethical? : No as the movies show how magazine companies operate at the time and how fictional stories created by a young journalist could be published and gone unnoticed or being authenticated for so long. In ethical terms, the action of the character is very contrast with the role of the journalist as non-fact or truth information shouldn’t be published to create misunderstanding in society. The method he chooses to gather his story is false and unacceptable. 

   Our opinions: I do consider Stephen’s action to be non-journalist as in the movie he always mentions that he did not do anything wrong, in which he did as claiming fictional stories to be your own discovery is not things that a journalist should do. The character of Stephen to me is so childish simply because of his over ambitions and the logic of thinking things he did won’t be notice or prove wrong. Lastly, I would like to recommend this film to everyone to understand the flaws and the cause of the incident in the film back then and compare it to the modern-day media. To understand the characteristic of Stephen Glass and why he did what he did and why he thought things that he did is not wrong. The movie reflect the different perspective some people have toward a job as a journalist while some have the ethic and seek for the truth of the story.

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True Story (2015)

Michael Finkel, he works at The New York Times as a reporter and his work is very successful. Unfortunately, when he mixes up a story about the children he is fired and goes back to his home to his wife Jill. After he tries to find a job to become a journalist again but he cannot make it due to his public firing from the New York Times. One day, he got the call from Christian Longo who is arrested since he is suspected to kill his wife and three children. So he has identified himself as a reporter under Finkel’s name to conceal himself from this case. Longo needs Finkel to teach him how to write a good book so Finkel also gives some tips about how good writing should be. However, during their exchange of knowledge, Finkel also finds the real answer of this case but it is not easy because of the twists and turns of Longo.

Are they ethical? : This movie shows both of the good and bad aspects of the character. Since the main character shows the negative aspect of being a journalist such as covering the truth about the children he wrote about but at the same time, he also knows the way of how a good journalist should be as well and share it with another.

Our opinion: This movie reflects society about human beings that we are all evil in ourselves to aim what we want so we must avoid it. Since it is such a harmfulful action to society and to ourselves especially working as a journalist. First thing first we should keep in mind what we should provide to people and the goal is to acknowledge information to people not for other factors like making more money or getting high position in the workplace as Finkel did. That will be called a good journalist. We suppose that this movie can demonstrate the part of a bad journalist and show the real nature of human the best that even the character is bad but still have the good in himself. For example, Finkel, he acts as a bad journalist in the opening movie but when he investigates about the case of Longo he tries to tell Longo that the important thing of a good writer is to tell “ true story” 

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Nightcrawler (2014)

  The story about Louis Bloom who survives by scavenging and petty theft in Los Angeles but one day he saw the new path to make money by being the cameraman, searching for a shocking and grisly crime at night and collected the footage of crime scenes to sell to the local news TV station which is where he met Nina Romina, the news director. The story gets more intense when Louis doesn’t care about justice he just only cares about money and his own benefit.

Are they ethical? : Louis Bloom and Nina Romina have no ethics  AT ALL, Louis does not care about justice, he took a video of a bloody body, broke into the victim’s house and even set the scene of a crime to make the story more interesting which is distorting. The role of journalists is to report the truth, what Louis did is extremely wrong and unethical. Moreover, he covers the evidence of a crime that is useful for police which is the suspect’s identity and creates clashing between the police and the suspects so he can film it and have more content to sell to the station. Nina Romina is also a bad example of the news director, she really wants the ratings for the TV station so she bought the footage from Louis and present it on TV and doesn’t care that it’s illegal and unethical. Even though her workmate warned her but she still didn’t care.

Our opinion: This movie represents society nowadays, Louis Bloom can make money by only one camera. Just be at the right time at the right place with the camera, everyone can become a journalist. But not everyone will be an ethical journalist just like Louis in the movie. Technologies help to communicate more conveniently but it’s like a double-edged sword, you have to use it in the right way and correctly otherwise it will hurt others or yourself. We would recommend you guys to watch this movie, not only for entertainment, but you also get to see the process of work of a journalist career. Moreover, this movie also raises awareness about morality and life, this movie is really worth watching.

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To sum up, the movies above demonstrate both positive and negative sides of the journalist field and provide the working process of a journalist, how they stay neutral among government power and what should be concerning first between content and justice. A  journalist needs to have responsibility for reporting the facts of stories without interruption by authority and a mouthpiece of people to verify the information which makes the audiences understandable. As you can see, we suggested all films above may be your choice to absorb or appreciate a  journalist’s movies.

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